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What do I do if I'm in love with a girl who doesn't love me

Ok I have a crush on this girl and we are just friends but since I am a shy guy I can't tell her how I feel. I tried once but then I learned she was trying to date someone else so I kept my mouth shut. Any suggestions on how to win her heart? By the way Winter Formal is coming up.
Go out with her many times as a friend. Than if you thing that this is the right moment organize private party and try to get to in the close relationships with her. This may mean a kiss or sex. if she reject you try again. If doesn't work forget her.
This thing works with me and my friends many times.
Uhm, ok, look, you dont have to tell her, promise your eternal love or anything like that, most girls wouldnt like it (most, not all!). Ive found out that just by giving her some signals you can accomplish much.
First dont be shy around her, if you act normal and she doesnt like you then you know that everything is over, you dont have to pretend to be somebody else. What kind of signals? Body language like make eye contact, but dont over do it! If you get into her closer proximity, lightly tap her or something, ask for the time or maybe a question about school. Hang around her at parties, talk to her and ASK her about herself and dont forget to give your own 2 cents (talk about music, music is pretty universal where as movies or games are not). AND one more thing: dont get lost in her, if she starts giving you signals like eye contact or touching you that means its good but if she doesnt then that just means she's not into you. Keep in mind that girls touch more but dont like to be touched too much, so she may punch you, even bite you but dont turn on her with the same, wait for a while before doing it.
Good luck!
Hmm, everyone has little tricks. Don't use tricks, just be straight forward. There are just a few key things to know.

1. "I am a shy guy and I can't tell her how I feel." Bulls**t. You can be shy, but own up to your feelings. Don't make excuses. No one ever got married or engaged by not proposing (except maybe shotgun weddings). I am a shy guy, but you just gotta suck it up, believe in yourself a little bit, and open with "hello."

2. When you start dating someone, it takes time for feelings to build. It is intimidating if someone likes you a ton more than you like them. This isn't bad, but don't intimidate her by coming on too strong. Be appropriate and gentlemanly and considerate of her.

3. If you *love* her, you want the best for her. Heck if you care about her at all you should want her to be happy. If she is happy in her current relationship, do not step forward with your feelings. You'll cause more problems than it is worth. If it is a bad relationship, however, you can always be a friend and guide her out of it.

4. It may not work out. She may not feel the same about you. Doesn't mean no girl ever will. Doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Just means she is someone who needs something different than the many good things you have to offer. This is okay. You don't want a gf that just pretends to like you when she really doesn't - YOU deserve more, so if she can't give more, then find a new person who can.
well i got classic tips for you,

like old days, sing a song for her. (even if you sound bad)

or, get in touch with her pets first. (mostly cats)

invite her at lunch and more likely if she dont come, tell her that u missed her.

misscall her every hour reminding her of your existance. & when she asks you the reason, tell her you wanted her to know that u are there
to bug her for a while.

and my favorite, tell her how much you loved your ex-gf (even if you never had one, girls get jealous aloott & Specially when they see that a guy loves a girl sooo much and all he gets in return is hurt)

and dude these tips are just regular ones, if this girl fails to be your, try on the other, and the other and the other, until you pass Very Happy and if still feel that its so hard to forget her.. umm write a suicide letter telling her that you cant live without her, and seriously commit suicide.. ROFLMAO *j/k* as that might help getting rid of crazy crushes Evil or Very Mad
blue77 wrote:
Go out with her many times as a friend. Than if you thing that this is the right moment organize private party and try to get to in the close relationships with her. This may mean a kiss or sex. if she reject you try again. If doesn't work forget her.
This thing works with me and my friends many times.

Definatly go with trying to be friends first. Espeacialy since you said you are shy. Try maybe inviting her to go in a small goup of friends. You should ask her to witer formal if it is that soon. Try the friends thing first, maybe while you are out ask her to the formal when you are comfterable (Dont wait to long!).

