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EVE Online

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Has anyone tried this out? It's a somewhat unheard of space based MMO that I have found really interesting.

the website is

The idea behind the game is that sometime in the future humans discover a wormhole to system they name New Eden and they begin to colonize. One day, the worm hole closes, and the colonies virtually collapse into the Stone Age. Most of them lose the ability of space travel. Thousands of years later the technology is rediscovered and eventually four great nations arise.

You get pick which nation you are a part of: The Gallente Federation, The Amarr Empire, The Caldari State, or The Minmatar Tribes. Each race has its own types of ships to fly. The entire game is played in space, you never leave your ship. It isn't level based, but skill based instead, and skills are trained in a manner to similar to that of the matrix, you download them into your head. Instead of guilds there are whats called Corporations, which function similar to corporations irl, except they occasionally go to war with each other over resources and whatnot.

Its a very interesting game and I encourage people to check it out. Its a concept similar to EA's failure Earth and Beyond, only this one was actually done correctly and done well. A free 14 day trial is available at gamespot, which was enough to addict me. After that its 20 dollars for a full account, which includes 30 free days, and then 15 dollars a month after that.
yep i'm hooked on this game. I finished my 14 day trial about two weeks ago but haven't gone and bought my time card yet. you have to pay the 20 bucks to upgrade your account, then pay the extra for the time? Or can i just go buy my 90 day card and be okay?
Best online game I have ever played...well at least for me Cool I have been playing about 3 years now.
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Yes, you have to pay the 20 bucks to upgrade your account, but that includes 30 days of gameplay. Then you use your timecard after that. I'm loving this game, just bought my first cruiser and having a ton of fun.
dang that means i can't play then. I don't have any way to purchase stuff online =/. Can i just create a new account and use my time card to start off?
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Im not sure, possibly. You can check out the website and see
Wrong link in the 1st post!

It should be: Eve-Online
or the german portal: Eve-Online (german)
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