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Need php script 50 frih$ if you do

right what i need is this. if someone can make me a php script using mysql you will get 50 frih$

I need a script that say for example in the db you have 2 fields, id and item
now what i need is a page that will view all id's and items in the db like in a table so you have 2 coloumns, ID and Item and then on the item it will have a link to that item, and what i need is so that its like
x being the id number of the item and on that page i want it to only display info for that specific item.
Also i need a page that can insert items into the db. Ne ways if your confused by that just post and ill see if i can make my words simpler.

-thanks in advance.
So what you need is a table with two fields, 'id', and 'item'.

Is 'id' numeric?

What is 'item'?

A little context behind how this will be used would be nice.

id numeric yes and basically im trying to make a basic rpg. so i just want the item thingy for items and stuff. and then a page to show that item.. and stuff liek that.
1) I'm pretty much too lazy to do this for you.
2) It sounds ugly. I'm not sure that this will integrate nicely depending on how the rest of your stuff is written.
3) Self-education is very much the best.

Why are you writing this RPG? For yourself? If that's the case, you really should learn PHP and do this yourself. It sounds simple; that's why I asked for a clarification because I thought I was missing something. However, it sounds like it's something you should do yourself.

How are you writing the rest of the RPG if you can't even tackle this simple task? How will you maintain it once it is written by someone else?

As a matter of principle, I refuse to do this.

well its not really an rpg per se. Well i play wow and
has an item database for all items in the game... its something like that, that i want but just left blank so i can insert my own things, and im too lazy to do it myself XD + i dont know much about mysql.
>_< can anyone help me?
X3 Talk
Yes, I can make that for you.
I'll also make an admin panel where you can add/edit/remove items. Please PM me with mySQL database info, maybe give me an FTP account and so on.
right sent u a pm with everything
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