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Wha do yoy find to be attractive?

What types of guys/girls are you attracted to?

What kinds of qualities/characteristics do you find attractive in potential mates?
I tend to be attracted to shy-ish men, who enjoy spending time alone with themselves.
I am pretty extroverted, so I find introversion attractive in men.
I am attracted to honest men, who say what they mean, and mean what they say.
I am attracted to "mad scientist" type of men, rational with a twist of Tom Robbins.
I am attracted to thinkers, who whether they agree or disagree with my thoughts and opinions, at least have their own.
I am attracted to happy, generally well-adjusted men, who are physically active and adventurous and, who are more or less naturalists at heart.
I tend to be attracted to emotionally distant men. Why? I dunno I guess I enjoy thawing their hearts
anyway, there are a bunch more to list but now it's someone else's turn....
I'm beginning to get attracted to you... hahaha

Just kidding...

I'm drawn to girls with.
1) Sense of humour coz life is already stressful
2) able to talk and listen with balance... too much yapping and listening kills me
3)not sensitive... sensitive people tends to turn paranoid once too often
meet in rio
- Men who are wittily self-deprecating and humble without being... well, miserable and wet. Cockiness is very rarely an asset.
- Entertainers, but not people you have to be 'on your toes' around all the time. A bit of teasing is fine, but it gets irritating if someone's constantly cracking jokes.
- People who smile.
- Kindness.
- Intelligence.
- People who go out of their way to talk to me. I can be quite shy unless I'm drinking and I feel most relaxed aroind those who are obviously pleased to be chatting with me.

Physically, it varies---although I like a reasonably strong jaw, a decent height, dark eyes and clear skin.

I could give you grocery lists all day but, to be honest, it's an impulsive thing. I have no idea why I'm attracted to some people.
People who are interesting, have depth and real opinions. Who can deal with my messed up mind and general anti-sociable attitude.

Preferably shorter than me. Razz
Jakob [JaWGames]
I am attracted to girls who:

-Are calm, I am quite calm myself and finds it irritating with people who often lose their temper.

-Are clever, it is much more enjoyable to be with someone clever then beeng with one who only looks good.

-Are kind

-Have a beauty smile which they uses often.

-Have the same weird humour as me.

-Have thoughts in deep subjects, I love deep diskussions.

-Can accept me for the person I am, both my good and bad sides.
Subsonic Sound
- Someone who can make me laugh.
- Someone I'm comfortable around, someone I can relax around.
- A good listener, someone who's comfortable around *me*... someone I can talk to
- Someone who's willing to talk seriously and honestly if there's an issue to resolve, not just getting frustrated and shouting, or shutting things away.
- Ideally a musician... but someone artistic, anyway.
- Affectionate

Looks (added bonuses)
- Shorter than me
- Not actively *ugly*.
- clear eyes
round bootie
pretty eyes
good looking
likes to hang out
I like guys who:

-are intelligent, but in a way where they can teach me things without making me feel stupid
-have a good sense of humor
-don't point out all of my flaws to me
-are open-minded
-have roughly the same taste in music as I do
-long hair isn't necessary, but it is a major plus in my book!

Unfortunately, since I've been single for over a year and a half now, I've developed a highly specific image of my perfect guy, and I'll never meet anyone who will meet my now high standards. So the list above is VERY edited to make myself seem less picky. Cool
I am not quite sure what I want. I mean I like funny quirky women, but I also like smart women, although I believe everybody has something to offer if they at least make an effort to. I'd like to say I am a guy who is attracted to women like me but I don't know if that exists being a sort of cross between a technology addict and a politico type. At the same time I have a certain belief in the idea that opposites attract so I dunno. The short answer would then be it depends on the person. If we mesh on enough things then great. In terms of physical characteristics I would have to say again it depends. Although I do find that I have an unusual attraction to most red heads or blonde's or blue eyed women.
Uhm.. A girl who is:

- Sweet
- Understanding
- Open - minded
- Love to talk anything around us
- Laugh and smile often (Sense of Humor)
- Listens
- Some minor glitches in the attitude will do

Basically, a girl who have a good personality in general because I'm not that picky anyways.
Well, my checklist was something like this:

Must love cats. Not just because I like them, but someone who likes cats, in my experience, seems to be more easygoing and less demanding.

Must like to travel and experience new things

Can carry on a conversation without monopolizing it.

Most importantly, has to like me! (this was usually the deal breaker!)
I like girls who are active and like to get out and do stuff. I like a girl who stays in shape and takes care of her body, doesn't have face piercings, keeps her hair a normal color. I love it when a girl knows what she wants, but is willing to get out of her comfort zone and do something crazy once in awhile, but the girl is not crazy.
Great topic. <3

I find kind of offbeat girls attractive- geeky, a little quiet, glasses...
Fake tans, lots of makeup, and unoriginal clothes are the exact opposite of what I'm attracted to. My number one thing I'm attracted to : INTELLIGENCE. (But not so brainy that they can't connect to anything in the real world or anything...) I also kind of like slightly political people too.

Physically, I kind of like androgenous women. As in not really "butch" but not really "femme" either. They're cute. <3
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