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Favorite Vacations

What is your favorite vacation locations, and why is it your favorite?

My favorite vacation location has to be Cat Creek. For the reason, it is all but unknown, except for locals! The campground is barebones.. The only bathroom is a porta-potty but hey the scenery is pristine! The American River(?) I'm not sure which runs through there. There is also a waterfall that goes over a rock that creates a natural slide into a deep pool. The water is freezing, due mostly to the fact it's snowmelt from the high sierras, but the slide is fun. There is also a hole in the same rock that forms a short of ice cold spa, the water swirls around in it and it has natural rock shelves to sit on. There are also several places to get "lost" up there. The only down side in going up there is in the summer time it gets very dry so people who don't know how to kill their fires risk the chance of a forest fire and it gets reallly dusty.
San Francisco was a great place to go. Especially driving up from Southern California along the scenic route.
i think france Razz Razz Razz
Jayfarer wrote:
San Francisco was a great place to go. Especially driving up from Southern California along the scenic route.

I'll agree, Highway 1, I believe, is one of the best drives I've ever been on. My favorite place to visit would have to be San Diego. It has to have the best weather of anywhere I've ever been. How does the 70's and a light sea breeze sound?
Hvaler in Norway is a beautiful place... Smile
I absolutely loved the vacation my mom and stepdad took with me over to The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina. I got some awesome photos, very scenic place to go to. I'd go back any day. It was actually interesting to go through all of the states to get down there, since I live in Illinois, around the Chicagoland area.

I've decided to show a couple of photos we took when we were there. Many more besides this, too !

My sister and I in front of the entrance to the park.

I've always wanted to get a photo of me standing on the state borders, it's just so cool. Very Happy My sister, my step dad, and I.

You see a lot of this when you're going up in altitude. Nothing more than the clouds (hence the name "The Smoky Mountains") and, you guessed it, mountains covered with trees. So pretty.

This was in North Carolina at a historical area right after we got out of the Smoky Mountains park. I adore this photo so much that it's my laptop's desktop background.

All-in-all, a very well recommended vacation right here. Smile I enjoyed it so much.

- Mike.
S3nd K3ys
I enjoyed several, mostly St. Thomas, Aruba and Veneazuala. Most of my Mexico trips were fun, and the Hawaii trip was fun, but nothing like Aruba and St. Thomas.

We did a road trip up to Canada one year, stayed at the Redwoods camping. That was a really good one too.
On a caribbean cruise. Thats like the most fun i have had in years Wink
driving down from like the phildelphia area to orlando flordia. But i just love florida. I love the nice weather and the nice town and all. Its my favorite place to go. Last time i went down there we stayed in a time share and we had like a lake and all that we could go boating on. It was really fun.

Another place i like to go is to wildwood because its just like a second home to me. I basicly live there in the summer. My aunt has a house down there. Its truely nice to walk the board walk and go in the ocean and all. I guess I just love the beach and all.
France. Wonderful and beautiful place Cool
When i went to thailand , it was a very great place to stay but the food was alrite, (unhighgennic)bad spelling) , A the best thing about it is (for the males) that at night you can go to strip clubs and every second stripper had what men have and wen you work the streets at nite there is trans hookers trying to pick you up and take you to their place adn get it on lol, but make sure you go with someone , i didnt and i got lost , picked up, etc
Great Place Smile Very Happy Very Happy
Oh another great place is Australia where i live, its great , ok weather, nice girls and guys, good places to stay nice animals to see etc
So Where the bloody hell are ya
I've always wanted to go to america Smile
I haven't been on a 'vacation' Sad
but, i will go to a bunch of places after i graduate **road trip** Smile
Me too, I haven't experience a vacation out of the country but I have experience a vacation in my province here in the philippines. Its so cool...
The best vacation I had was to Australia. We hit Sydney, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Alice Springs, Darwin and Cairns, so it probably isn't fair to think of it as a single locaction. For a single spot, I might have to go with the British Virgin Islands or Cabo San Lucas.

Actually, any place I go with my wife turns out to be a fantastic trip. Any place you go can be an adventure with the right traveling companion. Very Happy
I had a great time in Moscow some time ago Smile

I'd like to visit Norway...
They all sound like wonderful places to go!

