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Computer Games Never Played

Have you ever bought a computer game that you never played?

I have one that I got in May for my birthday. My PC was not good enough to use it I will finally be getting new mother board this coming week and I WILL be playing it.

Although I do have a few games that I have never played. There were not new, mostly bought at a computer show for next to nothing or games I got with a graphics card. I have intentions of playing them but never did. Have you ever bought a new game that you have never played?
i had Universal Combat for a long time. A year i think, because my graphics card didn't support vertex or pixel shaders. then i finally got a new computer and it works.
I used to collect games just so that i could show them off to my friends. I never really played any of them ,never had the time.
There was one game, it was a gift from my sister, called "BSE Hunter". The name already told me the game was crap, so I never even installed it Very Happy
i bought half life 2 with counter strike in it and i installed both of them thinking i was going to play them all the time but i have only spent about 1 hour on each , i dont like counter strike because its full of cheaters but half life is a realy good game ( i might start playing it again Laughing )
I got a really old Star Wars game.
I believe that its on a couple of floppys.
Yes, probably too many to mention, but I'll point out one for sure.

I bought "The Operational Art of War - Elite Edition", brought it home, and it would not install on my computer! Thus, I've never played it, and won't buy any more of their games!
I got Warcraft 3 and never played it yet. Wanted to but just never got around to it. Maybe in the future I will try it. Looks like fun. I got it free when I bought another game. I will have to see.
I bought a game called Tread Marks for 2 on a trip to England. But I think my computer is too good for it.. Confused It's not too bad, at least.
Counter strike cs 2 and all the games that come with it, Call of duty 2 as well. I just grew out of video games.
i have never play call of duty, neverwinter and hallo 2 Smile
i've bought Neverwinter nights, but i never played it, i heard it should be good, but i didnt really get longer then the intro start screen, suddenly i began playing CS:S and HL2, and then WoW Smile
Might and Magic 9. I couldn't force myself to play more than five minutes, the thing was making me ill in the stomach. Though I suppose I played it then, hmm? Well, in that case, Crusader: No Remorse and Crusader: No Regret. I have them on my shelf, but have no time to give them a try.
I agree the one that come with the video cards just sit. I would never pay for a game and not use it.
Counter Strike I guess, it came with HL2 when I bought it in 2004 (I remember... with the X800 XT and 7.1 surround sound I spent about 3 days straight playing Laughing) which is an excellent game I may point out but I played Counter Strike for about a few hours to give it a chance but I hate it... just not enough to it really, I know a lot of people like it but I really can't see the point even compared to games like the original Halo on PC, it's much better.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I buyed a game called "Icewind dale" because of that it looked interestning and were very cheap. Unfortunately I realised thet you must have DVD on you computer to run it...

But, yeah, now we are planning to buy a new computer so soon it is time to play it Smile
I havent bought any games for a long time (coz there is no any for sell where i'm living and now i'm d/l most of it) here is a list of games i haev d/led but never played yet for months.

1. CS source
2. Advance war fighter
3. CM 2006
4. Civilization IV
5. Age of Empire III
6. Rome Total war
7. Half life 2
few more

mostl bcoz i dont have time to play (working) and stil have some games i havent finished yet (stars war battle field, doom3) so it'sa long way to go for me XD
there are a lot. Like Call of Duty 2, Age of Empires, Act of War.......
I bought Rome: Total War and didn't play it for three reasons.

1. It seemed very hard to get into playing as a noob.
2. It was a bit slow and laggy on my laptop, not enough to interfere with gameplay, just enough to frustrate at times.
3. I had bought Neverwinter Nights at the same time and it turned out to be one of my favourite games for PC, ever. Smile
C&C generals, Neverwinter Nights, Black and White and plenty more.

Installed them once, then started another game and never went back to them. One day I will break them out and give them another bash.
I have the Civilization Call to Power... OK, I've played it once or twice, but I never got to anything... It's so tiring (I would also say boring which woud be a lot more accurate) to play it that I never got any further than the "forbidden city"....
If anyone ever won that game, that person deserves a statue.
I've bought several games from the bargan rack that I haven't played... I get to some of them eventually. I think I have Descent: Freespace 1&2 that I've never installed.

Also a few adventure games that I haven't played yet.
"Rise of Legends"...
Played "Rise of Nations" for hours, couldnt wait to get the new one but now I dont seem to find the time to play it Confused ....

Never Winter Night is the other one, couldnt get past the training bit. Got so use to Dungeon Siege point-&-click interface that I foung NWN very hard to play (sold it back to the shop and got Beyond Good and Evil and that was a very good swap !)
Sim City

I usually don't play games I bought when It has a bad game play.
Why do you buy a game you can't or won't play. I just don't understand it. The next time you buy a game you won't play give to someone that will. waste, waste, waste!!!
Bought and installed an air combat simulator, forgot the name of it. It never worked so I never got to play it :\

Got Oblivion for my birthday but my integrated chip won't support it so I'm hoping for a video card for Christmas xD
I just have to say, you are all noobs, like Lost said, why do you waste money on a game that you don't play, wow.

As far as noobness I have only bought one game in which it took me a money to be able to play, X-Wing Allance. I didn't have a joystick and it wouldn't let you play th egame with out a joystick. But I got the joystick, and played my money out of the game time and time again.
I have a really old armymen game i never play i dont even know why it is installed its just sitting there doing nothing but take up space. and i have abunch of OLD OLD games i never play, like battleship and somthing else i can't think of. then theres my sisters LOAD of old care bares and other crap that is doing nothing in our software/games shelf. Very Happy Smile
Guild Wars, played it for 7 hours then I quit. It was a nice game but I didn;t need it.

In my life, I've bought lots games, but I've tryed them all! Personally, if I buy a game, it's to play it, not to waist my money...

It is true that not every games were good, but I still try them all...

Personally, I must try it before judge it and the tryout should be at least one week! Because if you play less than a week, you cannot know all about the game and still after 1 week you are not fully set....

But there are games that I've played about one or two weeks and then, I just gave that game to somebody else or just lost it somewhere in my house Laughing ...

The best games up to now, were shooting and RPGs...

Never buy a game that you think you wont play seriously... I have friends spend about 100$ per month on games they don't even play... unless you are really really rich and want to spend this money for your personnal collection hehe...

anyways! Good luck with your games purchasing!

If there a game u want to discuss about post here!

Well, I'll play any game I buy. (Otherwise it's a waste of money). However, there was one game I've never played; though I didn't buy it, someone gave it to me as a gift. It was some flight simulator game that's buried somewhere in my closet. Anyway, I would never buy a computer game and not play it.
My DVD drive game with like 6 games or something. One was Heathen... or Herpes... or something about anti-religion. One was Descent. One was Total Annihilation (which I did play), a mech game, LIFE (which I did play), and something else.
yea i bought one too but never played b4
I once got a game as a gift called Ghost hunter that I never played. It looked like a child's game to me so I didn't even try it.
I haven't really bought any games that I don't play or haven't tried.

I have had games bought for me that have been cast aside though - games that don't really fall in to my interest of play.
Captain Fizz on C64 : D
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