As for the sex! I am a strong beliver in no premarital sex. I have only ever had one sexual partner and that is my wife. Especialy since you are in high school you should definatly wait, stds babies blah blah. Just dont even go there unless your relationship has progressed very far.
you just have to lay back and accept the fact that you can't get what you want all the time.

...and it makes life beautiful.

try talking to her about stuff like that and she'll admire you in no time.
Aw? So you're shy to tell how you feel for her? Believe me, that attitude will do nothing for you unless you take that risk to tell her how you feel.

You should take the chance and be ready for an ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION scenario rather than wondering why you haven't take the chance telling to her.

If she sounds like not sure of how she feel. BE PATIENT.

Remember, PATIENCE is a VIRTUE.

Good luck. Wink
Hi there, I had a peek at a few posts, great stuff people, Ok where can I start about being shy I would have to say i am a very shy person but I took my shynes and continually developed myself and I am still shy but I dont get to pay for it I think we are all shy.

OK the girl you like and you think she does not like you and you think you shy, mmm there is allot rolled up in one sentence here I cant really give you advice on your situatin as I dont really know the full detail but I can reflect on my own experience.

here is my 100% feedback stats from girls I have chatted up and picked up in 7 or eight different countries and mybe 20 different cities, even with a strange girl all you need to do is get to talking to her you dont have to make it all awkward and imediately bring up your feelings and hence have her comitment as an expectation, leave sex out also leave a premature kiss out you dont nee to do this unless you feel the momment calls for it and this momment dose not mean you want it it means both are sort of pointig towards it, I would say just talk be confident be a fun loving friend and listen, take time to listen to her in most cases if you really open up your ears you learn so much from the next person, and while she talks she will be handing you her user manual all you need to do is take note she will tell you what she wants if you listen deeply and carefully, another thing is we as peaple are all very deep even the guy or girl that may seem as shellow as a tea spoon they are actually deep so try to develop your communication skills to sort f discover her deep self and try to sooth her from that level this always works, I feel terrible to say it always works as I feel that this is not a trick or a tool a guy can use to get a girl its real you have to live it and mean it and listen and feel it and be patient and dont be afai to take yourself to this level and explore it, when someone feels you at this deep level they will feel save and satisfied and desire your company and presence all the time, its kind of hard to explain here I think I should write a book.

cheers and good luck Mic
Solo Turco
I am not much experienced about love but for once, I go on to be a friend and trying not to go far from her.

Some people say that it is painful, and they give up following/thinkinh their beloved. But I think the same pain works for both ideas. I asked this topic to another girl, she told that many girls say first that they don't like, but if you try to go on without insist, you may have a chance.

Very Happy Maybe I fail, but everyone has a different love idea, and many lover think that love's pain is worthwile to feel. That's all

Good luck for you for both conditionals;
you decide to forget, or try to go on to be friend.
i would be extremly nice to her like take her to the movies and stuff............remember if u never ask u will never know
PastBababooey wrote:
Ok I have a crush on this girl and we are just friends but since I am a shy guy I can't tell her how I feel. I tried once but then I learned she was trying to date someone else so I kept my mouth shut. Any suggestions on how to win her heart? By the way Winter Formal is coming up.

You said you tried once to tell her how you feel? How did you do it? What made you say she doesn’t love you? How did you court her in the first place? Smile

I guess one of the very effective ways of courting a girl is by having clarity and transparency of intention in your every gesture. Although there is a big risk involved when trying to convert a friendly relationship into romantic affair, it will ALWAYS be worth the try. You will never know what the girl’s feeling if you won’t profess yours. As long as both of you are singles you have all the right to express your feeling freely. And no one can stop you from doing that if you really mean your words. Smile

