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Core 2 Duo Overclock

What's better?
Core 2 Duo E6400
 60%  [ 3 ]
Core 2 Duo X6800
 40%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 5

In Slovenian High Tech magazin Joker they are testing overclock core 2 duo procesors.
They test core 2 duo E6300 and core 2 duo X6800. The results are incredible.

This moment are the best motherboards for overclocking core 2 duo procesors ASUS motherboards. But Intel D975XBX is not logh behind.

Core 2 duo are realy strong prosesors, because they need good power inup. But for core 2 duo is good 500W good quality (Enermax, Tagan,...).
Core 2 Duo aren't very hot procesors but they like good cooling Laughing . The best air cooling is Thermalright ultra 120 with 12cm fan.

And now we only need the good memory (RAM). The Corsair or Patriot DDRII memory are very good quality (and easy for overclocking with core 2 duo).

Now we ready for overclocking (but need only some programs).
We need:
Core Temp
Motherboard Monitor
Super Pi Mod
3d Mark 2006
Windows Task Manager
and BIOS Very Happy

I don't writing how we can overclock procesors because this we can see on the web.

Now I tell you results of overclocking Core 2 Duo procesors.

Core 2 Duo E6300:
Default frequency is 1.86GHz
Overclocked frequency is 3.36GHz
This procesor has been overclocked for 1.5GHz
Very Happy This is new Celeron 300A Very Happy

Core 2 Duo X6800:
Default frequency: 2.93GHz
Overclocked frequency: 3.64GHz
This procesor has been overclocked for 0.71GHz
Bad Bad
X6800 cost $1200 but E6300 cost $300

Confused Confused
I'm buying an E6300 next month!!! (hopefully Embarassed )
Also a Tuniq Tower cooling.

I hope I'll be able to overclock it well with only 1GB DDRII 667 :\
The best Core 2 Duo for overclocking is the E6600, imo. I'm not sure why they would skip that one.
Exactly. The E6600 is by far the best, because it is the lowest processor in the higher cache range. Not everything is frequency, the 6800 is still much better than the 6300, even though the frequency is close. The extra L2 cache will make a HUGE difference with the 6800...

On the topic of overclocking:



Super Pi 1M in 9.1 sec!


Btw, that is a 6800. Whoever did the overclock test with the 6300 and 6800 is a moron; NEVER use Intel boards for overclocking. They don't like overclocking most of the time. Asus or DFI boards generally work much, MUCH better.

Along a different note, a .71Ghz overclock is actually quite decent, but these chips can definently do better (as I just showed you) Very Happy
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