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leave feedback and get frih

please check out

i've completely designed it again and it now uses e107

after checking it out leave some comments here or on the boards there and i'll pay you 5frih each

offer only valid to first 5 users who complete it Very Happy
Get some content! Apart from that:

The logo doesn't match, you current logo could be modified quite easily to look awesome.

Generally I would suggest making the default font size bigger as the menu items are fairly small.

Remove the crap down the right hand side. If somebody wants to link to you on their website, they will know how to make a hyper link. Also the Powered by box is sort of useless, I wouldn't display it unless you get money for the clicks.

Basically I'd say your site looks good. Make the fonts uniform on all pages but really forget about this stuff until you get some content. I can't remember if your old site had lots or not and you just need to put it up so I'll just say right now your site is crap, there is nothing on it.
scotty is entirely correct man content, text, banner, and powered by but i like the colour scheme lol
X3 Talk
The grey/orange is very easy on the eye. The orange heading should be slightly bigger and in bold.
I do like your new design, it's very good.

However, I think that the space at the top (the silver bar) with your logo on looks a bit blank in the middle. Although space is good, I think this looks too blank. I slightly disagree with what scotty said on your logo, I think it does match but could be improved.

The link to us and powered by are a bit pointless, although I like the search and date / time sections, the time bit is pretty cool.

I don't know if this is meant to be there, but there's a space before the Home link on your main menu. Also, when you view your forum statistics the bars at 100% are broken, the end and beginning images are on separate lines to the centre of the bar.

You could increase the font size, but it would do no harm to leave it as it is. The colour scheme is great and easy on the eye.

Now I think you should start filling it up, empty, pointless pages never go down too well. Wink
thanks for all the feedback guys, i'm paying alll of you right now.

I'm removing the powered by module and adding a poll module. I'd like to keep the link to us because it helps even the sides.
I'm facing some problems with emailing users so working on that right now, as soon as i get that fixed i'll add some content from old page.

The people that said the banner doesn't match, i need to know why it doens't match. What can i do to make it match.

paying the following people:scotty, jak, x3, and ninjakannon Very Happy
Adding a poll module sounds good, I like those. Razz
And yeah, keeping the sides even is a good idea.

The more I look at your banner and logo the more I'm getting used to them. But I still think there's too large a gap between the image on the right and the left, they also look slightly unbalanced. The logo stands out a bit from the rest of the banner because of the white and abrupt / sharp corners / edges. It would look better if you could 'see through it' to the banner like you can on the image on the left of the banner. If that makes any sense. Razz

I can see you've put in the poll module already, I think that it could look better if the poll answers were centred as that would be more coherent with the rest of the modules.

EDIT: And thanks for the FRIH$. Very Happy
check out the polls module now, it should look much better and you can also vote without registering Very Happy
Ahh very nice well done. That's much better.
I see you've moved the link box to the other side to keep things ballenced which was also a good idea. Wink
The logo at the top needs to blend in so you can tell where it starts and ends. Well in my opinion that needs to happen. If you made the icon it should be just a matter or removing the white strips. If you didn't go to the market place I'm sure somebody will do it cheap.

Thanks for the Frih$.
scotty, i didn't make the logo. That's the e107 default logo.

btw, this is the marketplace forums

edit: couple of you saw that i had a space in front of the link to home. I don't know why this is happening, it only shows in ie. Firefox is what i use and it's perfect in there. But it's not that bad, i can call that a feature. Very Happy
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