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Creating Hard Drive Image With Norton Ghost

I have just bought a new Acer Aspire 1640z notebook, preinstalled with a whole heap of lovely c**p.

So I was talking to someone about my options and he suggested that I format everything, merge the three (Acer computers come locked away with a 3GB partition for "recovery", only it has all of the other software on it) partitions together, then start again. I did this and now have two visible partitions, both with NTFS (This is a new laptop, I'm talking DDR2 Ram, and the hard-drives are formatted with FAT32!)

I have set everything up the way I want it, which is just Windows XP Home and The Necessary drivers and would like to take an image of this to save me having to setup and install everything again (Its also so I don't have to Activate Windows again Wink, though it is a legal copy though, I have a valid key underneath my laptop).

So as I said, I would like to take an image of my current configuration and burn it to a bootable DVD so that, if I need to format it in the future, I can just enter in the disk and let it run.

Could someone please tell me what the best software is to use, and how to use it. I don't want to install anything else to my computer, so it needs to be done using a bootable CD. I have a copy of Norton Ghost 10.0 but there is no option in the bootable version that allows me to take an image.

I will pay people (In FRIH$) who are able to help me.
Scroll down near the bottom, I think he describes his experience burning the image straight to DVD...however, I think you may have to follow the entire guide as the instructions aren't very clear. I have been meaning to guy a DVD burner and Ghost to back up (and then reorganize) the numerous partitions (over 20 currently) on my hard drive...I keep putting it off and don't have the time to go to the store during the week. Good luck with backuping up, I hope to join your efforts soon.

EDIT: there are also other software solutions under linux, but they seem far more confusing. If it is a big enough hard drive you may want to have Ghost copy the images to the hard drive and then burn them to disc from with-in your OS (Windows I presume).
YOu'll have to create a bootable CD/DVD with the ghost software. There is quite a bit to explain so I think it's easier if you read it from the link below:

Burning Ghost File Directly into CD/DVD

Good luck.
Thanks Guys, Ill have a look.

In the mean time, please accept my FRIH$
here is another idea which i'm using. I copied Ghost progra& an image of my hard drive to another partition. (like C:'s image put in DSmile then what is need is only any bootable CD which can take me to dos mode. Then if i want to run ghost, i will boot from any CD or floppy then go to D: drive. And run ghost program. Voila! here we go you can recover your drive by using only any bootable CD or floopy.
THat's is what I do as well yaashop. However garionw is looking for a space saving alternative whereby the image is stored externally. Etiher way works but solely on personal preferences. A bootable ghost disk is not able to recognise a USB keyboard.
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