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Mineral makeup. Is this works

So, I went to get my hair trimmed earlier and the girl who cuts my hair was talking about how much she loves this mineral makeup she uses (bare essentuals or something) because it feels like nothing and blah, blah, blah...

The salon is selling it at steep prices so I figured she was just looking for some commission or something so I don't really trust her opinion.

So, anyone try it? How well does it work? Is it worth the money?

Also, I have really fair skin that's usually clear but sometimes I get some pimples or blemishes and she was saying it covers up really pale skin better than regular cosmetics but I don't know...thanks...
Mineral Makeup is a terrific scam. First of all, all of the ingredients in the product are identical to normal off-the-shelf cosmetics that you're probably already using. However, it's the marketing of Mineral Makeup that really has put them in a class by themselves. Instead of being accused of testing on animals, Mineral Makeup has been reguarly documented as testing on MINERS. This simply cannot go on anymore!
indeedwrestling wrote:
Mineral Makeup is a terrific scam. First of all, all of the ingredients in the product are identical to normal off-the-shelf cosmetics that you're probably already using....

Very right. You don't have to pay all that ridiculous money to get talc-free makeup. Talc cakes up in tiny wrinkles, that's why it's the main ingredient in baby powder. It gets into the little creases where diaper rash starts forming and absorbs moisture. They put it in face makeup as a cheap filler, and it cakes up in little wrinkles. This not only looks awful, but sucks precious moisture out of your skin and makes you more wrinkly; then they sell you expensive anti-aging moisturizer. Very clever. Evil and devious, but clever.

Setting evil corporate horse hockey aside for the moment, you can get talc-free makeup at nearly any drugstore. I found a powder foundation like that Pure Minerals stuff, at CVS for less than a quarter of the price.

It does actually does a good job of evening my skin tone without covering it up, and doesn't seem to be clogging my pores and giving me zits like a lot of other foundations do (and I've tried A LOT of them). I saw the infomercial, but I just bought a non-advertised and therefore much less expensive version of the same thing, but followed the instructions for applying it that they showed in the infomercial. Works like a charm. The loose powder makeup is MUCH easier to blend than liquid or creme, so you don't have to worry about that awful mask effect around your hairline and jaw.

I don't wear a lot of makeup, generally, so I like the quick easy application and the fact that I can't FEEL it on my face. I'm basically a lipstick and quick flick of mascara girl, but it's nice to have something on hand to rescue me when I'm tired. (I have an olive complexion, and don't usually need foundation, but I get pale and blotchy when I don't get enough sleep - and for me, pale means sickly yellow. Blecchh!)

By all means, try the mineral makeup, if what you currently use is unsatisfactory, just DON'T waste your money on the TV brand.
I actually use the stuff myself and I really like. It works, ti covers blemishes and its really differnet from that heavy foundation stuff. It really makes a differnece what you wear and I think the stuff looks very natural
yes it works...if not a beautiful make up its works....
I recently purchased some tester pots of mineral makeup, and I was rather disapointed tbh. I found it didn't give me the coverage I was hoping for I think the motto for some is "Doesn't even feel like your wearing makeup" no, doesn't look like you are either Confused, and it felt too dry and irritating on my face. Since then I've moved back to my old Maybelliene Dream Matte Mousse until I feel like trying another foundation, there's only one other foundation that I've found great and that is Loreal True Match.

So my advice is search around on the net and order testers before you commit yourself. It wasn't right for me, but that doesn't mean it's wrong for you.
Mineral makeup is good for those who want sheer coverage to even out the skin.
applejunk friend actually tested it and she said she likes a lot, but it makes her face feel heavy. i think it just depends on the person in question who's using it since everybody has different skin. but if it is a scam please let me know so i can warn my friend Smile so far i haven't seen enough responses in here to make a decision since some are pro mineral and some are against. i guess i'll have to look into it further.
It depends on what brand you get. Some of them are just pure minerals but some have preservatives in them. The pure ones are good for the skin, better than liquid makeup.
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