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Counter Strike Player

I play Counter Strike.
i'm more a deathmatch type of guy so it's iceworld/etc for me when it comes to CS
I like M4A1 machine and baretta...
I think, dust is the best stage in counter strike Laughing
I play Counter Strike : Source. I usually play on either Dust2 or Office because theres lot's of players on those. I also play on a server hosted by a clan who's #1 goal is to create custom maps (cC) and they are very talented and make quality maps.

Lately I've found myself, after a year of getting owned, earning Kill-to-Death Ratio's (KDR's) of above 1.0, In fact, my last two games, I had KDR's of 2.0 or better.

I don't mean to brag, I don't feel I'm very good at the game at all, but It seems that it takes me about 10 minutes to get 'warmed up' before I start doing well.

I've often wondered why I've improved so drastically over the past few weeks, and I think I've narrowed it down to one factor - Headphones. Most server's have footsteps enabled, which allows you to hear other players as they get close. Using the new radar to check if it's a team mate, before firing at the corner that you can hear someone walking towards.

Using the Radar in conjunction with the footsteps noises is a very effective way to know someone is coming before you can see them. I think It's really cool when someone seriously accuses you of hacking when you know that you don't.

Anyhoo, CSS is my favorite FPS aside from the older Team Fortress Classic.

Have Fun guys.
Mosquito.Tyler wrote:
Anyhoo, CSS is my favorite FPS aside from the older Team Fortress Classic.

Well, good news for you then. TF2 is gonna come out soon.

Here's a mod for Half-Life 2, "Fortress Forever":
my favorite map is italy! i love counter-strike but sad to say my computer that i now have cant handle it... sad story... I was a huge fan of source! i played like every day after school but soon i will be getting a better video card maybe we can play sometime
I've watched that most of players love de_dust2 - this map have not too many places to camp and the action is quite quick.
i like the map death match

because the map is small, you dont need to search the whole map and the action start and end fast
Dust maps! I love counter-strike, I play cz but in cz its been overrun by 10 year olds haha.
Counter-strike is perhaps the best FPS game i've ever played. The graphics are awesome (especially source)and the gameplay are realistic (except for the recoil, if you play DoD, and ever fire a gun, you will know that the recoil is WAY harder than CS's).
when it comes to Counter Strike , i remember those days when my life is only around a cybercafe and i played counter Strike (condition Zero) 17 to 18 hours a day.

Best Pistol in this game is Night Hawk cause in one bullet to head it take opponent's life.

and when it comes to rifles , Magnum is the best choice no matter which level you are playing whether it is italy , militia, dust, dust 2, oilrig, trainyard, ice world etc.
but you should have the capablity to handle magnum otherwise novice or intermediate player's make their life ruined due to Magnum
one should have a good practice of drag shot of magnum in this game to master this game

Counter Strike is a great game. I have been playing it for a year now and loving it.

Just in the last week or so (maybe a bit longer) I have discovered a mod called Gun Game. This mod basically gives you a starting gun and you have to kill someone with this gun before advancing to the next level, where you get another gun.

There are about 23 levels in all and most of the guns in CS are covered. You can also do a knife kill at any time to advance a level.

The last two levels are grenade and knife. This can be tricky but a lot of fun.

If you haven't checked this mod out before, I suggest you do. Great fun!
GunGame Reverse Turbo pwns. You start with the best weapon and have to kill someone to get a gun which isn't that good. Sometimes someone have Scout and the rest have USP - you can see who isn't killing people^^ And with turbo you get the new gun every time you kill someone, not at the end of the round.

Counter Strike pwns all other FPS games online, but mostly I play normal CS, and then its Aztec and Dust which is my favorites. Nuke can also be used, but it's a bit hard when you are CTs vs (good) Ts. Smile
I play Counter strike:Condition Zero and I love it. I have been playing for about 5 months now a friend of mine from florida told me about this CZ and now I am hooked and can get enough of it. My favorite map is Rooftops. I own my own server.
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