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HTML E-mails

Hello all,
I posted a question in the html forum asking about creating a e-mail newsletter. They said this could be done most easily in php. The only problem is that I know absolutley nothing about php other then that it is a computer language. I was wondering if some of you would be kind enough to help me in the creation of a e-mail newsletter. Here is the link to the prior post: Thank you very much!

What you'll need to do is use the mail function:
A snippet of my code, which uses that to tell me when someone's trying to hack my site:

   mail("","Diskpost Hacker Warning!","A user has tried to access one of the second-teir store admin control panel at diskpost with incorrect login information.<br>The infraction occured on " . date("Y/m/d") . " at " . time(). ". <br> The login information tried is as follows: <br> Username:" . $_GET['username'] . "<br> Password:" . $GET['password'])

It has a few sections to it, divided by commas:
The first is the email address, the second is the subject, the third is the body of the message. There are other optional sections that I don't use here.

Here's a great place to go and learn php:
I'd suggest you read the whole thing (at least all the basic sections), and then go back and use it as a reference when you need to.
Have you gone to mailchimp they have a great service there. They have a free bundle of mime type email templatesand a design guide for html emails.

If you use a mac you can use the safari web brouser to send mime files(html emails). It converts html pages into emails, all you have to do is upload your html to a server aand open safari click file and send contents of page.

It does't get any simpler than that.

For windows you will have to format the html with the css in the body and write a plain text version of your email and you will have to do some research
but a good place to start is at mail chimp there tutorial should get you started.
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