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You may think this is boring but Sudoku is anything but. It requires very concentrated focus, strong logic and a dash of patience. Anybody else like it?
only educated people like it...and i'm one of them ^_^...ppl tell me to stop doin the ones in the newspapers...-_-
sudoku rules. though im not too great at it, but still fun. you dont have to be educated to like sudoko. its ultimately logic, and logic is not learned.
I was never caught by this (wait, does that make me dumb?? Shocked ). I'm more into solving crosswords than sodoku.
I really like to play it esspecially the hard ones. My favorite spot to make them is on the toilet hehe it get my fully concentrated Cool . And i sit a long time on the toilet depending on the difficulty of the puzzle.
me too, once i was sitting the whole day on the toilet (i did had took food with me)
and i did make my sudoku book (my own sudoku's XD)
and then i did start making hhard ones
I like it!!!!!! And I know many people that do so too! I like to play it once and a while if I find it in the newspaper or on a magazine e.t.c.
i love and hate it at the same time.. i love to have fun for hour.. but hate it when i can solve it..
i have a sudoku toilet paper.. so i can play it when i "Ehm Ehm"..
it kind of felt good coz.. what ever the result.. you can flush it in toilet..
with you Poo.. kind of felling good.. but YACK!!
Have fun but head ach most the time...
may be i just too stupid for the game... hahaha
I just got Brain Age Academy for Nintendo DS and it has sudoku on it. It's supposed to help stimulate your pre-frontal cortex. I did a lot of pen-and-paper sudoku before, but's it's much better on the DS. The interface is quite intuitive and you can even write little notes in the squares, just like on paper, but it's much easier to erase. I've look at some of the other digital sudoku games but I think the DS one is the best, worth the price for the DS alone.
I've become a recent Sudoku convert, I used to never play it but in the last little while I can't seem to stop playing the game. Though I am still more of a crosswords person.
Sudoku is addictive. Take it from me. I started Sudoku and used to keep it to myself because people might think I'm a Math dork whatsoever. But when one time I showed it, they got hooked. This puts me to an advantage as I've played the game a longer time and have more practice time than they do. Razz
Sudokus are a LOT of fun. I enjoy doing them in the newspaper and, whenever I have time, I'll print it out and do it. I really, REALLY enjoy the monster sudoku as well as well as the Samurai sudoku. I also try to make my own sudokus, and I have been successful most of the time. Currently, I'm also writing a program that solves sudokus. (I haven't finished, and I don't know if I'll succeed since most solvers don't work, but I'm determined to make one. Wink )

Overall, sudokus are a lot of fun and very addicting.
I second what Osprey said about Sudoku on DS with Brain Age. It's really convenient to play Sudoku like that, that is if you can stand the frustration of the program occasionally misreading your handwriting, argh. But it's the only "software" to play Sudoku by actually writing the numbers as input.

I don't know many people who play Sudoku though, but I myself is addicted. I was looking for a good software to play Sudoku on the computer with but most of the ones i found where just so..awkward. *sighs*

I don't consider it to be a game exclusive to "educated" people. It would prove to be fun to anyone who enjoy logic-related puzzles.
Game Fortress
I swear, this topic has been created before... but I guess with a forum as busy as this, topics get buried so a few repeats don't really hurt. (not to mention that this is the games forum, and there are only SO many games people want to play)

Anyway, I am pretty sure I have ALSO said this, but I will go for it anyway: Sudoku honestly scares me. I have seen the way people get addicted to it, and it freaks me out... we are talking about a MATH-ish game here... only programmers should be doing that for sport (and if you ARE addicted, pretend I gave you a compliment) so I stay away like the plauge so it dosent devore me also.

Good luck, for those who have already been addicted. XD
Yes. there was a similar thread.

Me too is also a hard core sudoku-fan. I hate the game that it steals away my 3 hours daily. Too addictive a game.
Sudoku is pretty hard. It's for boring times. Or if you really like doing them
then it could become a hobby. Anyways. It's fun to play this game.
Great for passing time spent in trains... especially when you spend two hours (or more!) a day there.
Sudoku is alright.

