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Mindstorms NXT

Lego Mindstorms NXT are the new product of Lego. They are followers of Mindstorms 2.0.

1. Touch Sensor -> Enable the robot to feel and react to its environment
2. Sound Sensor -> Enables the robot to hear and react to sound
3. Light Sensor ->Enablesthe robot detect light and color
4. Ultrasonic Sensor -> Enables the robot to see, measure distance to an object and react to movement
5. Servo Motors -> Ensure that the robot moves with precision
6. Servo Motors -> Ensure that the robot moves with precision
7. Servo Motors -> Ensure that the robot moves with precision
8. The NXT -> The NXT is an intelligent, computer-controlled LEGO brick and the brain of the MINDSTORMS robot

Technical specifications

* 32-bit ARM7 microcontroller
* 256 Kbytes FLASH, 64 Kbytes RAM
* 8-bit AVR microcontroller
* 4 Kbytes FLASH, 512 Byte RAM
* Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth Class II V2.0 compliant)
* USB full speed port (12 Mbit/s)
* 4 input ports, 6-wire cable digital platform (One port includes a IEC 61158 Type 4/EN 50 170 compliant expansion port for future use)
* 3 output ports, 6-wire cable digital platform
* 100 x 64 pixel LCD graphical display
* Loudspeaker - 8 kHz sound quality. Sound channel with 8-bit resolution and 2-16 KHz sample rate.
* Power source: 6 AA batteries

They have four difference robots - Alpha rex, Spike, RoboArm and Tribot.

Alpha Rex
What this robot can do:
Alpha Rex performs tasks that only the most sophisticated robots can do... Walk on two legs like a real person! With built in rotation sensors on the two Servo Motors powering his legs, and an Ultrasonic Sensor enabling Alpha Rex to see, you can program Alpha Rex to go where you want with precision!

He Sees! (With an Ultrasonic Sensor)
He Hears! (With a Sound Sensor)
He Talks! (With a built-in Speaker on the NXT brick and sounds from the NXT Software)
He Walks! (With two Servo Motors)
He Feels! (With Touch and Light Sensors)

What this robot can do:
Spike reacts like a real-life Scorpion. It craws on six legs, has a set of pincer arms (pedipalps), can see and hear with ultrasonic and sound sensors, and can quickly “paralyze” its prey with a touch-sensor enabled stinger!

What this robot can do:
RoboArm T-56 is a sophisticated robotic arm that can lift, pivot, and grab objects with its claws. It can detect colors with its Light Sensor and feel objects with its Touch Sensor . Three Motors power RoboArm T-56 – 1 motor powers the grabber claws and 2 motors enable the robotic arm to move up, down, and turn!

What this robot can do:
TriBot is a flexible and fast 3-wheeled driving robot! It takes advantage of all four sensors to do the job you program it to do. TriBot can grab a ball when you give it a sound command (through its Sound Sensor ), can be programmed to follow a line with its Light Sensor , can feel objects with its Touch Sensor , and can see with its Ultrasonic Sensor .
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