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UNO, USA and India

I am not trying to start a controversial topic.

I am not even sure which forum this forum this should go to, General Chat or Discuss World News.

Anyway, the thing is, we were learning a new chapter at school about the UNO. Well, I learned that there were five permanant members in the Security Council. Someday back, India was also considered to become one. But USA objected it. Because the permanant members have the 'Veto' power(power to object if any decision taken is not to their liking/they are against it), India was not elected. The reasons my teacher laid down for USA objecting India being elected was:-
India was a developing nation. We have high technology. We had a high reserve of resources. We just have a few drawbacks like growing population, etc. So, actually USA was kind of afraid that if elected a permanant member, India could slowly become a dominant power and a rival to USA.
What do you all think of this? I mean, I loved USA, it was my dream place to get a job and all, but this is kind of outrageous.
Please post your comments, and correct me if I was wrong about any of this information. After all, data can get manipulated between the teacher's mouth and my ear, my mind and hands, hands and the keyboard
Very Happy
S3nd K3ys
saratdear wrote:
USA was kind of afraid



More likely they just wanted to keep the power to themselves. Wink

Also, don't put too much stock on the UN. They've failed miserably at just about everything they've tried to accomplish. The UN should be disbanded.
Yes, I think that's it; now matter how great India became, there would still be the trouble of those that are in power wanting to keep more power to themselves.

Also, I'm sure India's great, but I notice a lot of this nationalism ('India will be a world power.' 'India will be one of the foremost nations in the world in commerce and technology.'), and not just from you. These things might be true, but attitudes like that have historically proven dangerous. (A major cause of WWI was similar attitudes in Europe.)

I don't mean to be flaming here, but it seems to me that India almost has a national-scale inferiority complex.
Again, don't take me wrong; I've got nothing against India, and the USA has it's own very different problems, just like every nation.
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