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to which country you like ...

to which country do you want to go and why ...
and to which country you like most ....not your own any other than your own.

mine is Australia
I would want to go to Japan the most to experiance some of there food, culture, and land. And, I like China the most.
I've wanted to visit almost all of Western Europe for the rich cultural history and tradition.

But, to be specific, I want to visit Italy for:
1) Rome
2) Vatican City
3) St. Peter's Basillica
4) Venice

It just looks like such a beautiful nation - and the Mediterranean islands look sweet too.
I am living in India but I would like to go to China.
Every few days or so, we hear of Chinese Censorship, I want to experience that feeling how censorship affects once life.
Korea, i mean South Korea of course...

because my lovely friend is there. We promise to watch movies together one day. i am still waiting that moment.

Preferrably the coasts of Italy.
I'd love to visit all the Catholic Churches there and of course, gain about 20 pounds.

The Italian cuisine is 2nd to none, but the local dialects, sure its language but you know what I mean, have totally different styles of their cooking...

I am hungry now!
I would want to go to either Italy or Greece, maybe, because I've always liked the Roman and Greek mythology. Or maybe Germany, because I'm like 3/4 German. Actually, I'm quite comfortable where I am. I don't really want to go outside the country.
I guess mine is America, for what?

You will know what I'm talking about if you're in China like me.
Would probably most like to visit Ireland and Scotland to get a feel for my ancestry.

Will most likely end up visiting Cuba or Jamaica in the near future.
I'd like to go somewhere int he Southern Hemisphere, Australia or New Zealand so that I can see the southern night sky. I'd like to see the centre of our galaxy, the Magellanic Clouds, 47 Tucanae and all the other interesting things in the night sky there.
United States, I want to explore every side of USA. It's my dream Smile
I would like to go to Scotland & Ireland.
Or Finland! Surprised

Something freezy Very Happy
Soulfire wrote:
I've wanted to visit almost all of Western Europe for the rich cultural history and tradition.

But, to be specific, I want to visit Italy for:
1) Rome
2) Vatican City
3) St. Peter's Basillica
4) Venice

It just looks like such a beautiful nation - and the Mediterranean islands look sweet too.

I allready went to Venice and Toscane. It is just lovely! Surprised
Ow and Venice is very romantic if you go with your (girl-)friend Wink
Surely Malaysia that's my country!!!
Hmm...I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland, that's where my ancestors are from.

It's tough, there are so many places I would love to go: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Australia.
I'd like to go to Switzerland, Cause I love to ski.(I haven't done that anymore for years now)
I also want to go to Australia, its a beautiful country and with nice wetter.
London. (you all know where it is! =)) Because I like city-life a lot. Maybe I am a bit lazy. Smile
meet in rio
Cuba (before Castro pops his clogs)
Malaysia (to visit all of my lovely friends and party the night away)
Italy (because I'm a classics geek)
Holland (again... just because it rocks and I didn't see enough of Amsterdam)
I have actually lived in the US, but I never got to see California, so I wouldn't mind going there.
Iceland seems pretty sweet.
America. Never been.
I like somewhere hot, but not TOO hot.. Africa may be to hot for me.. But I would like to travel the small islands of Greek!! With the nice light blue little houses Very Happy
The funiest trip i ever made whas to St.Anton in Austria.
where i went to ride snowboard for 2 weeks. A hell of a load of snow and you could ride for about 30 to 45 minutes before you got to the bottom of the mountains.
Im going there again sometime when i have enough money.

As a boy from India I love my country very much. It has given me birth, made me 22 years old and everything I need.
I'm from Philippines and if I had a chance to migrate to the other country I'd rather go to the European Part. The reason is, Europe is a rich continent and It has the higher value of money in our country. So, if we're there we actually have a chance to be rich. haHahaHa... I don't like Japan's cousine like eating a FETUS.. Yuck... Maybe you could search for it..... That was very ridiculus and weird..... Eeew!!....

