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Your Favorite Animated Movie

which is your favorite animated movie...

mine is
Over the Hedge
I love Pixars 'The Incredibles' from the CG movie category. Although I like all the Pixar movies, this was one really special.

I also like Cowboy Bebop movie - although it's not as good as the rest of the TV series
Hi People,

I love a lot of animations movies.

Shrek are my favo (all) and Toy Story (1 e 2)

I assume animated movies are refering to those non-japanese animations..??

If that's the case then i don't have any favourties. If it's not then Akira, GITC,street fighter.. list goes on.
this is easy ...

South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut

I know it's not cool to pick Disney films but I will anyway.

Monsters, inc. was a superb film.
Top 3, in no particular order:

The Lion King
The Incredibles
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

All stand out examples of good animation with good story
Hello Good day

I like to share
my favorite animated movie,

Have you watched Final Fantasy Advent Children?
This is my favorite animated movie,
I really like
the animation and special effects,
as well as the detailed structure of
everything in the movie.

It has a very good story also.
Well that's all i can say.

Thank you
I just saw "Flushed Away" today. At first I thought that with a title like that... it couldn't be much of a story. But ah... I was wrong. Leave it to Dream Works. The animation was fast paced, well designed, great scripting and the voices and sound bites had impeccable timing. It’s really worth seeing. Most of the critiques gave it an " A- " or " A ". I agree. And best of all, it had a great story that I give high marks for originality. Think about that, the next time you flush the toilet. Smile

"Flushed Away" is a must see.
I like "Toy story", it's very fine. But if I should choose a cartoon I quote "The simpson" surely.
The Shogun
I like different ones for different reasons, but...

Overall movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for sure. It will be a while before anyone (short of Square-Enix making another movie) is able to touch it in terms of graphical quality. I loved the game, which automatically puts it high on my list, and it was just amazingly put together. Alot of CG movies lose the cinematic quality live action movies have (camera angles, cuts, etc.) but AC had them in spades. If nothing else, it's a cinematic achievement and masterpiece, even if you don't like the story, you have to admit that.
For me, it would be Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc. anyday. "Boo" is one of the best characters in the animation history. Who doesn't love a lovely monster like sullivan ?
In terms of story and perhaps the fact that I watched it at a very early age The Lion King is one among my very favourites.

In turns of animation and quality, these guys at Pixar and Dreamworks seems to have stepped up a few dozen gears !

Of the latest movies here are my favourites:

Shrek 1, 2 : The environement and characters have never been more appealing

Finding Nemo : I love water..heh!

Incredibles : Again great story !
I am a fan of older disney movies though the recently released animation movies are also good..
Lilo and stitch
emperor's new groove
toy story 1,2
    Spirited Away
    Toy Story

That's all I can think of right now, but I probably have a few more favourites.

Later Edit: I told you I'd be back.
    Wallace and Gromit
legion wrote:
this is easy ...

South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut


no doubt about it Wink
the episodes are just as good too, tho Wink Very Happy Cool
I like Shrek very much. Donkey is brilliant Very Happy And Johnny Bravo ;P Have you ever seen "Pszczółka Maja" Very Happy In english it would be something like Maja Bee. It is funny, but sometimes to sweet (you know, what I mean:D)
The Shogun wrote:
I like different ones for different reasons, but...

Overall movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for sure. It will be a while before anyone (short of Square-Enix making another movie) is able to touch it in terms of graphical quality. I loved the game, which automatically puts it high on my list, and it was just amazingly put together. Alot of CG movies lose the cinematic quality live action movies have (camera angles, cuts, etc.) but AC had them in spades. If nothing else, it's a cinematic achievement and masterpiece, even if you don't like the story, you have to admit that.

I wanted to like Advent Children more than I did... Don't get me wrong the set-pieces and the graphics were all superb but I couldn't help but feel that the story was just popcorn in comparison to the story of the game... It just felt to brief and the resolution seemed to come about to easily.
In order of preference:
Team America: World Police
Finding Nemo
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
Toy Story
The Incredibles
Original animated LOTR
A Bugs Life
The Jungle Book
Lady and the Tramp
Pinocchio (The Classic)
The Rescuers
The Sword in the Stone
Steam Boat Willy (Nineteen fifties style music video)
I dunno, theres a lot I like, suppose gotta go with the following few though:

South Park Movie, Basil the great mouse detective, Oliver and Company, Treasure Planet...umm thats all I can think of, Im sure Iv seen some more animated features but I just cant think of them. Maybe Beavis and Butthead the movie but I havent seen that in a VERY long time, lol!
"Dexter in the future"
Gonna have to make it a top3 i consider them all #1 but have to give first place to lion king since its the oldest so it deserves points for that and over the hedge is computer animated so thats minus points thats easier to make visually attractive.

