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Strange Fan Noises?

Patriot Players
Ive been having an issue with one of my case fans that I can only describe as....weird.

Whenever I first boot up my computer, it starts making a sort of grinding noise and looks like its running slow. My first thought was, yikes, bad fan. But then I started to find out some weird things about the situation and Im wondering if anyone has any insight.

If I reboot the computer after the fan starts making its noise, the noise will start up again. HOWEVER, if I wait until the OS loads (xp), and then reboot the computer, the fan starts up at regular speed and with no noise. Also, if I wait until the OS loads, and use my finger to stop the fan and then let it start again, the noise stops and the fan works normally. Its the weirdest thing.

Any ideas?
Have you tried a new fan?

It's either that or your PSU isn't supplying enough energy at startup to spin it up for some reason...
Open up your case and watch it in action as you boot up the computer from a complete shutdown, Patriot Players. You might see an obvious cause.

Give it a good blowing out/cleaning, not only with a can of air, but also with an old toothbrush and vacuum cleaner.

Maybe try a little CAREFULLY DIRECTED AND APPLIED spray of WD-40 or some similar lubricant around the parts that produce the most friction. Check for loose screws, too.

Always try the obvious stuff first, if you can't afford to go out & get a new one.
im guessing u would have already cleaned the dust off it.. but if it was heavily clogged it could have damaged the motor and would need to be replaced.. u can pick fans up for less than $5 these days im sure u can find it at any computer store
dont muck around
if you need to get out the vacuum and tooth brush, i would say it time
just buy a new fan, they are so cheap
and i bet it fixes the problem stright away, if not you could add an extra fan to the case or just have a spare fan to check any future problems
well does the case fan has a speed controller? i.e the fan has 3 wires or just 2? if its got 3 then mayb theres sme prob with the mother board otherwise the problem lies with the fan itself
If it is running slow, your HDD may be dying too. Don't delay, fix the problem before it gets worse.
Patriot Players
Two wires running from the back of the fan. Also, tapping the back of the case lightly after startup seems to fix the problem. The fan does appear to run slow as the system starts up but then afterwards the tapping seems to solve the problem. I will probably replace the fan.
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