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What anime's protagonist is the best.

Fave anime/manga genre?
Action (Bleach, Naruto etc.)
 27%  [ 3 ]
Romance (Midori Days, Mars etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Sci-Fi (.Hack, Martian Successor Nadesico etc.)
 9%  [ 1 ]
Fan-service (Love Hina, Battle Vixens etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Comedy (Azumanga Daioh etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Mecha (Gundam Seed, Neon Genesis Evangelion etc.)
 18%  [ 2 ]
Fantasy (Full Metal Alchemist, Qwan etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Mixture of above
 18%  [ 2 ]
 27%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 11

Well I mean, in your opinion.

Myself, I like Naruto. It's a good background and good character. His speech pattern makes me lol too. He often says "Believe it!" to fit with the mouth flaps of "-ttebayo".

He's a good strong willed character, just like a protagonist should be.

My other favourites are:

Sawamura Seiji - Midori No Hibi (Midori Days)
Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach
Yoh Asakura - Shaman King
Horo Horo - Shaman King
Zolo - One Piece
Sanji - One Piece
Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon (Lol, Joke)

Let's share peoples ^^
While the poll seems out of place, I still want to say that my favorite protagonist so far is, well, I can't really pick. I guess that's why I make alot of bipolar protagonists. Kenshin Himora was good because he's not one of those "kill everyone I see" kind of bad*sses, and not only that, but he's no bad*ss all the time. He was just the kind of guy who seemed like he had a clear mind, and he knew exactly what he needed to do, the little niche he needed to fill in life. Yet he could still kick anyone's ass.
Well like most of the anime that you post here, i like right now Naruto and Bleach, and also OnePiece, good anime for me, i guess im trying to find a bit more of the new anime around, hope to get something else...
best anime protagonist? hhmm, I can't choose. But my favorite protagonists are:

Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing)
The four men of (Weiss Kreuz)
Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)
Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) -->> I like everything about Kenshin, how he plays with the kids, being humble, protective, brave and strong, etc..
Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

and also
Yagami Raito (Death Note) -->> I love how he plays to be the protagonist, and at the same time, the antagonist of the story (depends on how you look at it)...

these are all I could think of atm.

Generally, I love characters who would do anything to protect their loved ones and those who acts cold outside, yet really caring inside. I love characters who fight for what they believe in. I love funny and sweet characters.
Yoh Asakura (Shaman King), Zik (Hao) Asakura (Shaman King), Anna Kyoama (SK).
Very original decision, I think, very original characters.
Hiruma ( Eyeshield 21 ) : smart, e...vil, thinker ( planning everything 2-3 or even more steps ahead)

Kenshin ( Ruorini Kenshin ) : kind, innocent but he can be really dangerous man

Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist ) : smart yet funny, I really like when someone call him "small". He always complains or even gets mad and exaggerating the word "small" to be "miniature size", etc etc

Ginji ( Getbackers ) : innocent, funny but be deceived by his baby face, as he is "thunder emperor"

Naruto ( Naruto ) : never give up, stubborn but caring

Rock Lee ( Naruto ) : very determined eventhough he cannot use any jutsu except taijutsu, diligent

Cloud ( Final Fantasy - Advent Children ) : cool and skillful
rileyvace wrote

Myself, I like Naruto. It's a good background and good character. His speech pattern makes me lol too. He often says "Believe it!" to fit with the mouth flaps of "-ttebayo".

I'll second that. Good character, never give up despite the odds. A gold characterisitic. The thing with that series is the good character development across the board, even the temporarys have some character development.

But so many anime have such good protagonists. I'd personally have to say Bleach, Kurosaki Ichigo. Proud, honorable, decent, strong willed and selfless

Spread the Bleach love
I personally like Kurosaki Ichigo (BLEACH). His ironical attitude and funny lines are something that I couldn't live without Smile He doesn't care about how serious the situation is, he's just himself all the time. And when it comes to fighting and caring for others... He always tries the ones who goes after and hurt his significant other, very usually even the innocent people.

He really is a cool character... although Naruto is as strong willed as Ichigo is, he lacks the "coolness".
If it's me... I'll vote for those chara :

Yurie [Kamichu!] : Still kid but can bear high responsibility as kami-sama [God]

Aruru & Eruru [Utawarerumono] : Cute eh ^^

Negi Springfield [Mahou Senesi Negima] : Well... like Yurie at kamichu, he is really responsible with his work...

Sanji [One Piece] : Don't know but I love cooking, and i hope I can be as good cook as him

Roronoa Zoro [One Piece] : His three sword fighting style is cool ^^ ~ Stupid but reliable Razz

there is much more.. but I'm tired to write them all down here T__T maybe next time...
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