1. Lion king
2. Spirited away
3. Over the hedge
My favorite's:
Monsters inc
watership down
I think my favourite is probably Spirited Away. Yeah, totally, totally love it. Seen it many times. Princess Mononoke, too. My UN-favourite is Lion King. Saw it. Hated it. Hated the over-slick computer-assisted animation. Hated the plot. (They should have squashed that Lion Prince -- who says being son of the dead former King gives you a right to become King? It doesn't!)
...And I love anything by Aardman, with the possible exception of Chicken Run.
Shrek 1 & 2
Wallace and Grommit
ice age 1 & 2
open season
polar express
Recently watched Happy Feet! It was great!

But the 80's animation "The Last Unicorn" had been an all time favorite.
Every time someone asks me about my favorite movie or animation and so on I go quiet... I really don’t know.

There is so much good stuff out there and I just love watching movies that I cant choose, it's as bad as having to choose who dies or something.
I am a moviamaniac, I just love movies, there is no way I can choose one of them.

The last animation I would have seen would be 'Open Season', only too bad they got some technological problems after 15 minuets. Would have to wait 40 minuets for them to fix it so I left, got my money back (would get it even if I did wait for it) and went and borrowed a movie instead.

So the almost next last movie I have seen would be Hoodwinked, a really great movie I think, love the concept and the music :0)
The One i like is the Toy Story with Buzz Lightyear and Woody and remember the bad kid in the movie? That was I think the best for me Sharks Tale also.
Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Fist of the North Star, Silver Surfer, Final Fantasy, The Incredibles. Can't beat a bit of Animation!!!

Animatrix was ok too.
the incridbles,finding nemo,monter inc.,many more Laughing
The Shogun wrote:
It will be a while before anyone (short of Square-Enix making another movie) is able to touch it in terms of graphical quality.

Now while I love Advent Children, I'll suggest you head over to the Matrix reloaded and look at the Neo vs. Smithx100 fight. aka Burly Brawl. The last sequence where neo is fighting hundreds of smiths is entirely digital, and it easily tops the FFVII movie. The main difference though, is that reloaded had characters replicated on real actors, whereas advent children built characters from scratch.
Well I like meaningfull Disney movies such as:
Oliver and Company
The Lion King
Lady and the Tramp
and Alice in Wonderland

I also like Japanese Anime but I havn't seen to many movies with it apart from Kiki's Delivery Service, with was very good too.
my favorite is TOOSHISHAN , a philosephic animation in JApan history .
i think, shrek is the best ever.... the music, the history, the comedy....
they really take their time to make a good movie. and you realize of that when you see de details.... i love the character of donkey but i have seen the spanish version, with the translation fo eugenio dervez instead of eddie murphy,.... i think it rules!
for me is one of the movies that i think is better in spanish than in english
Very Happy
Metropolis FTW!
Final Fantasy: Advent children
It's the best CG movie ever made!
Captain Fertile
Animated movies are one of my favourite genres (is animation a genre?). Not just because I have three young kids but because I tend to enjoy them too.

At the moment I adore Polar Express, I saw it for the first time about two months ago and the animation, style and story blew me away. It made me feel like a kid again, and if something dealing with Christmas can do that to an adult it has to be a good thing.

I almost cried near the end when the train nears the North Pole, the excitement of the kids, both in the train and in my living room was palpable.

I also loved one set-piece in the movie where we follow the path of a ticket blown from the train, as the camera follows the ticket on the journey it is taken by the wind as well as other things – great choreography and worthy of an Oscar in itself.

There is so much more to this movie but I don’t want to say too much for the sake of anyone who has not seen it yet. If you have a young family then get this movie somehow and let them watch it – before Christmas.

Apart from Polar Express I love movies by Disney-Pixar of course and recently enjoyed Hoodwinked and Over the Hedge too.
Oooh, there are quite a few. The Incredibles is right up there, as is Madagascar. To complete my top 3 I would say Toy Story 2
Brother Bear
Polar Express
I think shrek is the best animated movi.... it's good handeling and really nice animations. And shrek he is COOL Razz
Vyriix wrote:

You’ve picked a good one! The Final Flight of the Osiris, particularly the mock sword fight episode as depicted in the following URL, is absolutely awesome.
When watching this animation, it is easy to forget that the characters are not real. The quality is so lifelike that is really represents the horizon of future animation when viewers will NOT know real actors from animated characters. [I am sure the actor’s guild and unions will buck this trend all the way.]
top 5 favorite animated movies:

1. Final Fantasy: Spirits Inside
2. Final Fantasy: Advent Children
3. Ice Age
4. Titan
5. Nocturne
best cgi would definately be advent children for me.
best overall movie(s) i can't decide with either ghost in the shell or akira :/
advent children was a little weird, perhaps it was the subbing but i was "wtf"ing throughout the whole movie, i had nfi wat was going on.
My favourite "animated" movies are

Toy Story 2, Toy Story 1, Shrek 1, Shrek 2.

