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So confused

ok so this past week has been one of epic proportions for me. last week i started hanging out with this girl who's really beautiful and just easy to talk to. we hung out all weekend. and over that time we got real close, even though she had a boyfriend. come monday she ends up breaking up with him and things between me and her were getting really good.

Just like everything was going great. but then wednesday i get home and look at my im's i had gotten while i was away. come to read that she got back together with her boyfriend who is like the worse example of a boyfriend i've ever witnessed. he doesnt acknowledge her, doesnt care, doesnt' wanna talk to her, and he'll go without showering for days. needless to say it put me in a terrible mood. i felt as if someone ripped out my heart and jumped on it non stop. yesterday was real rough for me. but come the end of the night she texts me wanting to talk cuz her parents were driving her up a wall. i come to learn i was the first person she went to out of anyone. and like the song on her myspace is the one we said would be ours b/c it just fit perfectly with what had been ours. i thought she was putting it up there for him, but no it was for me. so thats when i started becoming really confused.

but she is too, like she doesn't know what to do. and like i dont know why shes with him, like what she sees, but i dont see much. its seems as if she still likes me but i dont know what i should do anymore. any advice?
It seems like she really likes you, but she's obviously having trouble breaking up with her boyfriend for one reason of another. It might be that he got upset when she broke up with him, causing her to take him back (it's happened to me a few times, and it's very hard to just leave a guy in the cold when they're crying or about to cry). If this isn't the case, then she might be scared of change, whether he's a jerk or not. A lot of girls (and guys) stay with their significant others even when the relationship isn't working, just because they're already in the relationship and they want to make it work. I personally don't completely understand this, as I would never put myself in that situation, but some people just can't deal with taking the chance to break up with someone since they're afraid of being alone. Maybe she's not sure if you'll go out with her (although it seems as if you've made it pretty obvious that you like her), or she may be afraid that dating you may be worse than dating her current boyfriend (because no matter how nice you are to her, she probably thought that her current boyfriend was nice too before getting to know him).

It is a confusing situation, but my guess is that she'll eventually realize that it's not worth staying with the guy that she's dating. Just be patient with her, continue to talk to her, and you'll probably win her over (especially since it seems as if you have already). And if you're trying to make her realize that this guy treats her like dirt, try not to say too many horrible things, since you don't want to make her feel as if she's trapped in the middle of the two of you. Be supportive without being invasive.
the best way i think is just to talk it out.
take her along... and just make it clear between u both. Doing this is ok because you are no longer a stranger to him, you seem to be pretty close to her so that you can express yourself sufficiently. So will be with her. Do not hesitate to clarify everything that comes in your mind.

Keep it up. dont keep it within yourself.

Express it and find a way out.
Girls are just to nice

If a guy starts crying they take them back like no matter what because she doesnt want to hurt them!!

The other thing is the guy could know something on her that would keep her from breaking up with him!!

There is a million reasons for what gos on with that!!

But as to your Confusion!!

Girls are confusing its their job they where given a hand book at birth inprinted in their heads and they live by the codes taught in the book.

It really seems like she likes you but just doesnt know what to do about her Bf and You because its a Hard situation to be put in i feel bad for both of you.

I feel bad for her because she has to make a choice and hurt some one she cares about!

I feel even worse for you because you have to deal with it and see her and its hard you shouldnt have to deal with it!!

Good Luck!!
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