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By bro's got a problem

My brother, thpn, has recently fallen into a Junior High relationship problem. You see, this girl let on about a month ago that she really liked him. They went through the note-passing faze. They rarely talk. He is trying to get things moving but something's in the way. He asked her out about a week ago, and she still hasn't replied. He keep scomplaining about how his two best freinds are good friends with her and they hardly know each other. All her friends say that she wants to say yes, but she has still been silent on the reply. What should I tell him?

(The reason he is not posting this is because he has vowed a grudge on the people of

God bless,
My question is why is he waiting for a reply?

If he's been passing her notes, he should, by now, be having actual conversations with her.

Why would he ask her out and then not talk to her?

If anything, tell your bro to set a date to hang out with his two friends, and have one of those two friends tell the girl to hang out with them at the same time, then it's a foursome. No pressure.

The thing that makes laugh about all this is hindsight....... thinking back to how I acted when I was in high school or junior high (or hearing someones story) and comparing it to the way I would act now. It really seemed like I wasted alot of time doing nothing.

You want something, you go for it. There's no subsitute for confidence.
Hear, hear. I've tried to explain that to him, but he just doesn't seem to be able to get it through his thick skull. One of his so called friends can't be trusted at all times, and if they tried the foursome things the friend would make the situation uncomfortable. I've seen the way this friend acts around the girl my bro likes, and I haven't figured out why my thpn hasn't done anything about it.

Another thing is, she gets really really shy around my bro and when he tries to make conversation it's simple yes and no answers until he get's annoyed and makes excuses to go somewhere else.

God bless,
Hmm , based on my experience, and what you posted, i'd advise to bro to be cautious of his friend. Its common for 2 friends to like the same girl especially if they are in the same clique.

Firstly the girl could be shy because she's not experienced? First time in a relationship ?

Secondly your bro's friend might be messing around behind his back.

like vand said, there is no subsitute for confidence, get your bro to go out with her and their friends, exclude the ones that could make the situation uncomfortable. Whatever it is, always ensure the group is even numbered.

Lastly, if both of them have MSN, they could use that to overcome the "shy barrier"
The other thing to note is, if your brother is getting fed up with her shyness and making excuses to leave........ Then maybe he needs to think more about whether he wants to spend time with her.

I think shyness has a cute affect, it's attractive. But, of course, that can only go on for so long. But everytime he does talk to her and then takes off because she's being too shy, that might make her think somethings wrong or he dont like her......... So, tell him to chill out, take her out.

The msn thing is a good idea too.......nothing like breaking the ice on the computer, I suppose.

As for your bros friend.......'s typical. His friend could very well like her. Causing minor problems, or "messing" around is just one outlet that a kid takes when they're not getting the attentiont hey want. So, who knows.

But what I do know is that if your brother doesn't take her out, then he'll never know what's gonna come of it. Then in 10 years if she's like some bombshell that men lay carpets of drool in front of..........your brother will be finding new ways to kick his own ass.
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