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Do you live in a dorm? Or have you?

Do you live in a dorm? Or have you?
 55%  [ 11 ]
 15%  [ 3 ]
Some day...
 30%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 20

I want to, but I think it will be cool and bad. Depends on your roomate. You know?
I voted no. And what do you mean, 'Some day' ? Some day you want to live in a dorm?
In my opinion, living in a dorm will be cool. But as you said, it does depend on your roommate. You can't adjust with him, and all fun will be gone of living on your own.
I love the idea of freedom. I mean, in a dorm you are on your own, ( with your friends of course ) you take care of yourself, and you do things on your own. I mean, the whole idea seems wonderful to me. Of course, unlimited freedom IS bad. You must not get carried away. But still, living in a dorm will be kind of cool.
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I lived in dorms of eight, four and two people between the ages of eleven and sixteen. It was sometimes good fun to just sit chatting in bed, but mornings were a pain in the behind (alarms going off at different times, no chance of a lie-in etc.) and if one person wanted to get to sleep later then it was really irritating to have the light on, and the only way of solving it was to have that person take their work into the bathroom/hallway.

Mess was also a bit of a problem... if you have a messy room mate then it can get annoying and if you're messy yourself then you feel like you have to keep tidy all the time. As it is, I like to let the clothing/paper/books accumulate and then clear then up at the end of the week, which is a bit antisocial if you share a room.

I'm was very glad to finally get my own room for sixth form.
Its definetely interesting to live in a dorm imo as I've never been to one. However all my friends that go to dorm always say the food sucks ! so yeah be prepraed Laughing
Ucbet wrote:
Its definetely interesting to live in a dorm imo as I've never been to one. However all my friends that go to dorm always say the food sucks ! so yeah be prepraed Laughing

The food was great when I was in Vancouver, I think it depends on the place really.
Dorms are great times. You get to meet lots of new and exciting people! Some of my best friends have come from my times living in dorms (at university). Ya the food isnt the best but you always have the options of eating elsewhere. Just give have fun!
Of course, there's the danger of being eaten by timber wolves.
I'd been living on my own for a while before I went to college, so I've spent most of my college life off campus. That said, I have spent a couple of summers in dorms since then, and I think that while it matters who your roommate is, it matters just as much what the dorm is like.

I've seen dorms that smelled like, well dorms (read wet, ill sheep) and were 2 people to a room, 10 rooms to a bathroom hovels that I couldn't spend 5 minutes in to single room/bathroom suites with full kitchens for every 4 residents that I would've been more than comfortable in, and everything in between.
I've been living in a dorm when I was high school student. It's pretty cool and fun but loneliness in your family sometimes eat you up.
that's interesting in fact, enjoy it!
Pablo Diablo
I 've lived in a dorm for 1st year of college, and various houses\apartments with roomates the last 4 years of school. Living in a dorm / with roomates is awesome if you have a good roomate. If you havea roomate who's totally different then you, then its hell.

I.E., if you are clean, neat, go to bed at a certain time, put things back where they belong, etc, and your roomate stays up till 6am every day, blasts loud music so you can't sleep, leaves stains and messes and spills on the floors and counters, uses the orange juice carton from the fridge and then leaves it in the floor in the living room for 6 hours (every day), cooks and leaves all 4 stove burners dirty and filled with salt and rice and other things INSID Ethe burners for a week before you have to clean it out, and other various things, you'll hate it.

Haha, I've had a roomate like that, but I've also had amazing roomates.
junior in the spring. Never lived in a dorm.
I watch too many teen movies and therefore want to live in one Very Happy The parties and noise and the strangeness and stupidity of it all would be amusing I think. Where else are you going to get those memories of ....well you know.....I'm censoring myself here heheh.
I lived in a dorm for 3 years. I lived in what my uni calls "The Towers" which is two lots of two towers connected by a common walkway.

Each dorm held 33 people (32 normal rooms, plus the residential advisor room, which is bigger), and the rooms weren't that big, they had for a bed, a small walk in cupboard, both of which were connected, and the desk and overhead cupboard were also connected.

I managed to cram a small bar fridge, TV and small metal shelf in there as obviously they were big enough. Razz Nice and cozy, although at times it could be confining, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I enjoyed my time on campus, I met a lot of different people, some of whom I keep in occasional contact with.
It all depends on the roommate, I guess. I've been living in a dorm with two other roommates for about a few months and it's not so bad. I think I just lucked out with good roommates - no partiers or drunks for me. Those would be the worst roommates, coming home at ungodly hours all drunk, not even going into having to deal with them all hungover the next day.
The dorm atmosphere is an indispensible part of undergraduate students in my opinion, you never get to have such a great life again in your life.

But again to have a fun life at the dorms, you need to be able to live *with* people, and try to make the most of it at all times.

Those good old undergrad days, eh?
I lived in a dorm for 2years. I am gonna go to another dorm in just a few days. My room is generally a big mess. Max decorations are with pictures.
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