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Stun Guns

Is it ok to carry around a stun gun and walk around bad neighborhoods just hoping someone will try to start a fight? Cause I think it would be hilarious to try one of these days.
So, will the stun gun work if your assailant is standing 10 feet away and pulls out a pistol and shoots at you?

My advise is usually to not risk dying for a very stupid endeavor.
I would recommend staying out of the bad neighborhoods and try stunning people in the good neighborhoods, good neigborhood people are less likely to blow your head off or have one of their brothas stab you in the stomach. If the bad neighborhood people just end up gang beating you they will most likely Tap Dance on some sucka with their boyz. You will be a bloody mess and everyone will be standing around talkin smack and smokin crack.

Better yet test out the stun gun on your neighbors kitten, then move to bigger animals. This way you will know what the proper setting is to drop a sucka.
Just one point to make.......

In some states, like Michigan, Stun Guns are completely banned and illegal......

If you're going to carry one around, you might want to first make sure what the laws are in your state. In Michigan, it's worse than a concealed weapon charge.....and carries some serious jailtime.
Agent ME
Why is this in the relationships section?

Do you have a... relationship, with said stun gun? Razz
So did you zap anything with this thing yet?
I wouldn't want to do it. What if they had a real gun. And decided that they would shoot you. Its plain and simple a dumb idea.
Relationship forum? Dude, I think you need to use that stun gun on yourself...Electroshock is strongly indicated.

I don't think it is legal, I mean, it is not even legal to carry airsoft gun in your pocket walking around. (Yup, my friends got in trouble, so I know.)
walk around with a stun gun... Oh, I think this is insane....
Sounds like a pretty dumb idea, as all of the other people have said, you will probably get shot by some guy then lay in hospital for ages wishing you never stunned him.

I wonder what makes people think such dumb ideas..? Shocked
I think the OP needs to Man-Up and stun somebody. You touchy feely hippies need to grow a sac. If the OP gets shot, then so be it, at least he will go down living the dream...taking it to the man...the random man....on the streets. Peace imouttahere
I think it's absolutely ridiculous to try to start a fight in order to test your stun gun. The only things you will have are a lot of troubles, in the bad neigbhourhoods your ass will be kicked realy badly, and in the good area's they will just call the police....
And when you try your stun gun on someone with a pacemaker.....
{name here}
Don't try it. Stun guns are extremely painful for the person you are attacking them with. Using a stun gun just for the purpose of laughter certainly isn't a laughing matter - torture is not funny. If you really want to see it I'm sure that there are many taser demo videos on YouTube and torrent sites.

There you can get all your laughs there. But its not funny when you do it to someone when your just asking for trouble.
Ok, here's how to get your laugh:

Step 1: Fill a sink with water.
Step 2: Make sure the water is really cold.
Step 3: Stick your hand in the water. (You have to do this part, or it won't work)
Step 4: Stick the stunning end of the gun in the sink as well.
Step 5: Pull the trigger over and over as fast as you can.
Step 6: Laugh...

Haha, stun guns are great. I'd definitely be the guy with the camera if someone did something like that. Like the other day, my mom and I were watching Jackass 1 on TV the other day (don't ask how) and she was disgusted while I was laughing my ass off, and she asked if I'd do any of that stuff, and I told her, "Hell no! I'd be the guy with the camera!"
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