Sorry for the Japanese. Smile
new zealand
I would love to go to Los Angeles to a place called Santa Monica because my parents and sister used to live there and they say its amazing. I have never been but I if my parents stayed there for an extra two montes i would of been born there. I should be in santa monica right now if it wasn't for my brother and sister's stupic college exams all this week. I was supposed to be going last Friday the 27th but had to cancel it 2 days before because stuff popped up including exams. I am really mad now because its like my dream to go over and see beverly hills, hollywood, venice beach and so on and of course go to valencia to six flags magic mountain and ride some of the biggest and best roller coasters in the world.
I have a huge list.. But I just can't remember all of them..

But anyway,

1. Italy
2. The vineyards and coasts of france
3. Switzerland
4. Egypt(I love Egyptian mythology)

And also places where I can find total serenity and calm surrounded by nature..
Still searching for more I guess
I always love France and Japan. I hope have the chance to go there.
Canada. I lived here, still live here, and will always live here. Great country, downloading warez is legal in Canada. Razz Canadian 4 Life!
California, (yes, I know it's not a country)
Canada, (it's Canada, eh)
Alaska (or perhaps just stick to point 2),
Sweden (C'mon, it's SWEDEN!),
Scotland (Accent and Highlands)

Well, and maybe some other places. I've never given it a lot of though really, I just have this habit of feeling at home almost anywhere.
Solo Turco
I want to go to south America countries. They look very nice, and I am intrested in Spanish.

For example Peru has many amazing places to go. Cusco is a very intresting city, and not only photos are enough, I think. Or skiing in Bariloche in Argentina. And in Uruguay: Punta del este! Wouw amazing for me.

And Mexico: Xel Ha, Colombia: Bogota..

Well, i hope to go one day...
Well I live in England but I LOVE Greece, especially the small island of Santorini, the view from Fira is breathtaking. I would love to visit USA, I do have relatives in Florida so will probably go sometime. I would also like to go to Italy and Sri Lanka (not asking much am I?)
kevin briggs
my favourite country would have to be america.i have been there once to florida and did the typical fun parks and water parks.if i was lucky enough to be able to go back i would like to visit new york,la and san francisco.
everything just seems to be bigger and better in the states (including the people).
hopefully i can save up and take my family for a once in a life time holiday to the states in the not to distant future.
Switzarland ... I want to visit the country even for a single day .. I heard about it's beauty so so much ...
America. I'd like to really visit New York sometime!

Then australia for its nature and wheather. Not so interested in china and japan...
Scotland and Ireland for sure...yous love Brave Heart Cool
Kyraxe wrote:
Would probably most like to visit Ireland and Scotland to get a feel for my ancestry.

Will most likely end up visiting Cuba or Jamaica in the near future.

You could do it on the cheap and visit Newfoundland! I was amazed when I heard their accents there thought they were taking the piss out of my accent!

Mine would have to be New Zealand, such a beautiful country, laid back friendly people
First I'm from South Korea.
and now I'm living in Canada. I really like both country.

I had traveld to some country such as Hong kong, Japan, Guam, Indonesia.
all country which I had been to were great. there are different charateristic to the countries.

I want to travel to Europe because I never been to there.. ^^
Canada and England (York and London)

As to Canada, to visit my clan leader, Hunter whose also in the Canadian military.

As to York in England, to visit a friend and as to London, they have no drinking ages. (At least that's what I was told)

Plus, they have their cool "friggin" accents. Smile
Usa & Iran !!!!!!!!!
I'd love to go to New Zealand.

All of the Kiwis I've ever met have been the coolest.

From what I hear, it is still a place where people haven't lost touch with the benefits of a less complicated life.

I hope that doesn't make me sound patronising.

