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What are web designer earnings?

I was just wondering, how much do web designers/webmasters earn usually? I mean for an amateur.
I'm asking this because I was kind of like given the opportunity to design and maintain a website for a company and was ask to discuss about the price with the boss. And I don't wanna be con or taken advantage so I would like to know the rough figures one would earn.
Don't work for less than $20 an hour. That's half as much as it would cost them in reality to get a professional to do a marginally better job.
It depends what you will be doing. If you'll be working with, for instance, php/mySQL you can charge more than for straightforward HTML.

Then there's the size of the project and how much maintenance will be required. If it's a small site it won't be as hard to maintain as 1 with a few hundred pages. You can keep a small site in your head whereas a large site will need plenty of documentation to keep track of things.

You also need to consider the company you're doing the work for. If it's just a 1-man-band type of business then keep your fees low. But if it's a firm of lawyers or estate agents then screw the b**tards for every cent you can! Laughing
thanks for the info guys.
just another quick question. If I were to be asked to design the site from scratch, would i charge according to the time i spend on the template and inputs or by the template design itself? Wink
Duncan Idaho
I charge $250 for the home page and $100 for every other page. Then when they want me to come back and change some stuff around, I charge $10 or $20 a page edit. And thats freakin cheap. I normally like doing it for free, but I owe someone 2.5K, and.... never mind.
You mean you can get paid for this stuff? Smile And here I just thought it was fun.

I would check out if I were you, then adjust it based on things like what DoctorBeaver said. Also get quotes from other professional web designers and factor in your experience compared to theirs.
I charge $65 an hour....and that doesn't include scripting.
Duncan Idaho
Charge by quality man, not time. It works out best that way I think.
I would charge about $150 for a normal 5 page site.
I really depends on the company you choose too use, and the the skills of the designer.
Well if you are an ametur, then maybe you should just do stuff for free. No one can say its bad and not pay you, more people will get you to do websites and you will be making websites like a pro in no time with the experience you gain.
Charge by quality man, not time. It works out best that way I think.

That's essentially what you are doing. If your quality and speed is better, you charge more per hour. I helped a company with part of their site and settled on just $10 (canadian) an hour. That was completely fine for me, as an amatuer. I ended up working quite a few hours on the project.
Vrythramax wrote:
I charge $65 an hour....and that doesn't include scripting.

Not to be a smart ass but what are you doing if you arn't scripting.

I've been charging per page or site. I going at about 100 for a site to be made. But to matain a site i would do like 20 an hour. It depends on what the site is about and how hard the job is and all.
Don't ask me! My prices are.. well, too low. I don't see why people have to pay multi-thousands of dollars for slightly professional websites. Where as, my most expensive package is 380 dollars;

By scripting he means writing scripts of php, perl, asp, or whatever else he knows how to script in, rather than using a purchased script.

When you do html and do a site from scratch, make your own templates....that's not really anything to raise your prices on.... it's expected...but when you completely design a page in (say) a perl script that you wrote, with a Mysql better believe you'll be spending some time, so the prices go up.

The best advice I can give as to pricing is this........ Only charge what people will pay for. And never charge above your abilities. One thing you can do is search on the net of any and all web design companies in your area. Find out what they're charging.

Most companies will give a free consultation......meaning you tell them what you're looking for and they give you a pricing.

If you're charging by the page instead of the would charge a greater amount for the home page, and a lesser amount for each additional page. If the customer doesn't provide the graphics and/or photos, then you charge them for that too.

If they dont have their own logo and want you to come up with one....... that's completely separate from the webpage charging. So, if you get 250.00 for the site..........and have to spend alot of time drawing different logos for their approval..... CHARGE 'EM. You're looking at minimum 400-500 for the whole deal. (the reason why a logo can be expensive is, not only did you spend alot of time on it, you drew different options for them to choose,'s something they're going to be known by...a trademark.)

Good Luck in your project.

Oh, one thing to add.........someone mentioned doing sites for free if you're an amatuer............I agree 100%. It doesn't have to be some major company.......... Hell, make a site for yourself, your family, your friend.........anything that gets you a portofolio that you can showcase your the long run, that makes you more money.
Blaster wrote:
Vrythramax wrote:
I charge $65 an hour....and that doesn't include scripting.

Not to be a smart ****** but what are you doing if you arn't scripting.

I've been charging per page or site. I going at about 100 for a site to be made. But to matain a site i would do like 20 an hour. It depends on what the site is about and how hard the job is and all.

Blaster you have no room to talk....I have been doing this since you wre born puppy.
i have several different types of packages i offer to customers....

obviously as mentioned i have the option to pay per page etc... but i also have set packages.. i.e

5 page site
5 page site + domain name
5 page site + domain name + hosting
5 page site + domain name + hosting (flash parts)

etc and charge according...

i also have like a mega budget offer which is a very simple 5 page site, domain name (for 2 yrs) and hosting (for the year) all for around £60, thats approx $90 USD

the above offer is as been mentioned for small business starting out etc...

and then charge per hr for future edits/re-designs if needed
I've done tons of web design and the bottom line is this:

If you don't have aesthetic sensibilities, you won't be asked to design much, or you won't be able to charge much. I know so many "web designers" whose websites look so ridiculous it almost makes me cry that anyone would pay them money.

There are so many aspects to web design that everything depends... what are you adding? Are you designing your own graphics? Is there illustration? Flash? How complex is it? Is there DB work involved? The reason the top designers charge huge amounts of money is because they do good work that produces results, and they have a proven history. Peope refer others to them, and they have a good track record. End of story. It's just like any other professional. You wouldn't let someone write an article in a newspaper unless you saw their work and knew they had some appreciable elements to their writing, as well as a good writing style and an ability to convey information well---it's the same idea with website design. If you're good, people will notice very quickly, and that will make the demand increase and your price will go up... pretty simple!
The Shogun
I'd say pricing is something you have to kind of feel out as you go. I would recommend to people starting out (doesn't help you, I know, but..) to actually do stuff really cheap, if not free, and put your best effort into it. I'd say the price you can charge is not only about your skill and efficiency, but also about reputation. As a general rule, you can pretty much automatically charge more if the client happens to know about you already.

Also, consider the nature of the assignment. I wouldn't charge a small company the same amount as a large one, simply out of principle. (Though also take into consideration the concentration of effort you need to put into it. I wouldn't spend the same amount of time on a page I'm getting paid chicken feed for as something I'm getting paid the big bucks for...assuming I'm already high up there. Like I said, when you're starting out, cheap, and crank it up.)
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