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Fallout 3

Heard of Fallout 3? Any of you ever played it? Or was it successfully released?
Are you sure fallout 3 is out? I thought the latest fallout was for the PS2... But if it is out, then i'll be interest since i liked fallout 2.
Fallout 3 isn't out, and it's not even certain it's in development yet. The copyright for it is with Bethesda, though, and to be honest, I fear the day when they'll release F3, after seeing Oblivion. Mind you, I don't mean to flame Oblivion at all, but comparing it to the original Fallout series, it's extremely bland.
Fallout isn't released yet, I heard this project closed
Doublexx wrote:
Fallout isn't released yet, I heard this project closed

Nah, it's alive, as I said, Bethesda bought it out last year or so. Question is "how many people are working on it?"

My guess, one or two, but we'll only know when they decide to say something about it.
What is it all about and is role palying or multi player game. I like to find the new and hottest games.
Fallout 1 and 2 are getting into their first decade anniversary in 2 years, so they are definitely not new. Hot, though? Oh hell yes. The gameplay is brilliant, the freedom of the game is immense, and, this is one of the only games where playing an evil character feels like it should - that is, rewarding. I mean, compared to SW: KotOR, where I felt like I was kicking a puppy each time I picked the "evil" side (and let's admit it, a Sith Lord would never feel a drop of regret about, say, leaving some old geezer to the mercy of a bunch of thugs), Fallout 2 is incredibly more, hm, evil.

However, the games are -old-, and it shows in the graphics. And yeah, it is definitely an RPG, but, no multiplayer in it.
Fallout 3 is rumored to be in slow slow development, but nothing substantial has come out of bethesda for years regarding the series.

Fallout 2 was the best RPG that I've ever played, the only RPG that I've ever played that had a true open-ended story. The way the game was played was just brilliant, no real track, just many different ways to get through it. Depending on waht you accomplished, different parts of the game would come out differently at the end.

I get all nostalgic just thinking about it.
Is this game good i never played it but i do like RPG games it makes me smart
Fallout is definitely the best game ever!

Suprisingly, there are some pics from Fallout 3 on the net:
It seems, that they are starting to develop the third installment of the game with increased speed - there are rumors that F3 was delayed because of some other project.
Here you can find an interesting article from PC Gamer:


Hmm, looked at the first link, the screenshots there are intermixed - there's Van Buren (Fallout 3 as developed by BIS before bancrupcy), Fallout 2, Tactics and even a screenshot of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. So, as far as I know, none of those screenshots is actually really corresponding to the current reality.

As far as I recall, Bethesda is planning to make Fallout 3 to be first-person RPG, anyway. Which makes me wonder. A lot. Obviously, no turn-based combat, and as far as I've seen, Bethesda isn't that capable at creating a vast world with plenthora of quests and an actual linked environment...

Maybe it'd be for the best if F3 never comes out, who knows. After all, hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
the pictures make it look cool what kind of weapons are in there and what would you guys rate this game
Depends. There are pictures of about 5 different games there. Fallout, Fallout 2 and Tactics have a huge load of weapons though, there's prolly around a hundred or more of those. Though Tactics is, well... Crap. Even if it looks better.

The rest of the pics... As I already said, a part belongs to Van Buren aka Fallout 3 in development of Black Isle or some other company under Interplay. The pictures there look horrible, to be honest. Anyway, they are not a part of any project at all.

And a part is from STALKER, a game by GSC that is, well, still being made. Some expect it to be quite nice, though it seems it may be just a regular shooter in the end.

That's pretty much all I can say. If you're interested in one of the abovementioned games, please, do ask specifically about it, or about specific screenshot number, as otherwise, it's rather hard to tell which you liked.
Pablo Diablo
Wow, I totally forgot about Fallout until I saw it on this thread. The original for the PC was AMAZING. Good memories. There was a 2nd fallout game? Was it also for PC?
Yep, Fallout 2 (came out in 1998, I think) was very similar to Fallout, same engine and idea, and definitely for PC... However, I actually consider F2 to be better than the original. Of course, I played Fallout 2 before playing Fallout, but it had no limitations whatsoever on how to play and how long to play, unlike what Fallout did (get the chip in 120 days or the bunker dies, meh). Furthermore, the world is much larger in Fallout 2, and as a result, there's a whole lot more things to do. So, it's a great game, though there's one but for it today, which is, well, very dated graphics.
yep, fallout 2 was nice to play. But it had this irritating bug where your party member would chase you to the end and kill you if you accidentally shot them during a gun battle. If they shoot you however, it's ok.... Rolling Eyes There was another bug in the boxing ring.. can't remember what.. but other than that, it's cool!
I might pick up Fallout 2 soon... if people say it's better than KotOR I'm all for it.

Anyone here played Planescape:Torment? My, that was one great game. I still love it.
Nutteloos wrote:
I might pick up Fallout 2 soon... if people say it's better than KotOR I'm all for it.

Anyone here played Planescape:Torment? My, that was one great game. I still love it.

Torment is the single best RPG in history, in my opinion. Absolutely fabulous texts and storyline.

And yeah, Fallout 2 was somewhat buggy - though some bugs are actually nice, like the "train me to 300 in Survivalism for free" bug in Klamath.
I think Fallout was great but its greatness was not in FPS and in graphical engine alone. There was a certain 'feel' and playability in that game.
I found out recently that there are some Multi-Player Online Games (to be precise, MUDs) that are placed in Fallout reality.
Do you believe that playing such a game in text mode would still be fun?
In Fallout itself there is a lot of "dice playing" behind the scenes - all that probability for critical hit etc is calculated ultimately with a 'random' dice roll.
Strip Fallout out of GUI - would it still be fun to play?
Did anyone play Fallout muds like ?

About Desolation:
Desolation is a text-based multi-player game called a MUD.

Thematically the game is based on Wasteland, an old post-apocalyptic RPG set in the irradiated wastelands of the American Southwest.

Desolation is not a newbie-friendly MUD, and intelligent roleplaying is heavily encouraged.
(short info from their www).


After Oblivion... especially after the very positive reception Oblivion had, I don't have the highest hopes for this.

I like the licence and I love Morrowind, but I can see this one not living up to the scope of the previous games.

Still, you never know. They might pull their thumbs out and produce something amazing.

It would be great to have a game like Morrowind in the Fallout setting though, that would be worth the asking price alone.
Bethesda, creator of The Elder Scrolls series, are working on it now. But it's not difficult to guess that Fallout3 will be unsimilar to fallout 1 and 2. First of all, Fallout 1 and 2 were real RPGs, dialogs and all the other elements made Fallout a masterpiece. But what's the similarity between Fallout and Morrowind?

Bethesda never tried to model a child in its games. It's said to be gory to kill innocent children. What are they going to do about Fallout 3? That "child killer" title in Fallout 1 and 2 were always one of my titles...

And, Fallout3 is 3d and it will suck! As a RPG, it will suck. RIP fallout, screw you Bethesda!
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