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Here it is give me some feedbak please.

I really like it. The Black border is a great way to distinguish it, and the beveled edge is neat too. I love what you did with the 'Fade to Grunge' effect,. The text looks so elegant compared to the chaos of it's backdrop. I like the complexity of picture, and the simplicity of it's meaning.

One thing that might make it a bit better, on the left, leave less black space where the hair falls, it Kind of gives the picture an 'off center' feel, if that makes sense.
I like the color and the effect it shows.
Very delicate !
Mmmm, nice blending. The general atmospheric glow is a nice postprocess and gives it a more organic feel that can't be found in so many signatures today. The colors are nice, good composition...

Great work! Very Happy
10 out of 10 Cool I like your style! Borders' idea is great!
This fire effect in the background. Are they brushes or any other affect? I would like to see tutorial about it Wink Maybe yo could help me with it?
Thx for the great feedback all of u. Cool

First I started with a black rectangle to cover whole backround(sometimes i use white for brighter sigs).

Then the background was all done in brushwork with one layer blending mode as normal with a 75% opacity and then duplicated the layer 2 times giving it certain blending modes such as color dodge (opacity set at 100%). The color of the brushwork was all picked from the faces original coloring.

Then I made a new layer on top of them 3 doing some brushwork and changing the blending mode to linear light.

I would give you a link to the brushes i used but im not really sure which ones i used since i have so many. But I'm certain that i used brushes from

To blend the right of the face i took the circle marquee tool and gave it a feather of 10-20 px then deleted some of the right side of the face.

And to give the face depth that flows with the sig i made 2 face layers one blending mode is multiply with and one with blending mode of hard light.

And the text layers blending mode is set as linear burn.

Theres also a layer above all except the border for overall lighting to make it all blend together even more. To make this layer i took a forground color from the backgrounds bright part and a background color from her face a slightly darker color than forground. Then I went to filter/render/clouds. Then to filter/render/lighting effects making the light a flashlight style in the middle where the text is. Then i changed the layers blending mode to soft light. This also helped make the text more the focal point than the face.

If u need explanation on the border(s) let me know, but its simple so I'm pretty sure u know how its done.

O and this sig was made in adobe photoshop cs2.

Hope that helps you out some.

YAY I GOT A 10 OUT OF 10 Razz
really i like it..

but i have one comment on it ...

i like her eyes and i feel a clear soul coming deeply from her

but the fire background feeling me with some fear...

i see a little contradiction ...

but in all i like it ...

2 CivilizeD: HUGE thanks for this tutorial and brushes. All this info is really helpfull.

2 tefa_taftaf2010: you found a good point! Your comments are always so deep. You have my respect! Twisted Evil
I love the image, and the border, but if do you think it is possible to blend the hair in with the black border? I'm just curious as to how it would look... nice piece of work. Keep it up.
I like it! Its better than anything I could make... Very Happy
it's really good. I am not sure I like the brigther edge though, I think it would look better without it.
Otherwise it's really cool
Very hot fire haha I think you maybe a guy full of energy!
I love the fire effect as it fades to the face.. Nice job. Could you give us the artist's insight in it...
Thx for the replys everyone. I will be posting a new sig be sure to peep it out Cool Glad that mini tutorial helped u Alie. I think maybe my border is too thick.

And to everyones comments, I'm glad ull liked it and appreciate art so much Very Happy Frihost forums own Cool

butthe text is a little bit too gentle. it could show more.

but otherwice, great job ;>
Its really good.

I like it. A lot.
It's cool! I like effects. But I agreed with the comment on the black space on the left where the hair falls. Anyway, 9.5/10...
render could blen a little better, but overall the sig layout is beautiful.
looks great
very nice sig, except i think the black on the top and the bottom are unnecessary as it's just taking a small area. Very neat design though, i like it.
It gets a 100% from me Wink

That looks real full and yet not crowded and the flow from the face is very good and the black on top and bottom make it a very nice and elegant look with the gold edge. The font you used goes with he signature image real well.
The face should be on top of the flames, instead of have the flames on top.

Just my opinion, but else its good.
Thx everyone soon I will be posting more sigs first i need to finish a website.
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