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Death Note The Movie

Hi everybody
I've read all chapters from the manga but I can't wait anymore for the upcoming death note the movie..Maybe some of u have something to share with?
I watch the serie now :p and it rocks !!
if you read a summary of the story, youll prolly think that it could be lame, but the style is great...

I love the shady and seriousness of Death Note; keep me informed when the movie will be released :p
Sure I will inform everyone if the movie out..
Anyhow you're watchng the series right?
How is it?
I don't know if the storyline is still the same like in the manga ver.
You can watch the trailer from here,if wanna see it
The series is awesome too.
If the series are good too...I must find a time to watch all of them
This gonna be something fun to do during the freetime..
Anyway..Kira Rules The World..What Will The World Be Without Kira And His Justice
the movie is out. it hasnt been subbed on the net yet tho
I was able to snatch a copy of the movies, but like xframe said there's no subs for it yet.

I can't wait to get my hands on it. I've been waiting for this movie to come out on DVD for months.

Now we'll have to wait and see, the sequel should be coming out this month or the next.
Wow, I didn't know there was a Death Note movie! I can't wait to watch it! I haven't read the manga but the anime series is fantastic.

I just looked at ANN for the movie info and Ren from NANA is starring as L! Cool. xD
i prefer the comic or the ani

i do not like the movie

so terrible

i downloaded and see it for only 1 minute then delete it
The anime series is good! I hope the movie's good. From what I've heard, people seem to be divided on whether it's good or not, so I guess you'll just have to buy the DVD/watch it.

Grrr. Death Note will never come to the Philippines. I'm stuck watching bits of it on the internet! But long the the movie still shows how INTELLIGENT Light and L are and is able to bring justice to their intelligence, I'll be happy.
death movie is awesome. same with manga and anime. cant wait for the second n third movie come out. The first movie only talk bout the first deathnote and how d guy enter police department. You can see how they design deathgod in real, quite awesome though, although little scary. Razz
THe movie was great. Death note as a whole was great anyway, in all 3 mediums. Death note 2, if im not wrong, is either out already, or will soon be out in japan. Keep your eyes peeled for it.
For the people who've already watched the movie, is it already subbed in English? Or did you guys watch the RAW version?
wow nice,
I am watching the serie and I think Death Note is really cool..
Some sort of cat and mouse game :p

Love to see the movie too, but I wonder how they will turn the series into a film without ruining the storyline of the series.
well, d one i had watched is subbed in chinese Razz not sure english version oledi out or not though.
Its out in english already. Watched it with english and chinese subtitles.
I watch it in japanese with english subtitle. I heard that it is really popular in Hong Kong according to my friends, and I find it to be very interesting to watch also. However, it is not so here in Boston and many of my friends haven't even heard of it. It is so sad that this anime does not heat up in Boston, but I think it's a great anime anyway.
The series is awesome! I wish the live action movie gets some english subs! I've been waiting to see it and be able to understand it... I have the movie files =(
The Shogun
I thought this came out months ago, I'd be surprised if it wasn't readily available subbed. I wanted to check it out, but never got around to it. I should grab it one of these days.
Both of the main characters in the movie are equally evil to me.
The Shogun wrote:
I thought this came out months ago, I'd be surprised if it wasn't readily available subbed. I wanted to check it out, but never got around to it. I should grab it one of these days.

Its subbed now...but in chinese.
Haha, There's gunna be 2+ movies btw,

Spoiler there

'cause this movie ends around the point of where Kira ( Light Yagami )
Kills "L" ( L. Lawliet or something ),

And there's one whole loada story left after that btw.

'Cause you still have for when Light becomes L to get control of the police, the two new kids from the orphanage that Watari (Quillsh Wammy) ( Dunno if that's voice actor, or the in manga/Anime/film name *sorry* funded.

( Near + Mello )

And majour MAJOUR spoiler


The last scene in the manga, is Light's name being written in a deathnote,

It's actually quite sad >.<
According to my knowledge the official retail DVD isn't out. The files that have been floating are the TV release ones, which means it isn't true to its theatrical release. It is also another reason why you haven't seen fan subbers releasing a copy yet, cause you know you'll see them if it was the actual retail DVD.

