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Battlefield 2142

I've only seen videos and hear rumors about this game. Is it any good? Is it worth it's money? I mean if it's the exact same as Battlefield2 I might as well save my money and buy something else.
save your cash. unless your a hard core bf2 player or want to pay 60$ for a mod you don't need this.
in addition, there's spyware in we all have said in other threads...EA is getting worse...=(
It looks like the previous Battlefield games but with a new skin.

And yes, there are spyware problems. It has programs that log what you do on the internet so it can show you ads that you might like. There are literally big billboards in the middle of a battlefield with Pepsi splattered on it.
yeah i dont think that game is worth my money it looks like a piece of poopoo and i would probably play it if they would give it away free with a purchase of bf 2
pokethamage wrote:
in addition, there's spyware in we all have said in other threads...EA is getting worse...=(

ea was always gay, and not only that they tell you not to install a security update. there going to far.
I know this game must ask for a high-demand on your hardware.

I can't afford the game. lol
After playing nearly 300 hours of BF2 and testing the BF2142 demo I can say BF2142 isn't worth the money.

Why you should buy BF2142:
- cool unlock system
- betting loading times

Why you shouldn't buy BF2142:
- slow infantry combat compared to BF2
- less players
- underpowered air vehicles
- underpowered mechs
- overpowered FAVs
- everything is noob-friendly
- it's 50 $... There are mods out there that are more fun and cost nothing.
- ingame ads
- spyware (this is just wrong)

If you plan to buy BF 2142 but don't have BF2 already, I REALLY suggest buying BF2 for a lot less money and having a lot more fun.
Man im happy, thati found this, nerly though this was forgoten, haha

well, i dont got bf2, but i got this, and im really satified, .. why you should buy it, and ad to that. Titan mod.

yeah it got ingames ads, but ,lol, do you play the game or do you look for cheep offers, i think the most will say they play... and when i play, then ads is allways overlooked by me, i never notifice any of them, no, i cant rember when any of them should be

the only one i have seen is "EU forces wants you" as i think is ok for the game, a bit funny.

well i think its great, and im in a high rank allreaddy without any bug abuse. what i miss is that its hower planes, and not, and real jet planes or heli. this specially anoys me for the transpor one, and also a bit for the fighter,,, then no plans, and, that is a thing i miss, cause of the fword howers is to slow to head forward.

i like that they fixed some stuff, still some bugs, and i think they should make

they got more than one skin for ex knife, as i got... kill enough with knife, and well, you will get a new skin. i have also heard that the knife actually it self change, so its gets worse than before. a bit shame, but well, if you are good with a knife, it's also okay to give other a chance... will it end with a plastic knife ?

well , indeed i like the game, but on some servers, there is rules as i dont like, if i need to get titan attack points, and its over thiere base... woudent that be base rape if i went to it and shot at the titan with the aa gun ?

and people as dont follow the rules, where the rules dont give other right to kick you for killing them.
lets take the base rape again, to to the enemy base, and start killing people as spwn there.

and people as jump of the transport while im landing becuase the idiot didnt jump out a min ago, and then punish me for a tk as 100% is his fault

any, the punish, should not be able for acidents, causem, its a game, and there is no need to punish for such a thing.
I personally think this is a great game, and the spyware thing is not that big a deal for me. Seeing as I usually too busy playing the game to notice the in-game ads.

I reccomend it.
For those of you who are asking themselves how the ingame ads look:

I don't think its that bad, beware of it going too far though:

I mean, who wants a Viagra ad on their mech? That just looks ridiculous Laughing
1: its not the adds it self its just the fact that its there that beats the hell out of me plus the security crap

2: if im forced to see adds in the game the game should be FREE! or greatly lowered in price!

3: what will the fu#k lards at EA think of next commercial brakes during the loading times?

i don't blame dice for this coz when Ea offers a buck load of cash for there work it gotta be hard to resist

BTW that Viagra add is kinda funny
wow. love those ads Razz way to sell out EA.
Patriot Players
Ads/spyware as part of a game package? Wow EA, thats low. Im thoroughly disappointed, and will be avoiding this game.
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