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i desperately need help

I am a real newbie to this site thing. i just uploaded my site through dreamweaver in the public_html folder. I then went on my site and it still has the original page on it. , please help me i really need some quick help, i dont know what i am doing wrong. It just says if you want to change this page upload your site in the public_html folder. I dont know what to do.
Did you name your site 'index.html'?
If it is anything else (including 'Index.html' or 'index.htm') It will not load unless you add it's name to the end of the url (
You also have to delete the default index.html or index.php page that says "Your site goes here" or whatever in order for your own index page you made and uploaded to appear. Laughing
^That should happen automatically (or after being prompted) when you upload the new one, that is if the new file has the exact same name (which it needs to).
ok thanks ill try you must think i am a complete fool. Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks once again
I have changed my site name to index.html but the .gif files with it cannot be seen...i dont know why...their permissions are correct (644) but i still can't see them...also my site is to one side i made it for 600x800 and i wanted, ideally, in the middle of the page....sorry for the probably silly questions but i need help again. Thanks.
A link to the page might be ideal as you provided no code or description of how the page was created.
my site is i used dream weaver to create it. let me know if u need anymore info.
Visiting that site I get a 403 Forbidden which suggests you dont have an index page (or your blocking my IP but the former is more likely). What is your file name?
The file needs to be in your public_html directory.
amish.gir sure i have an index page...its in a folder in public_html named index.html....let me try....i can get pretty sure that is my site because i remember the little border around it...oh yeh dont put in www.amishgir.....put in just that might work...i got that message that you got when i typed in let me know if it works
When i try and acces my site it says error 404, my site is . i dont know why i now have an index.html but deleted the previous one...i need help quickly!!!
it also has an error 403, saying you do not have access to this server....pleease help.
Can you access ? If not like myself, you haven't uploaded the files correctly or something.

please keep this problem to 1 topic. -merged-
yeh i still get the same problem following your you have any suggestions????
this may be a stupid question but you left the file structure in direct admin and didnt delete anything (esp the public_html folder) like some first time people do?
no i didnt do anything like that i just deleted the page where it says to change this page upload your website in teh public_html foler
have you made sure the read permissions were set right for the index.html file and/or whole public_html folder.

if you havnt touched them, its probably not the problem, however it cant hurt to double check.
You might want to try filezilla or fireftp to upload your files. Do the files show up in the public html folder. The are case sensitive did you use any caps index.html is different then Index.html.
Show an hidden files from ftp and see if you have inside your site root a .htaccess file with a bad configuration, make a backup of it (if is) and then delete or make a right settings if your site need that .htaccess file.
the zephyrus
Usually you get those for CHMOD-ing something weirdly.
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