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The EBay haunted picture

Have anyone of you heard of the EBay haunted picture?

Really weird story Razz
thats pretty cool...i want it!
Yeah it's weird. Some people are really clever when it comes to sell something.
Wierd ness all in it self. Some of it sounds a like pure imagination but from just looking at the picture it gave me the creeps. This painting may have actual history behind more then its previous owners.
Wierd Picture!!! Shocked

But cool!! I wan't that too!!!! Twisted Evil
lol, thats probably another story, like the one about the haunted NES, that was sold on ebay.
Interesting story.

Yeah looking at the small preview JPG on that site kind of gave me the shivers but it might have been the story. To be honest, it is kind of one of those weird combination of things that creeps humans out a bit.
i want it Very Happy doesnt scare me lol if that boy comes out that painting ill just kill him ! Very Happy
Yeah, Its weird and Scary though. Razz I didn't saw the picture more than one second because im alone and its night. Maybe i'll see this picture later on this moring. lol.. hahahaha
Only several minutes after viewing the image, I heard a loud sound ring from my computer and my porn had finished downloading. I immediately closed the picture, it was just too much for me.
Agent ME
I'd be freaking scared to death if I was in a big dark house and saw that painting Shocked But about it being haunted, maybe it was just a good way the guy found to sell it? Or maybe there was something creepy, and he exaggerated somehow?
These are very frequent auctions on ebay. If you want to see more of then, just go to Every thing else section and take a look to auctions in Weird Stuff : Slightly Unusual / Really Weird / Totally Bizarre.
I am the type of person that won't believe unless I actually see it with my own eyes... Thus why I do not believe in ghosts... or hauntings for that manner... persoanally, I would love to see a ghost... Anything to prove me wrong...
All you have to do to sell something on ebay for a lot of $$ is put the word 'haunted' in the title. Works every time.
DeFwh wrote:
...but from just looking at the picture it gave me the creeps.

Yeah, I know. Me too Very Happy
sounds like a great idea... no matter how haunted it is -he sure made some nice profit Wink

<looks for some odd items to sell and makes up a story> lol

nice story but it wouln't be anything without the creepy picture to back it up.

I also saw this one auction where someone sold a "haunted" rubber bath duck for a couple hundred. I guess there are people who want to experience the supernatural enough to pay for it.
I study science and look for the explanation for everything in life, but I keep an open mind and accept that just because science doesnt know the answers, it doesnt mean it cannot happen. heart says this is brilliant marketing though!
Cool Haunted pictures on Ebay.
Cool, I like this kinda of stuff.
Interesting little article
It's a very haunting painting. This is how paintings are different than photographs Wink
Better than those eBay auctions of "haunted rubber duckies", definitely
A new Epson printer that ate and mutilated page after page when the user tried to download images of the painting

There's alot of stuff like that. I remember I was lookin for something on eBay and there was a haunted Stitch(Lilo & Stitch) doll. Somebody bought it for $10,000 -_- Wow. Other than that, I wonder what happened to the person who delivered the painting Razz

"The last two pictures purport to show the doll coming to life and using a 'gun' held in her hand to force the boy to leave the painting. "
In the article. Now that's SCARY!!! I'm home alone and i'm now crapmypants scared. If I die or some crap uuggggh!
It's a load of gibberish.

I think that it's all fake and just from an angle, it looks as if she's driving him away with a's some light factor, in the night or something.....I know it's a bunch of crap.
angelboy1104 nice....i like it~
Kind of a creepy looking picture, definetly not the kind of painting I'd put up in my house as I don't like the look of it. I guess the haunted story worked though, as it sold for a lot of cash.
Now, That is a good way to sell stuff! Got to try this myself, too! Razz
Lol, thats really cool.
wow it is kinda creepy...
That painting gives me the screaming heeibe jeebies! Shocked

Get me away from here! Rolling Eyes


Assiez wrote:

I also saw this one auction where someone sold a "haunted" rubber bath duck for a couple hundred. I guess there are people who want to experience the supernatural enough to pay for it.

That's really insane. Some people must be so obsessed by "haunted" things, that they let themselves be fooled this way.
And some people really know how to make a big profit by fooling stupid people Razz
Lol, the things some people do. Good marketing skills tho. Only an idiot would believe in that stuff, I personally don't. Lol, but 1050 dollars is impressive.
Heres the thing about that.

It's called phychology. Someone tells you that the paining is haunted so you believe it and your brain starts making things up with your imagination that go along with the story. It's all in people's heads. They are told that the painting is haunted and they believe it so their brains begin to make up strange things to go along with a haunted picture.

