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Core 2 Duo 6400 & AGP 7800GS

As per the title and my sig I am now the owner of a 775 Core 2 Duo 6400 CPU and an AGP BFG 7800GS. These are fitted in an Antec SLK case with no soundproofing and Antec's own 120mm fan fitted at the front. Powering the shebang is a Seasonic S12 600w PSU.

I have the "Quiet CPU" setting on in the BIOS and at idle the PC makes very little noise. Having had a saga of epic proportions with my PSU I tested it out of the case and know that this is whisper quiet- very impressed. I also know from experience that the 120mm fan's double-quiet.

The problem is I often leave my PC on overnight in my room rendering 3D scenes in Vue and Bryce. This causes both the CPU fan and GPU fan to whirr up to full whack. I need a quiet solution for both.

I had considered a Zalman Reserator for both- the Northbridge is cooled passively but I could cool this also. However they're just so freaking costly!!!
I'm not knocking them. They seem like a brilliant solution but I really can't justify that kind of outlay when I could maybe get a heatpipe cooler for my card and a good, quiet heatsink for my CPU for a fraction of the cost of a Reserator.

Does anyone have a solution for the above themselves? What are they like? I'm more than capable of fitting a heatpipe cooler and a new heatsink but not adventurous enough to go for watercooling.

Any advice would be appreciated Very Happy
Well you can get a passive cpu cooler, like the sonic tower. Or you can get a lower dBa cooler like the big typhoon. As for graphics card, just look for one with the biggest fan available, usually 80cm or 92cm fans.
I recommend Tuniq Tower for the CPU:

I DO NOT recommend BigTyphoon because it has a badly designed air spreading (it heats the motehrboard).

For the GPU, check this out:
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