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Webshop Lik-Sang closed due to Sony lawsuits

Webshop Lik-Sang, one of the biggest Japanese console and game exporter from asia closed its doors due to lawsuits from sony trying to prevent them from exporting to europe
Hong Kong, October 24th of 2006 -, the popular gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has today announced that it is forced to close down due to multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sony claimed that Lik-Sang infringed its trade marks, copyright and registered design rights by selling Sony PSP consoles from Asia to European customers, and have recently obtained a judgment in the High Court of London (England) rendering Lik-Sang's sales of PSP consoles unlawful.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment directly on the lawsuit against Lik-Sang, but recently went on to tell that "ultimately, we're trying to protect consumers from being sold hardware that does not conform to strict EU or UK consumer safety standards, due to voltage supply differences et cetera; is not - in PS3's case - backwards compatible with either PS1 or PS2 software; will not play European Blu-Ray movies or DVDs; and will not be covered by warranty".

Lik Sang strongly disagrees with Sony's opinion that their customers need this kind of protection and pointed out that PSP consoles shipped from Lik-Sang contained genuine Sony 100V-240V AC Adapters that carry CE and other safety marks and are compatible world wide. All PSP consoles were in conformity with all EU and UK consumer safety regulations.

Lik-Sang made it possible for Europeans to import psps when they were still te be released here. Sony tried to prevent them from doing so from the beginning. With the upcoming PS3 release where Europe again has to wait a few months extra, Lik-Sang would again export the PS3 to Europe. Sont again started several lawsuits against Lik-Sang to prevent them from doing so and unfortunately they succeeded. They can't pay their own defence against the legal actions so they decided to give up.

I ordered my PSP from Lik-Sang a few months before it was released in Europe, its just really great. I planned to do so again with the upcoming PS3 release in Asia. I'm starting to dislike sony more and more. They just want to keep us Europeans waiting and waiting while the rest of the world is enjoying their latest console. It's too bad Lik-Sang had to stop. Hopefully they'll be back with a new name in a few months.

The full press-release can be found here
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