@jayfarer and mschnell hwy 1 is awesome! I've driven it from Bodega bay up a couple hours past Fort Bragg, it's not a road that the driver gets to see much of, next time someone else is driving!

@izcool great picts! Reminds me of the Sierra Nevada's in the late afternoon when the thunderstorms build.

@ClanClawdor sounds like you had a wild time! One of my Best Friends is going to Australia in 20 days.. Lucky lucky girl!

@Teddy1 have you been on any vacations in your country?

@Hobo I have to agree completely the right traveling partner makes all the difference in the world! Smile
Have you ever been on Croatian Adriatic coast? I go every year.

I would go to Island, Ireland or Finland.

Very Happy
Teddy1 wrote:
I've always wanted to go to america Smile

I have always wanted to see the world out of America (I live in America), besides on TV and pictures. My boundaries have been from 3 miles from the Mexico border in California, Up to Maine, to flordia, and up to Colorado. I have never left the continental United States because I have been to busy, and things in America are very expensive comparing to the value of the dollar. I have always wanted to go to the grand canyon, and yellowstone.

America is a place of great diversity. There are people from every nation in the world nearly. Besides the great political wars going on, America is a VERY peaceful place.
Dougnut King
I like Colorado. Nice mountains, and my cuz has a lotta games.
Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green
Hmm... pretty hard question. Let's say Ibiza where is party 24/7. Cool
I would say Orlando, Florida. Specifically, Disney Land. I went there before, and I would have to say that it is one of the vacation areas that has that nice it's your vacation feel. It has nice rides and amusement parks, I always enjoyed going there to call off from school and work. That's just my opinion, though. I have probably not been to that many vacation areas before, so there might be some better than that that I have not seen yet.
Spain, because I love unlimited amount of sun. Last year I was to a place in the south, and it was hot, but there was a lot of wind too... it was perfect. Sun without wind is hell though, haha.
The west would be holland, france. The east would be Japan, Korea.

best holiday for me

to stay a few weeks in my village which located northern side of turkiye

wonderful forest

beautiful sea (black sea)


you can get fresh milk , butter , honey .........
you can pick up tomatos,pepper ,cucumber ...........
every kinds of fruits........

you can ride horse or donkey
you can fish in a river or in sea

you can enjoy beautiful scenes of high plateaus

after a disturbing city life
it feels a part from heaven
I really, really want to go back to Paris. It's a spectacular city in the winter! Yeah, it gets quite cold, but the beautiful city covered in beautiful snow is absolutely breath-taking. And it's quite easy to get warm with the plethora of hot crêpe & gaufrette vendors all over the city!!
palavra wrote:

best holiday for me

to stay a few weeks in my village which located northern side of turkiye

wonderful forest

beautiful sea (black sea)


you can get fresh milk , butter , honey .........
you can pick up tomatos,pepper ,cucumber ...........
every kinds of fruits........

you can ride horse or donkey
you can fish in a river or in sea

you can enjoy beautiful scenes of high plateaus

after a disturbing city life
it feels a part from heaven

Now that does sounds like a part of heaven! The pictures are very breath taking too! Very Happy
I would love to spend my vacation with my girlfriend at Maldives. Nice warm sea with tropical surroundings. Just makes me feel like heaven.
Tokyo would be another nice place for m girlfriend but would be the last place my pocket would wanna end up. Laughing
I actually only have 2 vacations/year, since I study at a school similar to university.
I prefer the christmas holliday, since I have to work during the summer to afford new parts for my car, and also keep the study loans down at a reasonable level.
my parents are lucky. They are on a cruise on the bahamas right now.
I think my favorite vaction would be in Lodi, CA.

They have the best grapes there, sure it stinks in the summer....but I hail from a fishing how hard could it be?
Pondicherry in India is the most idyllic place for a vacation.I love the sea beach, the French touch, the serene and calm peace at Sri Aurobindo's Samadhi and the wide streets and of course the beer pubs.
any places will be good if accompanied with the one i love, right ?
Vrythramax wrote:
I think my favorite vaction would be in Lodi, CA.

They have the best grapes there, sure it stinks in the summer....but I hail from a fishing how hard could it be?

