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Movies/TV Series about vampires. Which are the best?

Hi everybody,

I am a fun of the movies or tv series about vampires like Van Helsing, Underwold, Dracula or some tv series like Buffy or forever knight. I find really interesting the figure of a vampire and the story itself.

Which is the best movie of vamprires you have ever seen? I can not really choose, there are some really good old movies but I really like the last movie called Underworld evolution.

Which do you think it is the best one?
Salems Lot, Lost Boys and Bram Strokers Dracula are imo the best Vampire movies.

From modern movies I really enjoyed Dusk til Dawn, John Carpenters Vampires and Underworld.

But still, it's hard to beat the orignal vampire movies...
Hi there,

I just love all vampire´s stuffs.
I loved those movies: Interview with the Vampire, Van Helsing, Underwold, The Forsaken
TV Series: Buffy/Angel.

Movies: John Carpenter's Vampires, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie), From Dusk til Dawn

I prefer the more modern takes on the vampire myths - the originals, while good in their time, are a bit too.. "operatic" for me, if you know what I mean.
i'd have to say Bram Stoker's Dracula is the best one.

Interview with the Vampire was pretty good too, if you can stomach watching Tom Cruise. not a big fan of Anne Rice in general but i think it's interesting.
Vampire High was a good TV show. And "Twilight" is a very amusing book. And it may be turned into a movie. Whoopee.
I like the serie Angel en the movies Van helsing and Underworld / Evolution.
Hi people,

There are some movies that name Dracula I, II and III - some one knows that they are good ones?

The BBC recently did a reworked version of Bram Stoker's Dracula that was quite good... Not amazing good but a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

The sexual tension was ramped up and Van Helsing was just some crazy old man. I'd be able to critique much more effectively if I hadn't been drunk at the time. Still it was only recently shown so there are probably a couple of torrents of it doing the rounds
OMG could Gary Oldman be a better vampire?!
I'm not even a huge fan of that genre, but Gary Oldman rocked the house!
I swear I cry every time i see the end of that movie (Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992).
It was such a well made film Applause bravo!
Salem's Lot would get my vote. You really felt the urgency to stop them with out the main character being over the top super hero. That movie also protruded a Nosferatu to with is rarely scene.

A close second Vampire move was Shadow of the Vampire. The vampire was played very well and gave a slightly new spin on the creature the actor pulled it off well.

Finally The original Dracula that was silent and in black and white. Dracula in that was also a Nosferatu and for how old that move is, captured the flavor of a real vampire much better then some of the modern day ones.

** WARNING SPOILER for Salem's Lot**

There are a few endings out there so get the cut with the longest play time to see the female vamp at the end,
I don't see how anyone could like both Salems Lot and Underworld as vampire movies.. they're so completely different

Salem's Lost is a classic, relying heavily on atmosphere, drama and the natural human fear of the undead

whereas Underworld relies almost entirely on Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight leather.. there isn't much more going for that movie

modern "vampire" movies generally have little to do with vampires in the classic definition.. the movies have more to do with special effects and action.. and the vampires are considered superhuman and predatory, but not supernatural

I guess I prefer to think of vampires in terms of 'evil' rather than something higher on the food chain

btw, a great vampire movie is The Fearless Vampire Killers, circa 1967.. it's a bit campy, but very entertaining
JoeFriday wrote:
I don't see how anyone could like both Salems Lot and Underworld as vampire movies.. they're so completely different...

I think you answered your own question. Salem's Lot was a good movie and Underworld had Kate in skin tight leather. We just like them for different reasons. Smile

I think, maybe, that classifying a movie as "vampire" these days, doesn't really tell you much. It can be a comedy, a drama, SciFi (Vampire 3000), a love story and more. It can be classic Dracula as a lone evil entity, or there can be an entire culture. And there is no consistency as to powers and weaknesses. I think the whole idea of vampires has been so watered down that saying something is vampiric is on a par with saying someone is a redhead.

That said, I really enjoyed the first "From Dusk To Dawn" flick.
Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire are perhaps two of the best.

Although many people didn't like it, and it got poor reviews, I was really into Ultraviolet.
JoeFriday wrote:
btw, a great vampire movie is The Fearless Vampire Killers, circa 1967.. it's a bit campy, but very entertaining

That's because Roman Polanski is awesome! Also, this had a gorgeous Sharon Tate in it.
I thought of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, haha.

Not a big fan of Underworld I/II, though they both looked great, plot was lacking. Not a big fan of Van Helsing either, though it's hard to resist Kate Beckinsale.

I don't know. Interestingly enough, I can't think of anything I would deem to be very good.
really I like this type of movies
Captain Fertile
Salem's Lot was tthe first movie that trully scared me wittless.

Bram Stoker's Dracula took the Dracula theme to a new perspective with it being such a sad love story.

Interview with a Vampire was pretty good.

From Dusk Till Dawn - purely because I had no idea what it was about. I was execting the usual bloody Tarrentino crime flick, which I got and them POW! full ahead vampire movie.

The Lost Boys - rather dated now but a great film in its day - the book was even better.

John Carpenter's Vampires was also pretty good even if James Woods hammed it up a little.

Lady in the Water - Oh sorry that wasn't a vampire flick - it just sucked!
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