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10 faults of Microsoft Windows Vista

1. Copy cat
They said vista have elegant style, all mac users and Steve Jobs would laugh;
Some are copy from
1.UAC, espeially the logon of Vista
2.Aero, every shoud know!
3.Sidebar Gadgets copy from Mac OS Dashboard

Also, don't forger IE7, also copy from firefox

2. Overpriced
Will everyone can afford for the full-funtioned Vista?

Vista Home Basic: $99.95 for upgrade, $199 for the full version;
Vista Home Premium: $159 for upgrade, $239 for the full version;
Vista Ultimate: $259 for upgrade, $399 for the full version;
Vista Business: $199 for upgrade, $299 for the full version;

3. Versions, versions and versions

It have 7 versions, it makes you dazzled.
Funtions that Home Basic Vista doesn't inclueded:
Media Center
Tablet PC
Windows Aero
Windows DVD Maker
Windows Fax&Scan
Windows Movie Maker HD

4. Installation time: LONG
During the installation of vista, after u have a lunch, it still installing.

5. Start menu is not user-friendly
"Sleep" is a new function in Vista and user can click it in the menu.
But users may click it wrongly! Also, Shutdown, Reboot are grouped into a sub-menu
and that menu is hard to click!!

6. Media Center is still nonsense
In the beta Vista Media Center always occurs errors due to the dirvers.

7. Windows Sidebar have just a few Gadgets
The sidebar just have 21 gadgets, Windows Live has 280 but not compliable with Vista.
But, Mac OS X Dashboard has 2800 widgets.

8. No solution for errors
The new error report of Vista would give u solutions,
But most of them are: no.

9. Useless Windows Defender
Other Antispyware is much powerful than it.

10. Where is the menu toolbar???
The explorer, IE7 also Office 2007 hide the menu toolbar.
How can u work without it??

I will talk about the other 10 later Laughing
That is, of course, on top of the intrinsic faults of windows, right?
2 things:

1) Don't copy and paste text unless you use quote tags.
2) Search before posting - there's already an Official Vista topic.

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