A winner never quits while a quitter never wins. When you open your heart to her, success or failure, you will always be a winner in her eyes. The only thing that will make it a little complicated is when it is done off-timing and immaturely, wherein your friendly relationship may suffer a drawback. To counter-act and prepare for this kind of setback, you have no other choice of ‘weapon’ but your sincerity and honesty. Tell the girl frankly that if ever she can’t reciprocate your feeling for her, let your friendly relationship be kept untarnished and should remain as strong as ever. And be very clear about it. Exclamation

In case she turns you down (as you feel it based on your topic subject), keep that warmth of your friendship be set to the warmest. Don’t lose hope. It can only be an initial setback. Continue to show your friendly love and concern for her. Don’t change anything unless for the better. Accept your ‘defeat’ as true gentleman. Don’t build wicked thinking either to her or her partner. Support her during her stronger days and protect her during weaker times – even as friends.

As a true warrior, observe the strong points of the guy your girl friend is attracted to. While you may not be able to ‘beat’ the guy in his strong point, you can build your fortress in the weaker side of the guy. Make yourself stronger in the strongest area of the guy while you make it strongest in his weak area. Don’t wish for the failure of their affairs but instead show the worth of the love you are capable of. Maybe, with a little luck, she will start to observe the goodness in you and start to realize that there is no greater foundation in love than the experience of being bestfriends once. Idea

By the way, ponder on this post …
mmitch wrote:
i would be extremly nice to her like take her to the movies and stuff............remember if u never ask u will never know

The poster is a girl, the ‘movie’ stuff may work or may not. Who knows unless you invite her. Just make sure you buy her ticket and a bunch of red roses. Razz

Our best of luck and good wishes will always be with the brave knights. Applause
If you really Like and or love this girl you do want her to be happy!

You cant WIN a girl over you have to make her feel special.

Girls dont ever really know whats good for them till they are in a relationship and its TO LATE to do something about it.

Heres what you need to do tell her how you feel because you guys are friends shes not going to tell you how she feels about you in fear of rejection or ruining the friendship. Assure her tha t no matter what you will always be friends and you will always be there for her because if you dont she wont risk losing the friendship and the relationship you could have had has best friends. So Tell her how you feel and tell her everything will be ok and let things flow out natually if it works great if not you got it off of your chest and in your future you wont have to ask your self what might have happend if only you had talked to her and told her how you feel about her you end up getting rid of all the possible IFS that you can and if it goes in your favor thats great just make sure you tell her or else you will only have yourself to blame in the future if she ends up with that other guy!!

PastBababooey wrote:
Ok I have a crush on this girl and we are just friends but since I am a shy guy I can't tell her how I feel. I tried once but then I learned she was trying to date someone else so I kept my mouth shut. Any suggestions on how to win her heart? By the way Winter Formal is coming up.

What ever you do do not take any hints from Manga or anime like Ichigo 100% or something like that. Hmmmm, on the other hand if you did you might end up with a harem.
Its too easy
Just take it easy
ignore and try to forget about she
if she really dont likes you ........
ok, I am a girl (obviously) and I like guys who are confident, funny, and smart. no one likes an idiot. wear cologne and carry around some breath mints. there is a guy who has a locker above mine so when we're at our lockers, we are like, 3inches apart and he smells so bad. and his breath stinks too.

dont wear big baggy pants, it looks stupid.
hmm this one is a tuffy ---- walk away and find another
did you ever tell her how you felt?
PastBababooey wrote:
Ok I have a crush on this girl and we are just friends but since I am a shy guy I can't tell her how I feel. I tried once but then I learned she was trying to date someone else so I kept my mouth shut. Any suggestions on how to win her heart? By the way Winter Formal is coming up.

life is short and then you die...tell her how you feel, now...take a risk, you'll feel worse if you never say anything, and you'll need anti-depressants if you keep it in too long...

then move on no matter what might even lose her as a friend...chance hurts...

if it ain't right, it ain't and nothing will change it...okokok?...

