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A cool new way to potty train (off topic, sorry)

I read a book a few days ago about potty training. I learned that in poorer countries where they don't have disposable diapers and washing machines, they start to potty train their babies when they are a couple weeks old. The idea is to teach your baby to potty in a bucket instead of in their diaper. Nowadays, in wealthy countries, we are teaching our children that they are supposed to potty in a diaper, when we should be doing just the opposite. There was a woman from mexico that showed her babies doctor that her 4 month old could already use the potty. She took off the babies diaper, held her up over a bowl, and made the "Psssst" sound a few times, and they baby started to pee.

Here's the way it's done:

When your baby is newborn, you get a bowl small enough so the baby doesn't fall inside, and big enough so she her butt will fit around it. You hold the bowl underneath her every time you feed her or hold her in your lap. As she starts to pee or poop, just make a sound to identify it. Be sure to make the sound every time she does it. By the time she is a few months old, she will know what peeing and pooping is, unlike most babies. When she is old enough to potty train (around 9 months) you can put her on the potty chair and make the sound to identify peeing and pooping, and she will start to go. Then you will never have to go through all the problems that most parents face trying to potty train a child who is already in their terrible twos.
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