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Is there any way to recover the forgoten PASSWORD!

Yes ... I'm trying to find the solution to log in the windowsXP without entering password ...

and i hope io will tell you about this problem very soon... so just wait for my answer..
Since we're not allowed to discuss hacking here...
Google search for a way to hack into windows XP's user login.

-Always choose a password hint that is actually helpful to you, but not to others.
-If you have trouble remembering passwords, write them down somewhere and keep that little document secure (such as in your wallet).
If you own the administrator account, or you know the person who does, you can get a new password for your account.

If the administrator account is locked with a forgotten password, tough luck.
I you have any friends that like to call themselves 'leet haxors' invite them to come hack into your system for you. Either way, you win:
1: Your friend fails, and is exposed as a fake haxor.
2: Your friend succeeds and you get your computer back.
Well there are a few ways to log in. Like ocalhoun said, we can't talk about hacking here so you can run a Google search. Another method would be to reinstall the operating system, but that could be a hassle. Another idea would be to install another operating system on another partition, either Windows XP or some other and go from there. Then again, that's also a hassle. One other way is to restore a backed up System State, but you need to know that password to that. However, you might lose some data if that's done. One of the best ways, in my opinion, is to use special tools to do so.

You may want to try this: . I've never used it, so I'm not sure about how well it works.

Hope this helps.
Hmm... I dont think proper use of the default administrator account is clasified as "hacking", do you?

1. on boot-up press F8 continually
2. Safe-Mode
3. Log in with Administrator (if it has a password then abort and post here, I have many methods)
4. Select "NO" on the prompt that appears
5. Control Panel -> User Accounts -> user_account_name ->remove password

Lemme know how that work for ya. I have one other option I am willing to post here, as it uses built in windows "features" so i wouldn't call it hacking Wink.

EDIT: This method does not harm your system at all, and is in fact one of the purposes of the built-in administrator account!!
If you can login in de computer with another account use this command:
net user administrator *
It wil ask for a new password.

if you can not get in de computer look on internet for de Bartcd , very goed to resolve this problems.
^That reminds me, if your computer is on a network with active directory running, you could ask your network administrator to reset the password. Depending on how it's set up, this might work.
How many people have an AD for their home? (Besides myself)

... Well, how many people have an AD that they are not the ADMIN of?
^Well, he never said where the computer was; it might be his work computer. I thought I'd cover the possibility since it was:
1: Legal
2: Possible
You could always reinstall window, then use a good recovery program like
to get back any info that is still on the hard drive
i have used this program after i used "kill disk" to reformat.
i go back around 95%
you may loose some file, but thats the way the cookie crumbles
^Wrong way to go!
Ways to get 100% of your data:
1: Use a bootable CD, like Knoppix to rescue your files.
2: Install windows 2k or later on a different drive, and get your files that way.
3: Back up the files to a portable drive, re-install windows, and use the new windows to read off the portable drive.
4: Hack into windows.
5: Take your current hard drive and add it on to another computer (internally or via external enclosure) and move the files to the other computer.
^ definitely much better than trying to re-install windows. That should be an absolute last resort, after you try the 50 other ways there are to reset your password.
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