All in all, I can't wait to see it as the second movie has or is currently being shown in theaters in Japan, but I wouldn't know first hand.
Death Note movie 2 - The Last Name is said to stay on top after 4 weeks. The first movie was awesome although i've only got to watch the Raw. i liked how Ryuk looks like even if he looks like he was hanged instead of floating, and L, the best one yet. he portrayed L exactly as i've imagined. i didn't liked the hair though... as for light... i pity the actor Crying or Very sad
Death Note shake da house! My friends caught the first movie after school one day and indeed the movie was fantastic. No doubt we are not going to miss it this coming christmas.. i am full of anticipation.
I watched the subbed version last week. I must say I like the anime and the manga more than the movie. But the movie is still great!
the subs sucks, as what people said. it would have been great if some famous subgroup subbed the movie, or if don't want to take illegal actions then they could have made some anonymous alternate subgrou to sub it
After just watched the movie.I found out that the person that carrying the role of Kira@Raito@Light is not very suitable compared to the manga version..
but it seemed that L imitates the original character as good as he cans..
Other than thats,Misa is not very cute or "idol"ic compared to the one in manga..Not so gothic maybe..:p
Anyway,the overall storyline is still almost the same..and I'm waiting for the second part of the movie to be released in that I can watch them
I'm worried the movie wont do the manga/anime justice. they have a lot to live up to I think.
I read the manga, and watched the anime thru youtube and the movie part I. One of the best mangas I have seen tho... It is quite fun to see how L, Light, Near and Mello think of all kinds of ways to counter the other side. Juz like wad Ryuk the reaper said, human beings are interesting. But i dont quite like the movie tho, mainly bcoz the plot in the movie changed too much as compared to the original anime. Anyway, is the last name in the death note movie Light?
I highly doubt the movie will follow the manga to its end (its already diverging with its own plot). It would most likely end with only L and not his successors. In my opinion, the movie was utterly disappointing. It lacks the feel, emotion and the flow of the anime and the manga, to me it seemed like just a poor "port" - they didn't change the themes or styles around to fit the movie but just modelled it around the manga/anime which didn't fit the real-life characters. To me, it doesn't do the anime/manga "justice".
i agree on everything you say guys!

DEathnote really rocks!!!

specially the MOVIE!!
i think theres a bit different between the series and movie.
If you watch already both, you will easily notice that in movie
KIRA also known as light seen how his girlfrend died in the hands of an ex-FBI agent before the FBI agent kill her self because of the action she made but in the series the ex-FBI agent killed her self because light get her name from her drivers licence and wrote on deathnote what kind of death she ends.

something like that! but in the end, it cool!!!
the movie was pretty good and the manga is awesome too! although it was slow at the beginning and there are a lot of filler chapters too. aparently it is getting more interesting.
I really love Death Note now. It's such an interesting anime/manga and the movie was great! I can't wait to watch part 2 of the movie - I only watched the first part. They need to release the DVD soon!
The story for the movies ends after the second. It diverges from the original manga. The closest to the manga is the Anime episodes.
I agree with that ...the storyline from part two of the movie really has been changed drastically to shorten the overall story..Kind of weird after I watched the second part..anyway I still think that the overall story is still cool and not out of plots..
well, wat can i say, deathnote rocks~ wat a great story and imagination. I wonder how the author think of this kind of story. I oledi finish reading all manga. cant wait d movie n manga now.
I've seen the LIVE Movie and it was good. But I was told it did not follow the original story of the manga, so I guess this has to be taken separately from its origin.

I love death note:
i have watched the movie andit's owsome
(i don't like the actor thatplays Light). It
have some diferenses from the manga
and the anime.The anime is the best.
And now im reading the manga -- it's
more detaild then the anime ,that's y i
like it more.

I think the guy who plays Light did a good job.

Does anybody know a good place to read the manga online? Or download it?
I like the Japanese guy who played L in the movie.
He's done very well, the guy who played Light too.

The movie's great.
It shortened the comics for the film version.
But it's still wonderful!
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