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Are You A Musician?, If so, what do you play?

The topic description pretty much says it all. If you are a musician, what do you play?

I. myself, am a bassist. I play primarily 4 string, but can play upwards of 7. My preference when it comes to fingerboards is unlined fretless. At the moment I am playing a decent enough ESP to hold me over until I finish building the bass I'm currently working on
I play guitar.

Me and my friends started a band, even though we're not that good (except my friend who plays drums). It's pretty fun.
Electric guitar,electric bass guitar, cell, piano.
Bass trombone, trombone, piano.

I'm currently trying to learn how to play guitar.
i play bass too and tomorrow my band is going to play on a lil bar, oh, i am nervous lol though is not my first show Embarassed
I play clarinet, keyboards and program sequencers including drums. I'm pretty much standalone for whatever I want to create and, compared to what's on the radio, I'm not too shabby. Rap/Hip-Hop is my preference but I've been known to get into Bhangra, Gospel, Pop, R&B, a little Rock and Experimental stuff (especially foreign music).
This topic is pretty popular around forums, and as a musician I'm glad that it is. I've been playing guitar for 3-4 years or so now. I play electric/acoustic guitars. I am also capable of playing bass and drums. The guitar I own (that I actually like) is a discontinued ESP LTD M-302.

For those that are interested:
Scale: 25'5
Colour: See Thru Black (sometimes I like, sometimes I don't; because it's sometimes black/blue/greenish, and sometimes.. purple!...)
Pickups: EMG Hz H4
Neck: Neck-Thru Construction
Bridge: Licenced Floyd Rose Lo-Pro
Binding: Head/Neck
Cost: $350-$375 american (I live in Canada, so I had to end up paying $700 total for shipping and stuff..)

It's really worth it in my opinion. ESP makes some of the best guitars in the world, and the affordable ones come with so many features that you would normally find in high end models. I'm just really disappointed that they stopped making 7 string models though. I would have bought one... Hahaha.

As for the stuff I play, it's alot of european metal based stuff.
- ***In Flames
- Opeth
- Nightwish

I listen to alot more, but those I usually learn songs from.
bassist and drummer Wink
Me. I wouldn't say a musician but I have the basics on playing the piano, guitar, flute [don't know what kind, barely remember, childhood thing] and the drums. I mean, i own all for but have not touch them in awhile.
I play the Guitar. I havent been Playing long, but I find that it is very ADDICTING. I play all different types Of Music. I am Glad to see A bunch of people reply to this post!!
Play Tenor Sax.

But I made a long brake and didn't yet even get back to my old form... so far from better.
I play guitar, keyboards and sing at times. I actually have a band called Evanss.

If you guys want to listen to us, visit the sites:

Cheers!!! Cool
I play saxophone ( alto, and sometimes tenor or baryton )
I play the Bodhrán Very Happy

Bit out of practice though, nowhere really in the area I can get some good playing in.

10 FRIH$ to the first person who can tell me what it is, though? Wink

On your mark... getset... go(ogle)! Laughing
Well I play acoustic guitar. Soon will start to learn play electric guitar.
Also I sing and wright my own words and music.
Was in two bands, but now realy wonna be not just a singer, but a good guitar player.
i have an important band in spain,and i play the typical rock instruments because i have an studio here in my town.It´my work friend!!

++++It´s a good forum to know musicians from other parts of the world.Excuse for my english!!
KungFuChris wrote:
10 FRIH$ to the first person who can tell me what it is, though? Wink

On your mark... getset... go(ogle)! Laughing

That's the Bodhran.. lol =P

Anyways, I play a lot of music instruments. Mainly, I play the piano. That's how I get my basic knowledge of music. From there, I've played: Flute, Saxaphone (Alto, Tenor and Baritone), and the Trombone.

I've also tried a lot of other music instruments, just those are the ones I've played for a year or so..
I play trumpet for my school's concert band, but I also play bass guitar with my friends. We're trying to start a band but the problem is, we all have different music tastes >_<
Violin all the way~

I play the violin in the school senior orchestra. ^^ And a few friends made a quartet and we went to perform for the Red Cross... =) It was fun~
i play the piano...western classical...just started a few months back, and seem to enjoy it...any suggestions on how to keep the interest going? i tend to get bored very easily...
i can play guitar as a amateur.
Drums forever ! Yeah lol ! I've a group with a mate who play Bass guitar
im a player n i play the piano
im not very good but i try me best =)
I play Guitar, not very well. But its a passtime.

Not good enough to be in a 'band' as such.
Play piano, been playing for around 4 years (and I'm grade 6 UK standard Very Happy - if anyone knows the conversion from US to UK grades it would be most appreciated). Play in a jazz band and we're recording a CD at the moment!
My apologies to the person who started this thread. Even though this is the older thread among the two similar threads, I'm going to have to lock this one because the other one was just more popular (more views, and more posts). Another deciding factor was that that one had a poll, which more people are generally interested in.

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