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DNS server for dynamic ip address?

i just wanna ask that is there any free software that i can use to build a dns server i my own computer which i'm using a dynamic ip address connection. because i need it to point my domain to my own computer which i want to use it as my server. Thanks...
Im not absolutely sure that I understand your question. It will be helpful if you provide more details about your environment (e.g. Operating system used; who and from where should be able to access your computer as a server etc)
My first guess is that you might take a look at this site Im using it for a long time, it works very well, and even some routers have built-in support for it.
There are many DNS server can do this:,,, etc...

Resister such a service, install a simple client software on your PC, it will update your IP address with the servers. And you can then access your PC with the registered Domain name: for example.
no, i mean i wanna set the dns services in my own computer because if i use those services you mention, i'll have limited bandwidth. so i just want to set up my own dns services so that my domain name i bought can straight away directed into my computer. or if i want to point the domain straight to my computer without going through other's services, what software i can use?

Remember, i had a dynamic ip address... so please help... thanks...
i'm using winxp & linux.
You really shouldn't run a DNS server with a dynamic IP address.
A: Get a static IP from your ISP
B: Set up a network with a separate DNS server that connects through your current PC to the internet, but has a static IP.
If you dont have a static ip you really do not have to host a DNS server even if you have a dynamic there are free services out there that you can use for pointing youre domain to youre ip! one of them is Smile
cvkien, are you intending to access your computer within your LAN, or from the Internet?

Free DNS services for dynamic IP mapping do not post a bandwidth issue. You only updates the free DNS service whenever your dynamic IP changes, which is not that frequent.

Clarify, and I am sure someone out here will be able to offer some help.

With regards.
Even if you can set up a DNS server... it does take days to spread a change of IP to the other DNS servers out there in the world. By the time every DNS server out there point your domain name to the IP, your IP would have changed. Say, you have IP of on day 1 and your DNS server start spreading the news... and by the end of 2 days, every DNS server would know that is linked to, your IP change on the 4th day... so your DNS server start spreading the news... on day 4, 50% of the DNS servers out there will point to your new IP of yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy and the other 50% will point to which is no longer valid. Internet users who use those DNS servers which still point to would then be unable to connect to your website.

And I do believe 2 days is the fastest it could be...

Those IP redirection services are really a better solution for your situation. You get your domain linked to the IP they provided( and use their programs to update them of your current IP and they would redirect traffic to to your current IP instead. In such a situation, traffic would be able to reach your current IP so long as you updated the IP redirection service of your new IP and they updated their redirection. Much more effective.
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