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Name a Good \Scary Movie

Need one for next tuesday. Thank You
You mean movies out recently? I would recommend Saw III. Do not, for the love of god, watch The Grudge 2, because that movie was just soo disapointing. It was so predictable and all of the parts wern't scary at all. If you didn't mean recently, then I would recommend Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, or older versions of Saw.
I'd agree. I've seen the first Saw and that one was scary. The Grudge wasn't at all scary, I was confused right throughout.
i mean anything, including old school ones. Just looking for a good one to watch next tuesday night.
what lies beneath!
Toomuch blood in the saw movies and the human torcher just isnt for me.

I liked that move recently where the girl is having "nightterrors" and something keeps coming after her. and that something only lived in the dark. That was kinda scary when i saw it
vw_bug is talking about "They"

Was a meh movie. Was ok but nothing special IMO.

I prefer subtle horror movies to the gorefests that currently are being produced (Saw III). Except for old Slashers, Halloween, Friday the 13th etc where all great.

For a good horror movie I always liked Pet Cemetary. Is dark, creepy and atmospheric. IT is a fantastic "horror" movie, but not everyone's cup of tea.

There was a recentish movie about the Toothfairy, can't remember the name but I remember liking it....

Orignal Ring deserves a mention, as does Grudge. 2 good movies, once again IMO.
I'm not much for horror movies - I tend to find them funny more than scary. Which is why I loved Shaun of the Dead.

Classics like the Evil Dead series are winners, anything with Bruce Campbell really... other classics like It and Psycho are good for a scare.

The movie that scared me the most ever though is one I refuse to watch ever again... Labyrinth.

Yes, the one with David Bowie.

I was really young when I saw it and for some reason it scared the bejeezus outta me. Yes, I'm weird.
WEll i have gone through a lot of scary movies and don't like them much for that blood and nonsense . But The Blair Witch Project was some thing worth of seeing and Its not just a scary movie it is kind of thriller and suspense as well and you wouldn't even see a drop of blood or some stupid faces but it was really a treat to watch and i personally think its best to watch such a movie alone at midnight and does seems to scare you.
I recommend The Sixth Sense. A good movie, with an interesting twist at the end.
Try "The Haunting". It is an old B&W flick without all the blood, but is really well done. Kubrick's "The Shining" is also up there, in my mind. Both have been remade, but see the originals. They are the best.

I dont find the slasher flicks "scary". I cringe and maybe jump a bit, but there is no sense of fear, no creeping of the skin. I also seem to remember a movie called "Ghost Story" that I remember thinking was scary, but I can't remember why now.
Well, I liked the Blair Witch project (I forget when that movie came out). The running scene made me dizzy. I liked it mainly because you get the feeling that it's a real story. Like your looking at a reality show.
I really liked Silence of the Lambs, but that's less of a horror than a really good thriller. The Saw movies are really gory and I didn't think they are that scary at all.

I've heard that Alfred Hitchcock is really good.
Saw 3 : Not scary, but VERY SICK.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Barbie the Movie
RT Cunningham
Try Slither (2006). It's a comedy/horror/sci-fi. Not much comedy and not much sci-fi, but the horror is worth it.
I'd recommend Silent Hill. Now, it's not as scary as the games are, but it's really good.
U really want to experience true Horror? Then dont see american movies, see asian Horror Smile

Try "The Shutter" or "Ju On" .. turn off the lights, maximize your sound and get ready for your heart beats... Smile
Ong-Bak, House of Wax, Creep, The Core Theyre very good Smile

House of Wax- i like moment when someone is breaking wax off someones face ohh and he is crying and cant move
house on a haunted hill
Definitely "The grudge".
* "Ong Bak" is not scary! Only if you offend the knee-fighter-dude and he wants to beat you down... HAHAHA
hmm a good scary movie, i'll guess Scary Movie, it's good and has "scary" in the name ;p
Someone said Slither, that was such a funny movie ;p
Now for real i agree that Silent hill is a good scary movie...
SAW - the first one will be the best scary movie in the history!
I love the first Halloween! Also, I love anything by Stephen KIng. Like the Shining. Also, the Bruce Willis movie with the kid "I see dead people" is good too.
qbanmom5 wrote:
I love the first Halloween! Also, I love anything by Stephen KIng. Like the Shining. Also, the Bruce Willis movie with the kid "I see dead people" is good too.

The Bruce Willis movie is "Sixth Sense" - it's not really scary, interesting ending. But, I would be surprised if there are still people out there who have not watched this movie. It's very popular.

When I was in college, my roommates and I rented all of the OMEN movies and watched them one after another in one night. Only 1 and 2 were good though.
chongtg wrote:
he Bruce Willis movie is "Sixth Sense" - it's not really scary, interesting ending. But, I would be surprised if there are still people out there who have not watched this movie. It's very popular.

It's a terrible film. The plot is so obvious it spoils the film completely.

For a scary film, try Event Horizon. That's a real mind goer
Captain Fertile
I know this is late but for future reference I would recommend some movies for a good night in with a pizza and some company, in no real order:

The Descent
The Hills Have Eyes remake
The Texas Chanisaw Massacre remake (or original failing that)
The Amityville Horror remake (or original failing that)
House of Wax
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers 2
Saw 2

There should be something there to get any evening off with a bang.
Always get the original. Remakes have never been good.

This is exceptionally true concerning:
The Texas Chanisaw Massacre
The Amityville Horror

Remakes are cheap Hollywood crap. Watch the original Texas Chainsaw and you'll see excellent film-making, stereotype-busting characters and actual horror. Watch the remakes and you'll see slick production values, cheap attempts at horror and "Acting". The idea is not to make something that looks like a movie but to actually MAKE a movie.
i think
RING 1,2
they were really haunting .signs was not that much but ring was.. Shocked
Check out the shinning thats kind of old but thats what real horror is Smile
andryou wrote:
Ju-on, The Omen, and The Exorcist are very good horror movies, not like today's slasher flicks.

They don't have that much gore, but they psychologically affect you, much like Saw (- the gore).

The Ju-on series are my personal favourite =]

Not to hijack the thread or anything but I've been wondering if it's just me or if anyone else feels the same, and since you mentioned Ju-On instead of THe Grudge it seemed a good time to ask.

Have you seen both movies? Doesn't it seem to you that the original movie Ju-On was much better then the more Amercanized The Grudge.

To me it just seemed that Ju-On relied more on mood and atmosphere to increase the "horror" while The Grudge was more about special effects (and Sara Michelle Geller)
I could perhaps say the WORST horror film I have ever watched was See No Evil.

The most overated horror film has to be excorsist. Sorry to the fans... but I find it soooooo dull and boring.

I love horror films in general, my favourites being the "overused" Nightmare on Elm St films and Friday the 13th (big fan of FvJ too...)

There is only one film that has really disturbed me though... I'd suggest watching it. "Alien Abduction : The Mcphereson Story"

Dunno why. Proper disturbing.
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