Sudoku is fun. I use it to pass time a lot. I have it on PSP Very Happy
I really like playing it. I got a great version for my palm from Astraware:

As you see form the link it has many advanced features that really make the game enjoyable.

Since I just started I am lacking on some of the advanced concepts. Does anyone have a good web site that shows advanced strategies? I am missing something when I how no intermediate logical move.
I got addicted to it once. But the passion to it is gone now. Yes I did the ones in newspaper and online flash game, and learnt many different techniques to solve it. Very Happy
My dad can't enough Sudoku - I'm thinking a Sudoku book might make a good stocking-filler this Chistmas
Sudoku is amazing. I've also gotten rather good at it since, whenever I have free time and I happen to be on my PC, I go to, which is, by far, the greatest site for 9x9 sudoku ever. Another good one is, which is good for the crazy sudokus with 5 overlapping 9x9 grids. Whenever I do the ones on, I tend to opt for the medium or hard level. Every so often I'll take on an evil level one, but those tend to take me forever. I do them for time, and I can usually do a medium level one in around 6 or 7 minutes. If anyone else has any good sudoku sites, I'd love to hear about them.
I like and don't like Sudoku at same time...
I like it when i have nothing to do.
But, i don't like when it get's so boring, and math isn't my strong point.
sudoku rules!!!!! i like the new ones tht arent in boxes. they are in weird combinations of 9 blocks. its more challenging because u cant use the old techniques.
I'm not a big fan of math games. I've never completed a game of Sudoku - Even the new ones. Either there's something I'm missing that the rest of the world gets, or I'm just not cut out for this.

I'll stick with crosswords, thank you very much.
Jayfarer wrote:
I'm not a big fan of math games. I've never completed a game of Sudoku - Even the new ones. Either there's something I'm missing that the rest of the world gets, or I'm just not cut out for this.

I'll stick with crosswords, thank you very much.

Standard Sudoku has nothing to do with math, the numbers could just as easily be smileys, it is just a collection of nine unique tokens. You don't have to add, subtract, multiply or divide you just fill in the blank, making sure that the same token doesn't show up in any single row, column or block.

That said, there are a few variations of Sudoku that do require math to solve. Killer Sudoku is one, it's the same as regular Sudoku but you aren't given any starting numbers on the grid but there are outlined boxes that have totals in them, the total of the numbers in each connected boxes must equal the number shown. I've only done one of those, it was pretty hard to get started but once you get to a certain point it is much like the regular sudoku.
y, its really entertaining, but its not my favorite puzzle game Wink
I've made my first sudoku in Agust,
back then I liked it, made a lot of them,
but afer august I've never played them again,
mostly because I had other things to do.
Especially the hard one's are fun (for me).
They are very fun to do, can be extemely challenging sometimes.
I like it very much Very Happy sometimes I do it with my dad. I have to train my brain because of that Very Happy Also, when it is raining, or i have to do my homework, witch I really do not want to do... That is when I like it Very Happy
Few days back i spend a full day in train solving 7 hard sudokus. great way to spend time in trains.
Rolling Eyes ok if sudoku had lost its "MATH" part..Then how the heck do programmers solve it with single coding??
I used to think sudoku was a boring game but after I attempted it, I loved it!
its really an addictive game...but can be real frustating sometimes.
adrian08 wrote:
Rolling Eyes ok if sudoku had lost its "MATH" part..Then how the heck do programmers solve it with single coding??

I don't do any math when I play chess, but people write programs that can play chess.

Computers are glorified adding machines, everything has to be reduced to a mathmatical function to be solved on a computer.
A problem does not have to be mathmatical in nature to solve with a computer program, even though math is used (in some form) when writing a program to solve every problem. Sudoku is just a logic problem, you eliminate the places where a number/token can be and fill in the blank. In a computer program you use some conditional boolean operators (simple math) to come up with basic solutions, but we are not computers... we don't require math to solve sudoku, because sudoku solutions do not necessitate the use of math.
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