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AMD 64 3800+ & GeForce 7300 GT 512 Mb

Hi all, I was wondering what graphics card I should get for an nVidia board w/ an athlon 64 3800+? Will a geforce 7300 gt slow down because of my amd? Suggestions? Thanks
i am thinking 7300 is a bit of an entry level card... i think u shld go for atleast an 7600... by looking at the reviews u can go for a XFX NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS 512MB...


Will a geforce 7300 gt slow down because of my amd?

Ya i agree with getting the 7600. If it was me I would try to go for a BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC. And if I had it my way I would SLI them for uber awesome performance. But Im assuming you dont have the funds, knowledge, or the right parts to do that.

(I cant afford any of that either but it would be very nice:))
Don't get the 7300gt, it's one of those cards that nobody gets because the price is so close to the superior 7600gs. And as for the processor, if you want to do gaming, then the vid card is going to hinder the system.
Thanks for the responses guys it helped a lot. However, I have another question. The 7600 GS uses 400MHz DDR2 modules. My AMD 64 3800+ only supports DDR memory, correct? Can someone explain to me if GDDR is unrelated to DDR compatibility and such? Or do I need to stick with DDR graphics cards like the GeForce 6600?
The memory on your graphics card is completely seperate from the memory on your computer. For example, my 7900GS has 256MB GDDR3, while my motherboard uses DDR RAM. You never (if you needed to, you would know enough not to ask about this, because you would be buying a $1000+ card) have to buy RAM for your graphics card.

If you are going to be gaming, downgrade to a AMD 3700 and get a 7900GT and a gig of RAM. Hardly any games utilize dual cores nowadays...
If you are going to be gaming, downgrade to a AMD 3700 and get a 7900GT and a gig of RAM. Hardly any games utilize dual cores nowadays...
I understand your logic here, but he doesn't have an X2. It's a regular Athlon 64 as far as we know. Besides that, it would be a poor suggestion anyway. An X2 3800+ would suggest a budget which doesn't include throwing perfectly good processors to the side. The RAM suggestion is valid though. One gig is almost essential for modern gaming. (most games don't need it if you keep your system clean, but some games do)

The 7900 GT is a good GPU as well, but a 7600GT or GS might be a better suggestion since he was already considering something much cheaper. The X1650XT is also something to look at this next week after it's release. It looks to be very competitive with the 7600GT.
If you are serious about gaming, but are on a budget and can't afford the 7950GX2 then get the 7900GTX because its one of the best single GPU cards available right now IMO. Yea, its $250 but, it will not soon be obsolete by any means.

If you are REALLY on a budget, but still want to be able to play games decently, the 7600GT is probably your best bet. It was $180 when i got mine at the beginning of the year, so im sure theyre cheaper now.
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