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Top 7 Things To Know To Begin Running


A very good guide on how to start running to keep in shape and shape your mind.
Looks like a lot of good tips. I ran track and cross country during high school and many of these things listed are things my coach used for the beginner runners.
I normally follow all those steps but still having problem with running. The stretching etc are not a problem but when I start to run, I get pain around my knees. Its like a needle poking at the side of my knees. The more I run the more painful it becomes and I have to stop.

Went to see a doctor but was told nothing wrong. Does anyone have the same problem?
I would have to say your not stretching correctly, or you have a bad running form. try looking up how to stretch. hope that helps Wink
quite a nice text there! Smile

Running is so under rated today, most people think they can get in shape just by going to the gym. It´s not a bad thing, but to loose weight and get better condition there´s not much that beats running.
And most important, it´s for free! Very Happy
that tutorial sounds good, I think I'll try it out.
Running is great, but a poster previously mentioned that he felt sharp pains around his/her knee during the activity. There's a chance that you have shinsplints, which is basically a condition where you started running for too long, in too short a period of time. It is a series of microfractures in your shin area (hence the name shinsplints), and normally hurts when you warm up and cool down. Hopefully you don't have this, but if you want you can google it to find out a lot about this thing.
Hopefully the pain in the knees is not shin splints. They are also known as stress fractures and they usually happen along the shins, but they can develop around the knees, although it is not typical.

I suffered from stress fractures twice before and it was awful.

Do you feel the pain when doing normal activities? For example, I felt the pain in the shins whenever I squat down or walked down the stairs.

The only way to discover stress fractures is to go for a bone scan as a normal x-ray will not pick them up.

And the only remedy is rest. For up to 12 weeks.

Do get it checked out and hopefully everything's all right.

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