It's probably all a joke and the seller is laughing at all of the stupid people that have bid on the painting.
That's really neat!
A majority of it is in your head.
But there are those few cases that just can't be explained.
Sure I felt my skin crawl when I saw/read the article.
But nothing has happened.
I'll let you guys know if I get sick or something.
But if I die, well, my points will hit negative?
That doll is pretty creepy though...
i have my own experience with "weird" paintings:
my dad's family portrait that was unlaminated at the time was covered with some sort of clear plastic that had a burn mark. when we were vacationing in our grandparents' house, i noticed that at night the burn mark has changed positions. the following day, it's back to the spot i first saw it on. i needed a second set of eyes so i told my cousin to observe it with me. that night we both saw the mark relocate on the portrait.

till this day i can't explain what we observed, but being kids at the time, we just shrugged our shoulders and paid no more heed to it. the following year the portrait had been laminated and the mystery of "relocating burn mark" was forgotten.... until i saw that painting.

i still think there's a scientific explanation to it - i just don't know what it is atm.
Wow that painting is kind of creepy and intriquing at the same time... don't have that kind of extra cash laying around for something like that but it would sure be neat to get to see the painting in person to see if the feel of it was any different. I got the kind of creepy feeling just from seeing the painting without reading about it then reading about it just added to the feeling. I do have to agree with several others though the human mind has a great imagination and can run away with it sometimes... Smile
Ha! I laugh at the person that fell for it and paid the $1050 for it! Ha! What morons...seriously. If anyone believes that crap, you're not thinking logically, or something. I would say you're idiots, but that might offend people (but then again, this is the Internet, so who cares what I say?)

i think alot of the people that said stuff happened might be exaggerating a bit, and if they hadn't of seen the picture it still would of happened. just coincidence. but i did get a creepy feeling from it. i was to scared to look at the rest of the images.
let me tell ya one thing. it's in the middle of the day here and still think it's creepy. as for believing in ghost, who knows. i personally believe there is more then we can see. so there are maybe some spirits floating around.
the painting does look odd. i wonder if the owner once checked who actually painted it. atleast that is what i would do, run a background check.
Creepy picture. XD I didn't stare at it for a long time. I'm alone at the moment. It gives me the creeps so I didn't look at it too long.
Yeah, I would not let that picture hang in my Living Room, and at least not my bedroom Razz
This story reminded me of a painting that used to hang in my house as a child. It was a painting of a bull fighter,it was a very dark painting and I would swear his eyes would follow me across the room. God I hated that painting...I would usually run past it. No idea what happened to it.
Assiez wrote:
nice story but it wouln't be anything without the creepy picture to back it up.

I also saw this one auction where someone sold a "haunted" rubber bath duck for a couple hundred. I guess there are people who want to experience the supernatural enough to pay for it.

Haha i remember that one.
I also remember this one eBay scheme for a "time-machine".
It had some complicated-looking equation attached in an image and went on about the space-time continuum and said it could only transport you 8 hours into the future.
Wanna hear the funny part?
It came with instructions, too. I think it was something to the effect of:
1 - lay down on it.
2 - if nothing happens, don't worry. just stay there.
3 - you'll arrive 8 hours into the future.

i think the final bidding price was around $5k.

Also, just the other night i was watching a documentary on the discovery channel about a haunted painting. Coincidence?
Haha nice story.
Reminds me of the haunted Lillo and Stitch doll i saw on ebay some time ago, the seller claimed he had tried everything to get rid of it, but every time it returned to either his house or his car, it sould for $700 or something like that, and he claimed that we would put it in an metal cage, sealed with all kind of wierd stuff when he would send the doll in a total secure package Razz

I dont believe that kind of stuff myself, but E-Bay is a wierd place, i also think someone tried to sell Denmark Razz
erlendhg wrote:
Have anyone of you heard of the EBay haunted picture?

Really weird story Razz

LOL. That's funny. Some people are odddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.
Oops, sorry for double posting, hit the wrong button
Worldwide, people are desperate for some experience of the supernatural. This is a good example of how we grasp at anything that will fulfill this desire. I’m not saying it’s bogus, just that the hype has maybe hyped things out of proportion. I owned a painting from 1985 to around 1991 that had a thing on it that scared the shit out of me. I only saw it when it hung in one particular room of my mother’s house. My sister swears that room is haunted. She’d refuse to sleep in it saying she wakes in the middle of the night with a smell of rotting flesh everywhere. My wife made me give the painting back to the artist.
I love it when, not only does somebody sell something like that, but you get mad fools with more money than sense clammering to buy it.

I've got to think up something like that. It's definitely worth doing.
The case of the E-bay Haunted Painting has now become part of Internet folklore.

It's fake, therefore not even remotely interesting.
matrixuk321 wrote:
i want it Very Happy doesnt scare me lol if that boy comes out that painting ill just kill him ! Very Happy

He might come with a knife while you are sleeping, and kill you on the spot, redering you unable to defent yourself... Twisted Evil

Or maybe not...

I would be more afraid of the doll though...
But you must all admit, that it is a nice story to increase the price of the painting.... Cool
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