I just think it maybe is a good example of a place where newer, faster, bigger, flashier isn't always the best.
do i have to chose one place? cause i can't chose.
first of all i want to go to amerika cause my best friend lives there and i want to visit him. that would be really great and one day i will do that. maybe i better start saving some then for the trip.
the next place i want so see is ireland. i've been there for like a week, touring around in a bus and it's just such a beautiful country. i def want to go back there for a longer period and visit all those wonderful places. and the people are so nice too. so dif then the people here in belgium, not that we aren't nice here. but they have a completely dif mentality, more relaxed. and ya gotta love their pubs and the peeps playing music in them.
the last one i want to visit is japan, cause i like their culture and more importantly their manga's and anime. but first i need to learn japanese. they don't know much english there, i think. so it would be handy i can help myself in a language they actually understand. this is my long term plan for a vacation. after i learn japanese, one day.
I would like to travel to China, and Japan too, I like oriental cultures, I love chinese food and i am learning chinese oficial language(putonghua).Greetings.
I'd have to say Japan. Their culture, food and entertainment has fascinated me for years. My father was in the military and I lived in Yokosuka for about a year, but I was only 3 years old and dont remember it. I'd love to go to Tokyo and take a stroll down Akihabara to look at all the "geek" shops, go to a real Japanese Steakhouse and try and find the house filmed in the movie Ju-On. =)
I would like to go to SWEDEN, thats where the chicks are at...been there but i was way too young...planning on going there again for some real entertainment....
Chinese, mostly becuase of its history and arts. And come on, don't you want to go just by looking at this picture?
I love to travel, so i have visited many countries for the past years.
I live in Dubai, but originally i am from Scandinavia.
Right now i am in thailand for two weeks.
I have been to placec like: the US, china, africa, mexico.

In the US i have crosses from Los angeles to new york, so many cities visited along the way.

My next destination will be back to europe, and then i will go to Bahamas for relaxation, back to dubai and to australia. I also think i will find the time to many smaller trips, as i dont relly plan things, i just go. Book the ticket and fly....... Cool

Also a great thing to do when you are in Dubai, is to visit the WILD WADI waterpark! Wild Wadi is the Jumeirah Group’s waterpark here in Dubai. It is really so much fun to do inside. Slides, pools, kids area, waterfalls. You can go around the park by foot, or jump into one of the slides, and it will take you around to different stations in the park. These slides are also going up, and here water pressure pushes you up and speeds you thru the park. The security is high, as everywhere in Dubai. And every pool has at least four or five guards/lifeguards. The park is very clean, and everywhere you are greeted by smiles and hospitality. There is no money inside the park, you will receive a wrist-magnet that looks like a clock, and you will have to refill this. This will also be your key to the lookers in the changing rooms. If you get hungry, justbuy food in one of the food courts, pay by using this magnet. There is a giant slide here, and people reach speeds up to 80 km/h going down. This is really fun!!!!
The best days to go to the park is on Sundays or Mondays, where most people are at work.
oh.. I would like to live in germany or canada, the reasonis that i have benn to these countries and I like the way of their life...
I would like to go to Kazachstan and meet Borat ;D hehe
mattchun wrote:
I guess mine is America, for what?

You will know what I'm talking about if you're in China like me.

Well, don't you love your motherland?
DENMARK! After living in the US for 28 years I moved to DK and it is the best! Lived there for 14 years now I'm in England which is less exciting however nice.

Love Japan as well! I guess all countries have something to offer...

haak_heu wrote:
to which country do you want to go and why ...
and to which country you like most ....not your own any other than your own.

mine is Australia
mauritus - lovely nature
singapore/hongkong/newyork - excellent cities
Florida - for disney land
i prefer egypt absolutely Smile)
I've always wanted to go to japan, home of sushi and the world's best gaming technologies. Actually I can eat sushi here in singapore but I bet japan's sushi are much nicer. *sigh* My parents were there once but didn't take me Sad
I want to go to China and Japan. I'm Chinese and I just want to visit China at least once. I also want to go to Japan because I love anime and I love lots of Japanese rock bands. If I went there, I'd stock up on a billion CD's and animes! xD
You're chinese? I'm chinese too! Where do you live? USA? I live in singapore
Paris ! And if I still have enough budget, it would be Rome. EDven if I can go to Paris for a few hours, I would be satisfied. Definitely not enough but something is better than nothing.

