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Screenshot 2 sig wiv a few enhancements of course


Viralis wrote:

Nice stuff , needs a little more than the ss though, I'd say use renders to make sigs and do the backgorund ureself in photoshop or w/e u use. Then blend the 2 with nice lighting and dpeth and give it nice text and maybe a nice border.

im not a render person cause im stuck with the image the way it is, i cant get the character positioned the way i want it and my sig are game based so whats a custom background apart from take way from my action shots, if ive got a person peaking out from behind a wall im not going to remove the background and keep the wall because then it would just look awful. i like to show level detail not just character detail, my favourite maps etc.....
Viralis wrote:

Yes you should make the background yourself using brushes i use photoshop cs2 and have some nice brushes.

EDIT: I like your fonts
matrixuk321 wrote:
Viralis wrote:

Yes you should make the background yourself using brushes i use photoshop cs2 and have some nice brushes.

EDIT: I like your fonts

i use photoshop cs 2 aswell, its not me slapping on a few fonts i change the lighting enchance what i want blur the rest add my tints etc....... i like the 3d feel i get with the original backgrounds from ingame, ive seen some sigs with diy backgrounds they make the whole image look flat
I am wondering whether or not the first few images are from the matrix online mmorpg? I have never played it, but that looks as if that is where it may have come from. Very nice sigs I might add. Keep up the good work.
I see you like matrix font, don't you? Wink
What can I say about your work? Just a good frame you've caught without any Photoshop modifying.. maybe so little, that I can't even see it...
The last signature is to massy, and thease colours cought my eyes so strong that I coudn't even notice persons in front of a pic. Not always RBG is good looking Twisted Evil
Add borders, lines, use grunge brushes for a background and you'll improve a lot your artworks level.
Your correct my friend they are from The matrix online thye are the characters of mt my friends and one game character. Alie i am not happy with the last one either i completely screwed it up but why hide my mistakes, i am still only human Wink, i didnt want the boarders to take up half the signature so i kept them in a range of 1 pixel to 5

I have a collection of over 23,000 Fonts, thnak god i dont have them all installed or windows xp would crash when i opened the font folder Wink
nice collection..

i like more the blue one in the seconnd post to you...

Wow! Those sigs are amazing.I wish I could do something like that.
I'm currently working on a bf2142 signature at the moment need to get a perfect screenie for it cause i want to do i bit of cut and paste magic to it.

Ok so this one is not a screenshot but i was asked to make it so i thought i would the image is one i found i cute it added a few touches etc.... some lighting and brightness and colour balancing were also added.
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