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socket programming in unix

Is it helpful any more?

Certainly Unp is very challenging but is it going to help me careerwise?
I heard no one uses c for socket programming anymore is it true?
Its not true, C is still a major contriubtor in Socket Apps. But yeah Python socket and twisted really affected C socket apps.
But I found that learning socket programming is the best way learn TCP/IP or networking concepts.
Indeed, learning sockets is a great way to figure out how TCP/IP works under the hood. Most libraries that make it easier for you to use sockets hide the implementation details of how sockets are actually connected (i.e. the three-way handshake), as well as how information is transferred through them. They may also add a lot of parsing and message-formatting overhead that makes the sockets easier to use to communicate, but shields you from understanding the problems that they solve; for instance, TCP/IP packets may become fragmented during transmission, and a good application-level protocol will have some way of recognizing this and reassembling the packets that are known to belong to a particular single message -- a socket library that does this for you may do it in a way that's less than efficient, or perhaps just overzealous for your particular needs.

Also, to reiterate what deepak said, C is very much still used in socket programming, and is actually often used to write modules (including the socket lib, I'm sure) for interpreted languages like Python. Very few languages beat C for efficiency.
thanks for assuring me that i am not learning somethings useles ot outdated
socket programming is a must and if u r a software professional u ought to know it....

though their easier ways to implement the same thing in other langs but c is a nice way to learn tcp/ip
C is still used quite extensively throughout systems-level programming so what you are learning isn't outdated by any means. You'll also find similarities when learning BSD sockets when you try and code for other socketing libraries like Winsock or Java - so the skills you learn are definitely skill transferrable.
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