Paris for me is a very romantic and nice place to be. If only I had the money..

Read my post in " I am broke.... "
i want to go to France, a friend of mine is in there studying and i want to visit him and see if his school is cooler than his former school
i really like travelling

then i have a long list ,but Japan can be the first.
Very Happy Very Happy Heellloo Very Happy Very Happy

traveling is nice to go to other country's but spain i love and holland those country's are my favorite because in holland i live and where we live there are not so much people and thats fine but the weather is not always good and that why i love spain the weather teh beache and the girls!! Very Happy (joking) Very Happy
I like japanese]
Japan. Because of the Koi, gardens and the life style.
with some luck I'll soon move to Holland next summer so I'm corssing my fingers bigtime hopin it will turn out half as good as I expect it to Wink
I want most to travel to India- EVERYWHERE in India, I want to live there for at least a year.
I love most of the countries I have travelled to, most of all Laos, Cambodia, China (in different way to anywhere else), MONGOLIA, most of West Africa is nice.
It just depends what you want, I like places far away where there are few tousits, even in touristy countries I try to get as far away from the tourist trail as possible.
HOlland is fabulous, (its my home land) you will love it, just remember, Amsterdam is fun, but its not Holland!
Home land of Peru, always
I'd like to go to UK or Australia. I love Britain for great music and Australia for it's climate Very Happy
I think I'll go to the UK in the next year.
And Australia... maybe when I'll be older Wink
Canberra, Australia - to meet my cousins
Daly City, USA - to meet my cousins
Las Vegas, USA - to meet my cousins
New Zealand - to meet sheeps Shocked
haak_heu wrote:
to which country do you want to go and why ...
and to which country you like most ....not your own any other than your own.

mine is Australia

I am going to Australia for Christamas Very Happy
Going to be a bit weird...
Though, I have been there once before Smile
Ireland and Madagascar, for the faeries and the aye-ayes, respectively.
another country i wanted to visit for like since i was little was egypt. and guess where i'll be going soon.
this means one country to visit i can scratch of my list
and i'm going in the winter so it won't be to hot there
can't wait till the moment of me going there
anyone been to egypt before?
haak_heu wrote:
to which country do you want to go and why ...
and to which country you like most ....not your own any other than your own.

mine is Australia

I would say either New Zealand / Australia, or America (Florida Wink ).
Definatly for the chicks if that be the only reason!
I want to go th england because I think the culture is very interesting.
i like nepal Adventure travel in Nepal offers something for everyone. This lovely little country nestling in the mighty Himalayas has some of the world’s highest mountains in the north and tropical forests in the lowlands in addition to rivers and lakes. Mild weather makes possible to enjoy numerous extreme adventure sports here and best of all adventure travel in Nepal is extremely cheap. If the magnificent peaks in the north of Nepal challenge you to climb, trek or bike in their midst, the dense tropical forests of the low lying Terai region beckon you to come on a jungle mother land. it is a beautiful country in the asia .
my country name is nepal and it has a great mmountain called sagarmatha national park.Sagarmatha National Park, the area surrounding Mount Everest that provides adventure tourism Nepal is famous for, is northeast of Kathmandu. Extending over eleven hundred square miles, it s the perfect example of Himalayan ecology. Establishment of this park in July 1976 was a great boost to adventure tourism, Nepal. In 1979 the park was declared a World Heritage Site.
for me it would be denmark dont know why be i like it
i like germany.cause i like soccer very much Embarassed
i like asia
i can't particularly mention the country, asia as a whole is very beautiful
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