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just asking a simple question for you...

im sorry to ask this but i really dont know what is domain, subdomain, webhosting and so on... plz somebody tell me about that... ill appreciate it much....

i'm just a newbie in the internet world and im just curious about that..
i'm planning to have a site but the problem is HOW!

i cant figure it out how.....

sorry again to ask that kind of question...
OK, yhally, I'll explain a few things.

If you want to have a website you need to get a domain. The domain is the place where you keep all the files for your website; the domain name is the name of it. For example, the domain name of this website is; and they store all their files on a server somewhere.

Frihost offers web hosting; this means that they will host your website for you. Basically you can get a subdomain (I'll explain this later) on and then you will be able to put files onto the server and people will be able to go to your website and see them.

Now, on your domain you can set up subdomains. If Bondings (the person who owns this website) was to create a subdomain called "sub" on, then you would go to it by going to The subdomain acts as a separate website. When you get hosting on, you get a subdomain to put all your files on. This will be (where "name" is is the name of your subdomain. You can put your files on here by two methods:
Firstly there are web pages which allow you to upload files onto the server in your subdomain.
Secondly you can use FTP. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, but isn't as complicated as it sounds. You need an FTP program, when you've got this you run it and tell it to connect to your subdomain by using your username and password. This program allows you to copy over files to the server more like you might copy files in windows explorer.

The web pages on your website will be either .html or .htm files I expect. Although you can also have many others (php, asp etc). These will display text and images for everyone to see, the image files will need to be on the server too, so that they can be downloaded onto the users computer and viewed.

You can buy domain names and web space but it can get expensive - one reason why frihost is so good; it's free. Wink
You will also need to pay for bandwidth if you buy web space. When people access your website they download the files onto your computer, the total file size of all the downloaded files is called bandwidth. Bandwidth is also added to when you are uploading files to the server.

All of this is free from frihost because they make their money by people clicking the ads on their forums here. This is why you must post to get hosted.

I hope this answers you questions, but feel free to ask more questions.
I hope I have explained this well enough. Wink
Short to say is a domain..

If I'm right, a subdomain would be

webhosting, you see websites online, and they to have something to support it. It's not like "I made a site on my computer, check it out, C:/SeanHarris/Owner/site.html ", it would be like, ( first off, get a frihost account, and upload your site, with all the files you need ), "Check out my site, "
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