In that order.
of course was over an animated a real film Very Happy
Fallen art is a really nice short movie:

its no more than 3-4 minutes long but its quite nice
it won the 2006 BAFTA short movie awards
For CG Animated films, I have to go with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (simply the most entertaining CG movie that came in a while for me). Its what The SPirits of Within should have been, although Spirits Within features more humanlike characters unlike Advent Children's slightly unproportioned characters, its what Final Fantasy fans really wants). On the non Asian side, I have to say disney's/pixar Incredibles I find it quite entertaing, I hope they made a sequel and also another Final Fantasy CG movie (it doesnt have to be FFVII but have to be same if not better quality as that). For non CG, Akira has always been one of my Favorites and also most of Studio Ghibli productions. I like them in terms of story and charcter art.
Final Fantasy..all movies. disney movies made by pixar. and naruto, bleach..japanese anime. only the high quality ones.
It would have to be Shrek (1 & 2) and Ice Age....
I'm not too much of a fan of animated movies, but when I was forced to watch Cars, I really liked it. Although, I didn't get to see the ending, which kind of made me mad Wink. I really like Shrek too, but I guess I don't really have a 'favorite, favorite' yet.
well i Smile
love ice age 1 Very Happy
and maby 2
pixar is my favorite
i love all the movies especially incredible
the new one happy feet to.
Madagascar is also kind of funny
So many good choices mentioned already. I'll just toss out 2 that I really enjoyed back in the day, Heavy Metal and Fritz the Cat. The first was really a series of short films tied together. Amazing animation and great soundtrack. And Fritz, well, it you haven't seen it, you are missing something. Laughing
Animation Movies are so funny..
My favorite is Finding Nemo.. because it such a cute fish..
I all so like over the hegde and Ice Age
1) The Triplets of Belleville (absolutely amazing movie)
2) The Incredibles
3) Finding Nimo

Easy to pick those three, but the next ones would be far harder.
A Goofy Movie has to be my favorite animated movie.
Captain Fertile
Just seen Ice Age (the first one) and loved it. I didn't think it would be so entertaining. It always suprises me how appealing these movies are made to adults.

The movie makers say, "Right this movie is for kids but the adults have to sit through them too, lets find a nother level,"

Very good.
old classic disney films are my absolute favorites:
- The Lion King
- Beaty and the beast
    Lion King 1 & 2
    Toy Story (All movies)
    Shrek 2

can't write all of them becouse i love all animated movies... lol Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Dreamworks Pictures' wonderful, whimsical Shrek proves to be the latest family film to live up to its billing. With its blend of high adventure, light romance, and double-layered dialogue (which will take on a slightly different meaning for the under- and over-12 crowd), Shrek is capable of enthralling both children and their parents. In fact, this movie is so good that adults unaccompanied by offspring can venture into a theater without having to dress up in a disguise. Shrek is not a guilty pleasure for sophisticated movie-goers; it is, purely and simply, a pleasure.
As for me I like Cars. Pixar animation movie
Do you like Nickelodeon Spongebob. I like it too
Just saw "The Golden Compass". Problem is, is it an animated movie or not? Probably every shot contains CGI animated characters, but does that make it an animated movie? The line between animation and live action is getting terribly blurred these days. What about that Disney film that's out now, "Enchanted"? I've only seen the trailer, but that's another example -- animation and live action mixed up completely. Anyway, "The Golden Compass" is ace. Loved the book when I read it a couple of years back, and now I love the movie.
Definitely Monsters Inc., For me it is the funniest children's movie (for an adult, I know).

I loved the "boo" character an the idea that laugh is much more powerful than screams. Laughing
Definitely Spirited Away!!
itz awesum!!
My fav is the Lion King :p
jfcharizard wrote:
Definitely Spirited Away!!
itz awesum!!

I'd have to agree with you! I don't watch much animé movies, but I'm glad I've watched Spirited Away! Smile
"Akira". For life.
Mine would be:-

- Lion King
- Treasure Planet
- Road to El Dorado
- Toy Story
- Knock'in On Heavens Door(Cowboy Bebop Movie)
- The Fox And The Hound
- Finding Nemo
- Spirited Away
- The Girl Who Lept Through Time

All great movies and I don't think I will ever stop liking them
Tom And Jerry
Scooby Doo

Watch Homeland Online Free episode @
Disney Classics and many european films. Hard to list all the titles.
I think my favorite animated movie would probably be Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I love the Final Fantasy 7 cast ever since I played it back on the original playstation. I still consider it the best game of the Final Fantasy series.

In second place, I would probably pick one of the Disneyland films. I grew up watching all of those, so it's only natural.
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