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Fantasy Sites

This thread is for owners and administrators of fantasy sites, or people who like to visit such sites. If you’re not interested in fantasy, then you probably won't find much in this thread worth reading.

First of all, thank you for viewing this thread. Second of all, I want to tell you about a great new site to look for anything fantasy related on. It's called FarScry Studios Fantasy Sites (FSFS), and it's a listing of interesting sites such as RPG's, fantasy galleries (such as Upon Dragons Wings), MMO's (such as Legend of the Green Dragon), and other fantasy related sites (such as the Dragons and Dreams fantasy search engine). Explore rich realms of possibilities, and indulge your imagination by visiting our member sites. We are small yet, but we are growing at an exponential rate, with members on our first day online! You can be sure the page will always offer something new, because FarScry Studios aggressively hunts for new sites to join this listing. Let me tell you about some of the features you’ll see on FSFS.

The BEST sites, all the time
How can we be sure? Because you tell us who you think is the best. Vote for your favorite sites, and watch them move up in the listings. Like something you see? Then leave a review for everyone to see, and get your two cents out there!

Advanced Voting Features
Sign up, and you get a button to place on your site, so visitors can vote for you and place reviews on your site profile. It’s small, but deadly. The more people vote for you, the better you’re standing on our listing. You may become THE site to visit, just by signing up. Remember, it’s all about what people think of you. If two people say you’re Hot, then the next person is even more likely to visit your site.

And even more
This is just a few of the features this site offers. Go to yourself and see what cooking. Who knows, you might find the site you’ve been searching for!
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