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Legend of the Green Dragon - Text-based browser RPG

My original plan was to get people to sign up and eventually get a slow income of donations to make this project work, but in the end, that has not happened.

So, I have decided to close Legend of the Green Dragon. If I decide to revive the project later, everything will be wiped and I would completely restart a new server.

Thank you to all those who have played the game!

But as something ends, something else starts. Look for maybe something new and even more fun from me (later).

If you have any suggestions for a website, you are welcome to post them here!

Soulfire (former Admin of LotGD)
Sounds really good Smile Design confused me a little - hope for something better than green template, but overall filling is good! Nice project!
I'm working on the template right now, toying around with a few things. I'm glad you like it, and the interface and navigation, etc. is all (hopefully) going to be more user friendly.
(Apologies for the double post)

This is part bump, part update to the website. I've changed the template to a more visually appealing gray/orange template. The green and yellow was a bit much on the eyes, and this looks altogether better and more professional.

Hope you check it out, create an account, mess around for a bit - it's FUN. You can play by yourself, but if more people come to join, people will be chatting all over the place (many areas are live chat rooms).

There is now even a PvP (Play Vs. Player) element.
{name here}
Nothing beats playing Legend of the Red Dragon on a BBS. I've already tried Legend of the green dragon, and its experience is seemingly lacking compared to the old ANSI graphic game it is based on.

I find it strange that I've played it and never even knew it was hosted on Frihost. From a web design perspective the site looks appealing. Keep up the good work!
Thanks - I hope people enjoy it. I just need to get some people playing is all.
Any comments or suggestions? I hope some more people join - I'd like to get this thing going.
very interesting idea. good luck.
sounds really fun. just joined up Very Happy
I'm glad you like it. I want to get a solid community going. After I get a solid community going, I will install forums, more updates, etc. I try to update the game around once a week - but of course, nothing is set in stone (ever.. hehe).

Keep recruiting! The more, the merrier!

Happy Dragon Hunting,
requires javascript to be enabled to play...

could you add a check for javascript enabled to one of the early screens...
benjad wrote:
requires javascript to be enabled to play...

could you add a check for javascript enabled to one of the early screens...

I'll try to do that. For now, since I am short on time, I will just add a notice when creating an account (soon).
Jakob [JaWGames]
Actually a really entertaining game. Play it! Smile
Could someone make me one of those square buttons (pixel somthing) for me for my sig. LOGD Player


any other ideas?
2 benjad: you need a button for this site? I can try to do something for you...
I'm glad you people are enjoying the game.

Here are the most recent stats:

Total Accounts: 19
Total Hits: 11,431
Total Page Gen Time: 0d1h6m13s
Total Page Gen Size: 251,134,807b
Average Page Gen Time: 0d0h0m0.347586450567s
Average Page Gen Size: 21,970

Keep playing and keep joining! Remember, I'm free to (hopefully) answer your questions.
It is a pleasant site. The dark background gives the mystical feel. I tried the navigation of the site, and would comment, that you Home page is labelled as "login page". I do not know if this is usual for a game site.

Seem a fair traffic from your report. With regards.
something tells me though that the traffic is already hitting the CPU wall on frihost. About 3-4 times per game day do I get the unable to connect to hose message. Never had a problem losing spot while waiting to reconnect, though. So that's a good thing.

Level 8 and rising. Player killer extrodinare....
Studio Madcrow
Very cool. It really does sort of remind me of an old-school BBS door game... You really ought to move the codebase over to a code-oriented license a la the GPL. The Creative Commons licenses aren't really meant for what you're using it for.

BTW is this your own project or are you simply modding an existing codebase?
Modding an existing codebase, the source code I got from someone else, just making it how I want it Very Happy.

Also, this thread has been updated and is now (as declared by me) the official Legend of the Green Dragon thread here on Frihost. You can get the latest updates from the game here as well as the website.
Reached 27 accounts!

(FriHost has referred the most people to the website, so keep comin our way! Building a bigger, better community of Legends!)
I think your site can use a better layout..... with an attractive header....
Maybe you can use the logo in the header....
And I aslo don't like the colours of the text... there are just to many colours.
Tho the site is suitable for an RPG game
There are skin choices hidden around here somewhere (on your profile). There's about 30 default skins...

[Server 2 down, will update with location once its up again]

also remember, it is a text based RPG. It requires a LOT of page hits. Since it is a play over web (without any sort of client front end) the lighter it is the better.
Lookin' for some updates, hopefully coming soon. I really want to install a test server somewhere else, so when I update the game I don't run the risk of ruining anything - so that may be the next update, a bit under-the-hood if you will.
The Legend of the Green Dragon has temporarily changed to "Legend of the Fat Turkey" in celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States.

Degolburg has changed it's name to Plymouth Rock, several shops have made themselves more festive, and you might just find yourself gobbling between words.

The holiday fun will end on Sunday, November 26, 2006 - so enjoy the harvest fun while you can!


(Read more at the MoTD either on this post or at the website)

Everything in the game still functions like normal, the only things that have changed are the names
!Join the Fun!

This upcoming month of December is going to be FULL of fun updates. For more information, go to > and click the MoTD (to read the updates).

Thanks, and happy dragon-slaying.
You strap your Fists to your back and head out for some adventure.


In any case, you can see that I'm giving it a try.
Well, I've done some trying, and it seems great.
The only thing I don't like is that I was forced to fight the master immediately upon returning to town, even though I would have much preferred to buy weapons and armor first.
ocalhoun wrote:
You strap your Fists to your back and head out for some adventure.


Believe it or not, that is intentional. It's in one of the FAQ's somewhere.

Were you "hunted down for being truant?" It looks like they do force you to level up when it's due. But only once have I been defeated by my master (after the bar had turned blue). So when it turns blue, just go beat him.

I'll look at the code to see what triggers that...
Think of this as a bump, I've added a bit more to the game including an Indiana Jones style cave where you can venture to find artifacts. You must be level 2 at least to enter the caves. (Caves are a random event in the forest).
We are still in operation, after a month of inactivity the website is still operating. Look for some more things to come soon!
I am very interested in how you made this text-based RPG.. I have been wanting to make one for a very long time and could never figure out how to make one... If you could help that would be awomse....

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