The grapes stink way less then smelly fish! The wines they make are great too; if you drink wine that is. Other than that there's nothing to do. Actually very boring. Might make a good base to center yourself too see the other sites in the area though. Like Cat Creek! Laughing
Scotland was a beautiful vacation. We climbed up Ben Nevis, hiked around Glenco, hiked and climbed the Cullins on the Isle of Skye... but never found Nessy.

Greece was nice and warm. Swimming in the Med was nice. My first time swiming in salt water.

Canoeing the back waters of Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada was interesting. Lots of little red alarms (squerrels), looies calling all night long, and wolves houling all night while looking for a mate. Didn't find the bear that I wasn't looking for or the moose that I wanted to see.

The day trip to the grand canyon was nice too.

Canoe camping down the Mohican river and seeing my first great blue heron was kewl too.

But all these and others, the think that made them great was who I was with.
That is such a hard question, cause it depends what you want!
Right now though we have a small van so we love to drive to the coast, in Australia, and camp somewhere beautiful, my favorite spot is in South of WEstern Asutralia, near Albany, its beautiful there.
In Europe my favorite vacation spot is Spain, I love Spoanish food and culture and love the warmth and the beach.....
other than the keyboards are quite different..

this place is kewl too!

too many places to see. All have interesting "different" things.

The best thing is usually the people!!

From Japan --- I'll be home next week

indonesia is one of the best vacation place to visit. everyone should try it since indonesia is a very beautiul with many different interesting place tovisit ad having fun. Laughing
i rarely get to go on vacations, but of all the places i have been to, i like kerala *india) the most, truly the gods own country!!
Mine would have to be ... Can Cun, i had a blast b/c i could go get drunk and then go out to the club get drunk some more and then come back to the hotel and get drunk even more than that... Very Happy then going on the beach with all the 1/2 naked ladies and how easy it was to score out there.. all you had to do was show some intrest and they were so drunk that they melted like putty in your hands ... SOOO MUCH FUN!!! I suggest you go there!~
i only been 2 france and 2 spain... and france sucked Razz .. spain was the bomb shiz tho Cool
My favorite vacation spot is San Felepie, MX. Georgous beaches, warm weather, friendly locals, and as of yet it has not been overrun by tourists, especially around the holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. Not the party spot most are in search of, but a great place to catch some rays and chillax on the beach.
it's a good place and very nice to touch the nature,and the most important,it's cheaper than going abroad,hehe Very Happy
I've been only in Paris in London. I don't travel a lot. Those cities were very nice to visit. They're both different in many ways. One of my dream destinations is Japan or one of the country's around it. I like the culture and the people from there. It's very interesting how they live, think and do. It's a long travel and not cheap, but I will travel there once in my life!
Kerall or goa for total fun

mathura and vrindavan for total peace

all places here in india
My Favorite Vacation was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico because it was an all inclusive resort you just wore an armband around and got whatever you wanted.

Some Pictures of place i stayed for a week.

mmmm i love those swim up bars!

My favorite vacation was a few years ago I drove with my girlfriend to Canada, from California, over 2 weeks. We camped the whole way up, stopping at Silver Falls State Park, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver BC CA, White Rock BC CA on the way up. Then On the way back Portland OR, Seaside OR, Humbug Mountain State Park in OR, and Crescent City, CA. It was a long trip, but way too much fun. I have pics of most of the above places on my site:
Scandinavia doesn't sound so exotic but it is a nice place to visit. Stockholm (Sweden) especially is one of the beautiful cities called the Venice of the North. The new EU countries like Estonia are also very interesting to visit and quite cheap compared to the other Nordic countries.
I think France, Poland and the UK.
Just returned from Tenerife yesturday.....if you want the day life with the night life it is certainly a place to consider
Definitely one of my favorite vacations ever was my trip to Naples and the surrounding area. Never have I seen so much garbage and such bad traffic, but it's still one of my favorite memories. My friends and I arrived by train in a station that was seemingly overrun with wild dogs and gypsies. We took public transportation to the hostel, and our first view of the place we were staying in was actually just the vandelized sign pointing us in the right direction, with a big bag of garbage sitting beneath it. We spent the night wandering around the city and ate in a shabby little pizza place with florescent lighting. The next day was one of the longest ever... We went to Pompeii and then Sorrento, across the bay from Naples. We wandered everywhere on foot, stopping only to drink some beer and eat ice cream near the water. We made some wrong turns and were totally exhausted long before we got back. We returned to Naples by boat as the sun was going down. Clouds rolled in shortly after we got back, and the city seemed so moody and lawless just then... it was a great experience.
Tim Graham
et-configs wrote:
My Favorite Vacation was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico because it was an all inclusive resort you just wore an armband around and got whatever you wanted.
We stayed at a place like that in Fiji!

