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How do you consider this year??

How do you consider this 2006??
 12%  [ 3 ]
 28%  [ 7 ]
 44%  [ 11 ]
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 25

Well, that's the question..How do you consider this year??

In my case
This year was very bad (first half), I was many familiar problems, personals, etc. For the second semester of this 2006, all changed. Considering the bad of the first semester adding the good of the second semester I think wouldbe regular....

I will wait december that will change MY opinion. for good or bad (actually it's regular).

And you????
I started my first quarter (well would be the 3rd calendar quarter) pretty crappy but I'm optimistic about rebounding, now that the distractions are minimal. Day-to-day activities are boring but I have good long-term goals. Best of luck to you Jaime

Describes my general attitude this year.
My year has gone ok.
Had some fun learning to drive towards the start of the year, then passed theory first time in march, then practical first time in june.
Now been going out a hell of a lot, and enjoying myself a lot more, driving really helped as i live in a small town.

Also started college which makes a nice change from the bordom of school!

Had some really boring and stressful days mostly due to assignments, but overall ive found it to be a good year so far.
Let's check out some random things...

Good things this year:
- Started a metal album collection, I have about 35 albums
- Girlfriend (in January)
- Gained a lot of muscle mass due to good eating and training
- Doing well in school
- Started watching anime, and I'm addicted

Bad things this year:
- Playstation 3 not until 2007 : (
- Started watching anime, and I'm addicted (this is good and bad haha!)
- Tore a knee ligament with acrobatics
- Still haven't started driving for a license

My girlfriend made it a great year so far Very Happy
This year was very good!

- no problems at school
- no problems with friends
- got a better body
- got a new room
- wasn't ill
- enjoyed the holidays

There was nothing bad in this year. I hope it continues like this Smile
my year was really bad
Crying or Very sad
For me personally it was kind of regular. The first part was really great until kind of the last 5-6 months where it went downhill completly. I've been getting into loads of trouble at school and generally having a bad time (with a certain girl)... so I guess the start of the year balances it out but definatly pretty bad lately
meet in rio

Actually, thinking about it, it was pretty good.

- I got good A2 results.
- I made my way to a nice university.
- I made the most of the last year with my schoolfriends.
- No major illnesses, deaths, financial worries or other crap.

So... pretty good, I suppose.
It's a regular year.There is no differentiate between 2006 and 2005,2004...

I think, 2007 will be the same ,as well. Cool
This year has been the worst for me. Seriously. I encountered a lot of problems and sad situations.

Yet... I DON'T hate it.

I think, I'm fine with it. I neither hate it nor like it. Yes, it's the worst in terms of problems and such. But it kind of helped me somehow. It made me realize a lot of things in life. I learned to value the things I never valued this much before.

But I'm happy to say that I am so glad it's ending. I am so looking forward to 2007.
Bad for me during this year Sad

This year I failed two of my modules, my life was going smooth, my grandmother fell and went hospital for operation Sad
Great so far. Made tons of new friends, courses going good so far. Optimistic about the future too.
I consider this year one more rotation of the earth around the sun. Rolling Eyes
Best of luck to you Jaime

Thanks, I'm waiting an positive change... Wink
My year has been pretty decent. I moved up to high school went to the local amusement park twice. Turned 14. Soon to be getting a job at the local fire company. My year hasn't been half bad at all.
Blaster wrote:
My year has been pretty decent. I moved up to high school went to the local amusement park twice. Turned 14. Soon to be getting a job at the local fire company. My year hasn't been half bad at all.

Hey I also moved to highschool, I am now 12.
For me this has been an awful year though, my parents have split up and due to moving up in school I have lost my best friend.
On the plus side I now have a new, very good friend.
Despite this all I look forward to 2007 Very Happy
Good Year for me..

I am doing pretty well for myself.... My sports teams are fair..
Indians played a horrible season this year.
My YSU Penguins playing a great season in NCAA Football.

Other than that: GO YOUNGSTOWN!!!!
Its bad year for me...
My result is mostly all fail..
Do u think it is a good year??
Good: Moved to a nicer area, going to college.
Bad: Had to drop several subjects due to lack of time.

Good: Got a good job.
Bad: Have to work at said job, which isn't GREAT job.

Good: Got my EMT license.
Bad: Still can't find work using said license.

All in all, a very mediocre year. Can't complain, really.
This year was as usual. I went to 9th form, that is hardest form in all school cycle. So 2007 will be very difficult.
Not completely horrible. I graduate from university, relocated to another country, and will be almost halfway through to my Master's degree by the end of the year Very Happy. Also, my best friend got married, and I got to see all of my family for the first time in about 7 yrs.

On the bad side, I split up with a boyfriend of over a year, and my mom was diagnosed (and subsequently treated for) with ovarian cancer.

It all evens out in the end.
This year is regular. Not so good and not so bad.

Bad thing: Haven't found a good job
Good thing: Graduated with good result
Michael B
I had a bad year, I have been sicker this year then any other I can remember. And it dose not help that it is grade 11 that I am in.
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