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Red Eye

S3nd K3ys
Great movie.

Katie Cassidy, (hubba hubba)

This chick stabbed a guy in the throat with a pen in the movie. My kinda gal. Laughing
Uh... I don't know if we watched the same Red Eye movie or not, but the chick who stabbed Cillian Murphy in the throat with the pen was Rachel McAdams. She was also in Wedding Crashers.

I thought it was an ok movie.
Yep, it was McAdams. It was a good movie, but lost something along the way. Maybe it dragged on too long. It had potential to be better. I like Wes Craven's films.
I thought it was alright, but nothing amazingly special. There's a full review on my FilmJournal site: here, if you're interested.
Yeah, I gotta agree with the majority here. It was ok, but I was glad I didn't full price to see it. I don't know if it was too long or just boring, but I remember looking at my watch a lot in that flick. I guess I wasn't a fan of any of the actors, either.

Katie Price has been in a few flicks, but I haven't seen anything she's done yet. IMDB lists these movies for her.
Black Christmas (2006) .... Kelli Presely
Click (2006) .... Samantha Newman - Age 27
When a Stranger Calls (2006) .... Tiffany
The Lost (2005) .... Dee Dee

Don't know about her acting, but she certainly isn't any hubba hubba for me.
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