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Internet Goes of every 20 mins Help??

Ok heres my story:

I was searching around the net then my norton anti virus said something about detecting a virus called Trojan dialer ( i was looking around on RPG fan websites) i ran my norton antivirus to try get rid of it and i did but then it came back without me going back on that website its like cloning it self, i tryed different anti virus programms and 1 said i had a virus in my windows system folder and said i should try manual deleting it i tryed but it didnt work ( the file is called winbfi32.dll ) When im in the middle of a game online my net just crashes every 5-20 min now this is realy annoying and now its stopped my Xfire ( a chat programme ) working GRR Evil or Very Mad i wish it was gone and my internet was back to normal!

Any help would be nice, thanks.
Try using the Stinger to remove the virus for you. It's a free virus removal tool.
thanks for the link ill go and download now i hope this works.
hi if you cant manually delete it and its copying its self you may only be left with no choice but to safely back up your work then reformat you pc and if you didnt know thats reinstaling a fresh copy of your operating system. then after doing this you may want to scan your back up work just incase its efected. hope iv been some help to you
i only just reformatted my pc :S i might try that though.
if you definetly know its a virus but just cant get rid of it at all you may have to buy a new hard drive which arnt that expensive these days. i hope that you get your computer fixed i know how anoying it is.
If it's just that 1 file causing the virus/dialer to reappear and you can't delete it manually (cause dll usually loads into memory - thus access denied), then use Killbox!

Run the program, search for the file path and select kill. If unable to kill directly, then set the file to be executed (killed) on reboot. Complete the process and then delete the backup file from the killbox! folder. You can also use the clear temp files available in the Killbox! program to clear some HDD space. Good luck.
andy26 wrote:
if you definetly know its a virus but just cant get rid of it at all you may have to buy a new hard drive which arnt that expensive these days. i hope that you get your computer fixed i know how anoying it is.

Wow, buy a new HDD cause of a virus infection? Most viruses can be cleared through standard formatting. However, there are some that require advance formatting to remove. Unless the cost of repairs are higner than the HDD, it's not economical.
I want to know what happened to the problem of Mr.Matrixuk321 as I am also suffering from that short of problem !!
that killbot cant deleit it Either! Sad This file doesnt want to say goodbye yet Sad

i tryed deleting it manually and reboot and delete , it said:

# 2 [Delete on Reboot]
Path = C:\WINDOWS\system32\winbfi32.dll
*This File could not be Deleted

EDIT:[b] OMG I LOVE YOU!, thanks my internet has stayed on for 1 hour now! , it has deleted. KILLBOT OWNS[/b]
I think you got the process wrong. You have to let Killbox! reboot once you select the kill on reboot. Your system will restart and the backup of the file should be in the Killbox! folder.

If you still can't get it off that way, use the 'dummy file' option by creating any file (eg. text file) and let the system reboot. This will definately work. Try it out.
hi, matrixuk321, here is some tools you could in hand in case you are feel bad. Sad

1.) Process Explorer
It will list all the process system is running, incluing those invalidate one.

2.) Autoruns
This tools show all command that will execute during startup and user login

3.) HijackThis 1.99.1
Checking whether trajor process or library be on computer

4.) Outpost Pro firewall

So, you can use hijack this to take a snapshot of you system to see if also any others present on your computer. Finally, use it to delete the items you don't like.

post here if issues still present.

or take a look here, it will updated regularly.

Hope this help
Glad you managed to kill that auto dialer file. Cheers Wink
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