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Dell XPS M2010 (first notebook 20" monitor)

I don't think anyone else has posted on this topic yet, so I thought I'd link to a rather funny video about the whole thing. If you hadn't already heard, Dell's XPS M2010 comes with a 20-inch screen. It's still qualifies as a notebook, but DANG is it chunky! It looks nice and has a cool design, but the shear weight and bulk alone discourages me from ever getting one. I like notebooks for mobility; if I wanted to show off a monitor, I'd buy one for the PC. I think this is just taking the bragging rights to the streets.

Regardless, here's the video:,1391...9284379,00.htm
20" is way too big :\

I'd carry at most a 17" screen with me... but 20"? No way.
Link is broken to me.
And we are at this site:

Seems like a cool 'gadget' to have.

I have a 17" laptop with me too. And it simply rocks while playing movies! The freedom to orient the laptop anyway I want while lying on the bed etc. etc. is simply not to be had with a desktop monitor.

However, this one doesn't seem to be as flexible because of the bulkier screen.

All in all, $3000 is basically too much for this gadget.. Maybe when it comes to the sub $1500 range I might give it a thought...
I find it a pain to lug around my 17", so 20" would be a no go for me. Not worth my money. Yeah it's nice to watch movies on a bigger screen... but at least for me, with the amount of time I actually have to watch movies when I'm away on business, a 17" is just fine. But just my opinion.
The M2010 is so overpriced, you might as well get a really good shuttle. It will be better and will probably take up less space Laughing

Funny thing is my SN26P weighs less than that laptop, and my overall system has it smoked in gaming performance. 4Gb of RAM is useless when you only have a X1800 coupled with a laptop core...
Does anything know about M1710?
Nothing need to know about M1710 except that it is one of the most powerful Desktop Replacement Laptop, and only Alienware's top systems can compete to it. And it is 17", but the weight is affordable. Price depends on your configuration. can go hiegher than $5000 at its best!!
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