I would say, tell her the way you feel is probably the best way to go, as you mentioned you guys are freinds at the momment. so she probably sees you as a freind for now, but present your feelings and be patient let her digest the whole posible freind to item switch and you never know you may come out of it smilling.

but do tell her I have done this in the past when freindship turns to love, I just spoke my mind and it has always worked out as normally the reason you are freinds in the first place is based on some common somewhat compatable base Wink

go for it

Girls are quite sensitive, they read a lot of things guys don't even see. Check this out: Do you believe that each time you notice a girl that catches your attention, she noticed you first? That's the simple truth! Girls are like xTray machines; each time you move close to them they read everything about you, but funny enough they enjoy watching guys beat about the bush.

I tell you what? If you love/ or even like her -

1. be normal about it - act as if it is normal. I know this may sound hard, but it's worth getting used to. The moment a girl realizes that you are not extra-ordinarily excited about her, she get's curious and that gives you an edge.

2. make a mark and her curiousity will drive her to you.

Don't also forget to live on the positive side of life i.e. being neat, smart, etc. those are plain things that will impress her. Simplicity is also an advantage.
why did you shut up...... you are too shy i think. Don't give yourself any excuses that she wanna date others or she does not want to be with you.... can you just try first...maybe she does not love you now truely speaking, but you can do more to impress her, right ? do something for her, take her to some places romantic, make her happy, make her know that you are the man that can be trusted and depended on....... make her loving you little by little, then express your love to her in a suitable time... go on your first step, be brave !!! otherwise, you will be regreted some years later, when she really be togther with someone else....
If you are her friend, and she has kept it like that, maybe she doesn't consider you her "type". Since you can be near her, you can take advantage to know what kind of man she likes. If that way is according to you, show her your best qualities in that. If that way is the contrary of your real being, it's better to give up, and continue just with your friendship.

Remember that once you take the chance of changing friendship to love, there's no way back.
You should break the shyness within. It would help you move forward. and be confident
first and foremost, if you two were really friends you dont have any reason to be shy for.
and i think just keep it that way, to be as close friend as you are to her, show her more care and comfort. and she will definitely know your motives soon. Very Happy
just be friend with her first... and know her likes and dislikes
most important: stay friends!!
secondly, get closer to her while staying friends, be normal (actually by being normal with her you'll show her that youlike her very much because you really like her).
just keep talking with her and try to do and have common activities. very important: try and make a substantrial part of your common time spent alone, I mean only both of you.
now just hope she'll notice it (whjich she will, since your behavious has to chanmge gardually with her).
be catreful not to scare her with some sudden declaration of love or dirty poems or whatsoever Very Happy
Don't become friends first! If you do that, then you are basically stuck as just friends forever because chances are she'll say she really likes how things are between you two and doesn't want them to change. If you're friends, she won'tlet other types of feelings develop. Women are dumb that way. If you guys are close friends, then you almost certainly stuck as her friend. If you are just casual friends who talk now and then and hang out sometimes, then you have a shot.

Ask her out to dinner. If she says something like, "What, like a date or something?", act like it didn't cross your mind and say, "Sure, why not? I think it would be fun". If she says yes, then you have your foot in the door.
Don't become friends first!

Next time you see her, shout her face "MACBOOB I ARE SEXY". Problem solved then sex.
Are you sure that she doesnt love you?

I mean, if you are good friends with her, and if she currently does not have a boyfriend, I dont think it will be that hard to try to grab her heart Smile

I had this female friend, we were good friend since we were very young, and we grew up together most of lives as friends.
Some time around when we were in 8th grade, I began to see her as a very attractive girl, and I wanted to have a deeper relationship with her, even being her boyfriend if I could.
And since we were good friends and all, I just made more occasions where we spent time together, such as going to the movies with some other friends more often and stuff.
This way, we had much more time to flirt around with each other, and finally we both had this strong feeling for each other. THen we just took our friendship to the next level Smile

Soooo what Im trying to say is, get some confidence and just ask her out to the movies and concerts etc., and just flirt around with her and soon enough she will be doing the same hopefully. Very Happy
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