It was great, buffet breakfast, two course lunch, three course dinner, free soft drinks and local beer, and the place was pretty cheap as well, only $FJ230 or something. The only downside was that you could only get UHT milk from New Zealand because the state of the local economy had caused the local dairies to close down.

Added to the fact that everyone there was extremely friendly and generous.
China!!!I love China...Cheap price
Alienz wrote:
France. Wonderful and beautiful place Cool

HI My favorite vacation is France. I like this country but it's mine!!!! Very Happy . I have been in england and in spain. In england, the weather was not really good, and all is very expensive...

I like spain but I don't have a really good spannish( my english is better!!) and it was a little more difficult for me. Wink
I went to Canada and really loved it. I want to go back and see some cities in Canada, because I never saw any cities, I just saw lakes and trees. I went on a camping trip with some people for two weeks. We got a couple of canoes and maps of the lakes and spent a couple weeks traveling around (Pretty much like the movie Without A Paddle)... we covered over 80 miles and didn't see hardly anyone else! We saw a couple of people throughout the trip but mostly just ourselves... we would get up early, cook some breakfast, find out we're we are going, canoe for a while, stop on an island in a lake and eat lunch, and then go to our destination... the only part I didn't like was when you got to the end of the lake and had to carry the canoe to the next lake! i love camping and i love forests...
I think Oslo-Norway was the best place I've ever seen, as a city.
tokyo for sure, the fashion, people, design, art is fast forward.
i love japanese food, so i gobble down anything that is raw and moving, i never forget my shoyu and chopsticks. (:

i don't have any least favourite place actually,
travelliing is always fun!
Had been 5 times in Parga, and still missing the place.
We tried Chania (Island of Crete) last year and this year and we discovered another fantastic island.
You can also try Chios which we tried on 2001, and it was also great so we will come back someday.

You are welcome to ask if you need some tips.
Tasmania. I long to go back to Tasmania. I just love Tasmania. I would move there if it didn't, like, snow on the mountains in winter. Brrr...
Barcelona. My favorite vacation was at Barcelona Spain.Very very very relaxing and beautiful!!!
I loved Ibiza ! Near is the smaller island Formentera, with beautiful naturist beaches

I went to Japan in 2006 and I absolutely loved it. It is such an amazing country and the people were lovely, I would definitely go back again.
Orange Beach in Alabama is my favourite vacation spot.I along with my family always love to visit here because of fantastic excellent view and wonderful Accommodation facilities.
Mine favorite vacation place is Switzerland , Florida , Romania .These are most best places in the world to visit for anyone. Plenty of exciting things to do ,watch.
I want to spend my vacation at Canada and USA...San Francisco was a great place to go. Especially driving up from Southern California along the scenic route....
You are right dear! San Francisco is really great place to enjoy vacations and it is my favorite too. Yosemite National Park is my favorite attraction here and last year I went there with my family. Yosemite National Park is best known for its waterfalls and waterfalls always attract me. We take lots of photographs because Yosemite National Park presents awesome view for photography. All over it was amazing tour for me.
i wanna spend my vacation at Paris ...Its really great place to go.There are lot of beautiful places.whenever i have time ,really want to go Paris because its my dream destination and i never miss that opportunity..Smile
I would prefer to spend my vacation in USA...USA is really fantastic place to visit...California,NYC and Florida are best place in the USA..
Mine is Florida.
I went on Interrail several times, travelling through all Europe. They were amazing trips, definitely the best in my life because of the sense of freedom we experienced. The only drawback was that they were a bit stressful, so that at the end of them we had to take another vacation to recharge. Very Happy
Beaches are my favourite destinations because I can choose from a variety of condominium gulf shores and orange beach condos and gulf shores rentals.
there is no place like HOME.

BUT, I want to go to Jerusalem, Israel and Europe countries such as DENMARK, Sweden and Switzerland.

I hope i can visit this place in this Year!
Hilly area and the beach sites are my one of the favorite places.
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